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  1. Skolars have announced the signings of Palumbo and Taliatu from West Wales. Added to signing of Magrin for a month, Skolars could be the team to watch for that 5th spot.
  2. All games interesting with the results may be too close to call. the Coventry v Skolars game may have a big bearing on who is cock of the south this year!
  3. All this parochial M62 nonsense! THE Derby is Broncos v Catalans. Agincourt mon amor !
  4. Surely Jamaica could play Wales in London? Big Jamaican population and plenty of Welshman in the Broncos side.
  5. Well done and thanks for all your efforts. You can always watch Gremlins to recover.
  6. Wingers rested but a very strong London line up against a Fax side with some kids in.
  7. Played for London for a while if I remember correctly.
  8. Never mind Eddie Battye, Mark Ioane was always the talisman in the Broncos pack. Without his leadership the pack look one dimensional. Get Mark back, pronto please.
  9. Maybe another record crowd at Ealing. We are getting to like this SL malarkey. Feed Hull FC jellied eels before the game and Broncos will win by 50!
  10. To be fair most of stand out players of last year's Broncos U19 are playing dual reg at the moment. Rebuilding going on, they will improve as the season goes on.
  11. Give Danny Ward the Freedom of London now. Anyone noticed three bottom teams coached by Aussies!
  12. London now stretches seventy miles in every direction. London Oxford Airport for example. Makes the M62 seem like a country road.
  13. And why would he join a struggling team?, as opposed to one going forward? Danny is now a Cockney!
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