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  1. Gutsy win for Skolars v Hunslet. 6-0 up at ht and then hit the power button. Hunslet attempted to come back, but too little too late. Finished 30-16. Hunslet attempted a late conversion by drop goal but missed ! A curiosity.
  2. Left the field on crutches last Sunday.
  3. Fancy Skolars may give Town a shock. They held Barrow to two tries last week and are due a win.
  4. Without Barthau I think HKR will take this top of the table clash. But with the Broncos having the bit between their teeth if HKR take it lightly the Londoners may pinch it. Maybe Api Pewhairangi will get a full game and HKR fans will see the classiest player in the Championship. Expect HKR old boy Dixon to get a try.
  5. Thought this was about Broncos stunning win in Toulouse !
  6. The Bulls should have restarted in Champ 1 this year and would be in a better state now. As it is they probably get relegated and will have lost a whole season. Maybe they can be another Toulouse/Toronto and walk the Champ 1 next season.
  7. The animosity of Salfordians for Manchester goes back all the way to 1642, where during the first battle of the English Civil War the two cities were on different sides, there were casualties, so there is a river of blood not just the Irwell separating the two cities. If they changed their name the Salfordians just would not bother. The worst thing you can call a Salfordian is a Manc.
  8. Hats off to the Wolfpack. Seem determined to bring rugby league to Canada and the US.
  9. Toronto can't play Canadians in UK due to work visas apparently
  10. Haddock? is that the new Humberside Champ 1 side? Something fishy going on !
  11. Ah, Cas have moved to Manchester, renamed Manchester Romans
  12. Interesting draw. All games have some intrigue about them. Fancy Thunder to win at Dewsbury, but would that be a shock?
  13. He is being tested this season LOL
  14. Coolio. It would seem that RL design has found a new home in Canada
  15. Toulouse are not full time. Even Sylvain Houles has a day job.