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  1. Perez.

    Correct. Fulham played at The Cottage for their first four years. Fulham HC pulled out and they moved to Crystal Palace Athletics stadium.
  2. I am predicting that Toronto will have a bigger home gate than the Broncos on that day. Will be a sad indictment of the non existent Broncos marketing.
  3. Darcy Lussick

    All in all I prefer to live in London. London has a lot going for it and can't be beat at the moment !
  4. Even without Jarrod Sammut the Broncos have sent out a message today that they are the real deal winning 64-18 at Swinton.
  5. Looked very impressive last season, gone off the boil this season. He was offered to Skolars for dual reg a fortnight ago! IF he finds last year's form and builds on it he will do well in SL. The jury is out.
  6. It took the Broncos 8 hours in a coach to get to Worky.
  7. Remembering Brian Bevan

    The Great Bev still available from www.llpshop.co.uk
  8. Surely this is not about being amateur but cutting central funding. If clubs can pay players they should, if they can't and players still want to play fine. The RFL should be paying clubs to promote the game and bring on young talent, that is worth paying for.
  9. PTB - back to how it should be?

    Either enforce the rules, or change the rules. Simples.
  10. Rochdale Hornets

    Maybe a bucket collection at Dale v Spurs ?
  11. Salford v Catalans in New York

    Yes they are wrong. Only Swintonians think they are in Manchester !
  12. Salford v Catalans in New York

    Don't confuse Salford and Manchester. There was a battle fought in 1642 between the two cities and there is a river between us. For us Salfordians, we consider that Manchester is in the original Salford Hundred and not the other way round.
  13. Challenge Cup Third Round

    I think Haven v Skolars will be a proper game. A chance of a giant killing for the Cockneys.
  14. Both Wigan and Toronto actively looking at developing London youth I hear. Interesting times.
  15. BAR TV

    Watch Skolars v Broncos and HHH v London Chargers in the CC today live on Bar TV.