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  1. Quinskolar

    Top tryscorer and MOS 2019

    Kieran Dixon top try scorer, Eddie Battye MOS.
  2. Quinskolar

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    The London sides have been doing this for years. What London does today, the north does eventually.
  3. He is. Would score more tries if the Broncos stopped throwing the ball to Dixon.
  4. Quinskolar

    London Signings

    Jordan Abdull signed from Hull for a fee.
  5. Quinskolar

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    Rumours of a brewery link up with Toronto, but it could be the drink talking.
  6. Quinskolar

    Skolars win inaugural Accra 9’s in Legon, Ghana

    Blimey Skolars have been relocated to Ghana, I thought vthey were going to Philly lol
  7. Quinskolar

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    Sounds positive but you have identified two areas of concern from last year. I would add focus. In a few home games last year we were in the driving seat and let a win slip between our fingers. Due to the travel issues we never really expect much in the M62 zone and beyond. Going to be a tough season in 2019 unless all these issues are addressed.
  8. The other new factor is the success of Salford City FC who are now getting bigger gates than the Reds. It is a good move.
  9. Quinskolar

    Rugby League's Black Players

    Colin Dixon of Halifax, Salford, Wales and GB was a tremendous player in his day.
  10. Isn't he trying to set up s chain of coffee bars? London could be a good location.
  11. What odds would you have got for a MPG with no tries and a Grand Final with no goals. RL is bizarre at the moment.
  12. Quinskolar

    London in Superleague

    Bizarrely both threads about London on here have each had more views and replies than the one on the Grand Final. Not sure I should be chuffed or worried about the state of the game!
  13. Quinskolar

    London in Superleague

    Shows how London fans have become. I still keep coming to this threat like a moth to a flame because I can't yet believe that LONDON ARE IN SUPER LEAGUE ! I still think I will wake up and we will still be dreading losing to Leigh next season !
  14. Quinskolar

    London in Superleague

    Can see some of the current squad playing at Skolars if SL standard players are brought in.
  15. Missed out Aussie Daniel Harrison, and two Davis's ! but good list.