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  1. Are these Bulls in administration yet ? lol
  2. Expect that the Broncos will make a good fist of finishing top. Better more balanced squad than last year. Sammut and Pewhairangi will have too much for the Championship. All eyes will be on Toronto but for me how the Skolars progress will be a good gauge of how London are progressing.
  3. Kameron Pearce-Paul at the London Broncos looks a fine prospect at wing/fullback. And there are plenty more where he came from as was shown in the resounding Academy win against the Army last Saturday.
  4. He's so fit it's unbelievable!
  5. Three hours 15 mins from the Stoop to Leigh? is that at 3am at 75mph? More like 4hrs 30 mins if you are very lucky with traffic and parking.
  6. If Wigan win tonight they have been 'given' a home semi (Leigh is in the Borough of Wigan). We knew we would have to travel but this is a poor joke. No rail station and poor approach roads to the stadium. Can I ask all neutral fans to a) complain to the RFL as this is a mockery of neutral ground and support the Broncos in the semi to give the 'impartial' people at Red Hall a reminder that this game is about the fans not 'fixing it' for the powerful.
  7. * Huddersfield de-construct * Championship news * RL and Booze * Twitter news * Grounds for concern - where to next season * Can we beat Wakey? follow link: http://www.spreaker....field_and_wakey