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  1. Just a question of which Catalans turn up. They could win by 30 or lose by 10. Who would be a bookie?. London won't die wondering this season. Danny Ward is a shew in for coach of the year if he keeps us up!
  2. He was superb, god knows what he would have done to London had he been fully fit then.
  3. Everyone thinks it is a canter. Won't be if the Saints players think the same. Broncos at the gallop, LOL
  4. We always give it a go at Haven, mostly coming unstuck but with group you never know and they will have Taliatu back. Skolars by 8.
  5. As far as I can find out, little money from the Toronto owner has appeared. There has been a bit of 'in kind' support, so the improvement so far is all home derived. All the more impressive if that is the case.
  6. 1. The World Cup qualifier was something to behold. 300 hundred or so Greek and Norwegian fans (inc the Norwegian ambassador) cheering wildly but I as I suspect the overwhelming majority had not been to a RL game before didn't understand much of the technicalities. Greece look a decent side and put their cue on the rack early in second half and allowed a plucky Norge side to show us how they got here. Final score 56-26. 2. More bizarrely, the Broncos again confounded the critics by careering into a Wakey side that they had already mugged at Ealing by exactly the same score 42 points. But typical Broncos they did what only the could do and leak 28 points in the final ten minutes or so. But, this win really puts the cat amongst the pigeons for next weeks big clash with Leeds in Liverpool at the Magic weekend. 3. Probably even more unexpected in League One Skolars sit proudly on top of the table tonight after an arm wrestle with a Doncaster with some big names in it. Not a pretty game in difficult conditions at times, but this Skolars side has something that previous ones haven't, the grit and the nous to grind out wins. The game at Haven next Saturday looks immense. But with now a seven point gap between themselves and sixth place Skolars look well place for the play-offs at least. Well done Jermaine and the crew. .
  7. Skolars is the place to be on Saturday. Can' they keep the run going and keep the pressure on the rest? And the intriguing hors d'oeuvre of Greece v Norway World Cup qualifier. But why oh why are these games on at the same time as the Broncos are at home? RL in London sure knows how to shoot itself in the foot.
  8. Yes, they had very few fans, less than the Skolars and now have a growing fan base and are pushing for promotion.
  9. The Skolars got the idea from the non league football club Haringey Borough who play across the road on White Hart Lane. It worked for them. Great idea.
  10. Now where is that chocolate, blue and gold money tree? Maybe kidnap Mrs May and pretend Whitehaven is in Northern Ireland?
  11. I would have said this was an accurate crowd. I doubt the figure for the Catalan game.
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