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  1. The vast majority of us Australian rugby league supporters have been very complimentary of Tonga winning and have commented on how it is good for the game. I havnt seen many sore losers on here or with anybody I have spoken to.
  2. Welcome to 2019, people have links to more than one country. 17 Tongans just beat 17 Australians. Some players (on both teams) have dual nationalities. Rugby league gives players opportunities to represent all of their cultures as opposed to other sports, there is no problem, stop worrying about it!
  3. Hopefully ticket sales pick up. Hard to gauge interest but a few weeks I got my ticket for the Friday and from what I could gather only 1500 tickets had been moved.
  4. Konrad hurrell, solomone kata are two current players born and raised in Tonga. Many of the players born in nz and Australia frequent back to Tonga annually with their families and have family in the islands. Here is a list of Tongan born players: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Tongan_rugby_league_players
  5. The Tongan team is a mix of Australian, NZ & Tongan born.
  6. Hodgson. Not because he plays in the nrl over super league, but because he is by far Great Britain’s best number 9 and his game has gone to another level over the last year!
  7. He didn’t play out of position because kimmorley was better at all, he played hooker because the team was better off with both johns and kimmorley playing and johns was also the best number 9 in the world when he played there.
  8. Strange to mention all of those great names and not mention Andrew Johns who along with Hanley and Smith is IMO the greatest player of all time!
  9. We still have an opportunity to attend a game every year, so yeah, I do enjoy seeing the game played in other states!
  10. You also take away people like Jarryd Hayne playing for Fiji as he played for Australia first. Hayne playing for Fiji in 2008 created a buzz in that country that basically kick started right league being a legitimate sport. I was dead against switching but now I realise that rugby league has to do it differently to other sports. The current system is working.
  11. The Tongans don’t care if they pick players with similar links to Tonga.
  12. Not even close to being true. He is far better than John grant ever was. He has experience in dealing with state and federal government, has helped the nrl with stadium deals, government money and setting an international schedule for the pacific. He genuinely cares about the sports future, unlike other administrators who are in it for themselves.
  13. Brisbane government paid the nrl $2.1 million a year for the first 2 years of it and the “home” teams will apparently pocket $270k each to give up a home game.
  14. Has a super league magic weekend gotten 41k on a single day?
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