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  1. Could be, but a couple will be playing for Sheffield. Wouldn't be surprised to see Armitage on DR again.
  2. Few Salfordians would welcome being called a Manc either, I would not recommend trying it.
  3. If London stay up it will be the greatest achievement in the SL era. They had a small fan base, an inexperienced coach, a short time to make SL quality signings and a lot of players with little or no SL experience. No where near the salary cap.
  4. Come on Broncos er... let's get back on that winning horse. With the Saints resting so many players a lost will feel like a golden chance has gone. A win under our belts and with a fortnight off the players could go into the final phase with real hope.
  5. Good to see a London lad in the squad. Femi Sanya, keep an eye out for him!
  6. The Greyhound boom in London was linked with the birth of RL in the city. London Highfield played at White City and both Streatham & Mircham and Acton & Willesden grounds were built by the RL players and were primarily Greyhound tracks.
  7. Lots of good new players signed this season but the same old, same old. Can't someone get a grip on the situation?
  8. Me too. All it would have taken is a delayed kick off or had it as a double header!
  9. Salford is not a western suburb of anywhere. Swinton maybe a western suburb of Salford though. LOL
  10. Let's hope the Broncos bring home the bacon on Saturday!
  11. The form team by 8. It is not looking good for West Yorks is it?
  12. He has a good step, decent hands and his timing and leaping for attacking high balls I have not seen bettered. His tackling one on one has a lot to be desired, but he is young and gets better match by match. For someone so thin, he is fearless and played on in the £1M game with a dislocated hand and throwing up after an injection.
  13. For the fourth time this season at Ealing the visitors have fallen for the London Rope-A-Dope. Allow the opponents a two try lead and them sucker them when they think they game is in the bag. The only difference last night was it was at the start of the second rather than at the start. Danny Ward swears it is not a tactic but it has happened too many times for co-incidence! Last night London were superbly disciplined and gave few penalties. London seem fitter than most teams this season, a credit to the fitness and conditioning team. A case could be made that the London performances have saved SL this season. If London had not won a game the bottom of the table half the teams would have little to play for. If the London public can't get into RL now they never will.
  14. Just a question of which Catalans turn up. They could win by 30 or lose by 10. Who would be a bookie?. London won't die wondering this season. Danny Ward is a shew in for coach of the year if he keeps us up!
  15. He was superb, god knows what he would have done to London had he been fully fit then.
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