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  1. How will Wigan go this season?

    I think they will lose tomorrow !
  2. Hopefully Danny Ward will use it to motivate our boys. Squad lighter than last year but the Broncos first 17 will match everyone except Leigh and Toronto. Lewis Bienek if he continues his progress will make a lot of people look up. The London conveyor just keeps producing the goods.
  3. Capital challenge ...anybody been??

    If you love live RL, you will love this. Touchline action, you are literally feet away. It can be cold and wet, but there is a bar. Always great to see the effort the Skolars put in and you can get some great pics of the HAC and the surrounding city blocks, one of the most surreal RL venues ever.
  4. The timing for this could not be better and would help the promotion of any new US sides and the next World Cup. The book is excellent and I would definitely recommend it.
  5. Happy Lancashire Day!!

    Hmm, seems to be some rewriting of history. But no doubt you will tell me the red rose lost LOL
  6. Happy Lancashire Day!!

    Tell me, who won the wars of the roses ?
  7. The Broncos are gonna come out to 'Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner' next season just to wind everyone up. Independence for LANDAN !
  8. To be fair the Irish have a good local domestic comp and deserve to be in. They have a side playing in next years CC. Scotland however...
  9. Time to start again in Scotland. Build a domestic comp on solid foundations. No country should be given a free pass.
  10. The Broncos v Skolars pre season friendly quiet often gets tasty. Some of us even forget who to shout for and end up shouting 'Come on London '!
  11. League 1 Fixture Delay

    Cue conspiracy theories ! Well it gives us something to talk about until the next lot or RLWC 2017 games, I suppose. Surely Oxford and All Golds are as dead as the proverbial parrot so that can't be the reason.
  12. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    Skolars and South Wales regularly recruit form Student RL. It is a great pool of talent. As a big plus a lot of these RL graduates get jobs in the game and also go on to promote the game in business and development areas.
  13. Media Watch World Cup

    You have to be impressed with the Germans. Not only forging ahead with their economy but covering RL as well. Incredible that the countries where RL is played the public can't see it!
  14. Depends on three things. A will to do it, a plan and the financial backing. I suspect they will be more concerned setting up pro teams and or a pro league and the national sides will be a secondary consideration. If due to TV exposure the North American athletes decide to play RL en masse, then they have every chance of being at PNG/Tonga standard by then.
  15. Opening ceremony

    Ah yes Wayne Kerr. Skolars legend !