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  1. A little bit unfair on Fiji imo, they will have plenty of Fijian born and bred in their squad.
  2. It is embarrassing. What has our sport become? But let's not bother with the reaction of raudonikis, he is a jibbering old fool.
  3. Asking price $1.5 million a year, I think he may play for a couple more years and step into a coaching or media role straight after.
  4. You say this every year spud. I actually think it's one of our strongest squads in a while.
  5. The 'local union team in Melbourne' had financial assistance from the aru which doubled the offer that the Melbourne Storm could afford under the salary cap. Oh, and the guarantee of a wallabies jersey, possibly as early as this year thrown in.
  6. You mean full strength kiwis plus some Samoans, Tongans and Aussies!
  7. Those 3 had never played rugby league until emigrating to Australia, very sad we havnt recruited anyone from PNG to play in the NRL in a very long time. Apart from the English players, melbournes 2 Fijians and radradra, is there anybody else? Konrad Hurrell is from Tonga but he has been out of the top grade for a while. It's sad that there has never been a rugby league player produced in Tonga and Samoa make it to the NRL. Shows how much we have neglected the area.
  8. Fui Fui moi moi played for Tonga, NZ, then Tonga, then back to NZ, then again for Tonga. I'd say our rules are pretty weak.
  9. Sonny bill Williams also posts similar things about his Samoan brothers, but he chose NZ and sticks with them. Milford has equal claims to Samoa and Australia, it's just our weak rules that have created this tug of war mess.
  10. Why not both? We absolutely should be growing the NRL brand in the pacific as well as international rugby league. The NRL is on th 30 weeks a year in the pacific islands, kids naturally want to play for their favourite NRL team. The sad reality is that there has still never been a rugby league junior from Tonga or Samoa make it to the NRL. We want kids to want to play rugby league, for their local team, an NRL club and their country.
  11. His parents are Samoan. I don't know how he even qualified for NZ. His parents lived there in between Samoa and Australia.
  12. Milford has not played an international this cycle, he could elect to play for Samoa next weekend and switch to Australia in 2017 if he wishes, which is of course ridiculous but allowed under the current rules.
  13. There has been next to no promotion of the Australia v NZ test next week, let alone the rlwc. Most rugby league fans would have no idea we are hosting it next year unfortunately.
  14. This is offset by players such as Aquila uate and Ali koroisau knocking back Fiji in order to have a rest and concentrate on their club form. Will also be interesting to see if Fijians waqa Blake and Reagan Campbell Gillard from Penrith choose the meaningless city country game or play in the test match for Fiji.