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  1. The 1895 split has to be looked at in the context of the time. The Northern industrialists were economically in a strong position vis-à-vis their Southern counterparts and could fund Broken Time payments. The Northern working class was becoming organised and with increased productivity the idea of leisure time and organised sport had arrived. It would be interesting to see what part gate money had in funding the Broken Time payments. The competition of Association Football must have also nudged the owners of the Northern Union sides, as if they had not broken away they would have become less attractive both to spectators and players seeking compensation for lost earnings. It is interesting to read AJP Taylor on the confidence of the Northern capitalists and how they considered themselves dominant and regarded Manchester as the true capital of the country during the late 19 century.
  2. Salford requested it as they are the TV game on Thursday.
  3. When he was at the Broncos I don't recall him having a bad disciplinary record.
  4. Are ToTo playing as the warm up act? I'll get my coat.
  5. Quinskolar

    David Argyle to relocate Skolars to USA

    The TWP link up has been rumoured for a while, the Philly angle is bizarre. The youth talent in the South East is the magnet. Will Skolars be a feeder side, unlikely that the committed Skolars have just given up. Interesting times, it has been clear for some time that without significant investment the Skolars couldn't kick on.
  6. The game at New River was embarrassing. God knows what an any newbie thought of a Hemel side who could not bring 17 players and once one of their players limped off it was like fish in a barrel for the Skolars. Time for the RFL to financially punish sides who can't field a full 17, it makes the game look Mickey Mouse, let alone the spectacle? of a procession of tries that impressed no one,
  7. Pay on the gate. It won't be a big crowd, so you won't have to queue.
  8. We owe TO big time. They turned us over at Easter in dreadful conditions, we should have beaten them in France. They rarely travel well. To reach the MPG the Broncos have to finish above Fax, Widnes and TO. easy. London by 12. London surely can't start as badly as against Leeds and TWP, surely?
  9. Quinskolar

    James Cunningham

    It is not a big step up from top of the Championship to the bottom four of SL, ask Widnes! Cunno is a class act, skilful, aggressive with good pace. He deserves a shot at SL. However, Leeds may yet get to see him again in the MPG lol
  10. Usual Bronco cunning plan, let the other team score 30, lull them into a false sense of security and then start playing. Exasperating.
  11. Toulouse banging the nails into Widnes's SL coffin.
  12. Sounds like the Broncos prefer life in the Championship. Oh well...
  13. Broncos are full time. We have no part time players and have been full time for 22 years lol