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  1. Not sure your god can help you here. The sport is growing and for some reason you hate that. And 3 and counting. It’s great that victorians can play rugby league and represent their nrl team and it’s great women can now play rugby league from a kid all the way to being a professional!
  2. Not really true since there have now been 3 Victorian juniors play first grade with the storm, dozens in the junior rep systems, a number of new clubs in the NRLVIC which have attracted many new players and literally thousands of kids involved in junior rugby league and touch football. But anyway, not surprised that you’re against yet another thing that grows the sport. Great day for rugby league!
  3. I don’t expect many here to understand, but Aussie rugby league fans don’t really ‘support’ the kangaroos like other nations fans support their national team. I can’t explain it, it may have something to do with origin rivalries or decades of near dominance but their is little connection there. I was cheering for England when they were attacking our line at the end just because I wanted it to go to extra time. I stayed for the speeches but left before they lifted the trophy. Probably would have stayed if another country won. I actually cheered for the jillaroos more. It’s weird, I can’t explain it.
  4. The nrl gets bigger crowds than any domestic rugby Comp on earth. Yes, the nrl crowds should be bigger but it doesn’t exactly “struggle” for crowds.
  5. Surely the rlif, nrl, rfl or whoever has copyrighted the rules of rugby league and the sport being called rugby league. Then again we didn’t think far enough ahead to copyright Rugby World Cup.
  6. I used to think this way as well but unfortunately our sport isn’t at the stage where we can enforce such strict rules. All of the players you mention (Hayne played for Aus first by the way) have every right to play for the nations they have played for in pretty much every sport on earth. How is Hayne playing for Fiji at this World Cup a negative? How does it take away from the legitimacy of international RL or this tournament? Rugby league isn’t at the position soccer or union is, we need to do it differently to have a competitive World Cup and grow off the back of that.
  7. They don’t have to decide, who are you to tell them to decide. They are Australian and they are Lebanese. It’s 2017, it’s possible to have links to more than one country.
  8. I didn’t say they weren’t Australian.
  9. By rules in every sport. Im sure most would hold passports or qualify and I’m sure a fair few would have been to Lebanon. Still doesn’t take anything away from the fact they are Lebanese though.
  10. The Lebanese team that was in the 2000 World Cup is the reason there are over 1000 people who play rugby league in Lebanon today. Even the Lebanese prime minister tweeted his congratulations after they beat France and the have sent a whole bunch of coaches over to Australia with the Lebanese team to learn and gain. Coaching accreditation. They deserve to be here, they qualified fairly as did the Italians.
  11. Every player in the Lebanese squad is Lebanese. But in answering your ‘question’ they have 1 local player and 4 travelling with them.
  12. crowd for opener

    What is made up?
  13. There are also around a million 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation Italians in Australia. Some have held onto their traditions more than others but a large number of them are still brought up the Italian way with a strong focus on family. They have as much right to play for Italy as the island nations.
  14. crowd for opener

    I’ve always wanted to be a gangster, didn’t think speaking common sense would be my entry requirement but I’m glad to be part of something! Youve been proven wrong a number of times. Melbourne have 20k members, more than most Sydney teams (of which I’m a member of). They averaged bigger crowds than most Sydney teams. They add tens of millions of dollars to rugby league through the media deals and sponsorship. They have hundreda of thousands of people watching on tv. They have increased their participation in rugby league tenfold since they started which has produced 3 juniors through to first grade compared to 0 in the 90 years before, there will be plenty more to come. Sick of repeating facts that will be ignored to an insular, clueless muppet so I’ll leave you to your whining and go back to talking about and enjoying the World Cup. See ya.
  15. crowd for opener

    Of course it will, just like all of the other posts on here he can’t answer due to being made to look stupid. Oh but we’re all a part of a gang set up to bully him!!!! Absolutely clueless.