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  1. Das Capital LOL. Well there was a investment conference prior to the game so quite apt!
  2. Suspect that Skolars will be named after a sponsor, probably an upstart brewing outfit.
  3. Quinskolar

    Season ticket sales

    I have STs for both London sides. You don't have to be mad to be a London RL nut but it does help.
  4. I can see a Skolars improvement, will finish best of the rest at seventh.
  5. Quinskolar

    Top class wingers this season

    I am amazed that their is no mention of the best two wingers in SL ! Rhys Williams and Kieran Dixon.
  6. Quinskolar

    Salford in financial trouble again?

    More importantly, London run an academy and that is largely how they have got into SL. Academies are not an overhead they should be your life blood.
  7. Quinskolar

    honours list....

    I think it's great that RL is free of the pollution of the anachronistic honours. Time for a republic.
  8. Quinskolar

    RL's longest hoodoos

    No London side has ever won at Leigh, this record goes back 83 years. Bloody Leythers. Eight different London outfits have tried and all failed.
  9. A big ask but not impossible if Skolars get some momentum.
  10. Quinskolar

    Very exciting development in Africa

    Skolars legend
  11. Quinskolar

    Hull KR launch club beer

    Are they going to drive their fans to drink?
  12. Have Catalans paid up? Does this scupper the Belgrade entry.
  13. A northern game for northern people. Still it will strengthen TWP and TOs promotion push. Will Catalans get to keep the trophy?
  14. You should check the attendances the last time London and Salford were there!
  15. Quinskolar

    Salford v Batley 1901

    Love the scrums that seemed to form miraculously after every tackle! Seems to have a seven man scrum too. I miss proper scrums. There was a lot of dribbling too. Was this before the play the ball?