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  1. Hats off to the Wolfpack. Seem determined to bring rugby league to Canada and the US.
  2. Toronto can't play Canadians in UK due to work visas apparently
  3. Haddock? is that the new Humberside Champ 1 side? Something fishy going on !
  4. Ah, Cas have moved to Manchester, renamed Manchester Romans
  5. Interesting draw. All games have some intrigue about them. Fancy Thunder to win at Dewsbury, but would that be a shock?
  6. He is being tested this season LOL
  7. Coolio. It would seem that RL design has found a new home in Canada
  8. Toulouse are not full time. Even Sylvain Houles has a day job.
  9. LOL, Salford is a city with 40,000 more residents than small town St Helens, it would seem that St Helens is the one that needs to move LOL
  10. Broncos are full time and have been since 1996
  11. Skolars supported by Nasdaq and a few blue chip outfits😊
  12. I see Greg Mulholland MP has put an Early Day motion in Parliament welcoming the efforts of Skolars to promote the Wolfpack match. Another first!
  13. Apparently, Al Jazeera News are covering the game! Now that has to be a first for RL ! Probably spend first 5 mins explaining what RL is .
  14. 2.30 it is but a lot going on all day. http://www.skolarsrl.com/2017/02/24/rugby-league-extravaganza-planned-for-new-river/ What Skolars are doing for the day should be a template for all Champ1 sides to showcase the game to new people.