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  1. Still get the feeling that a lot of the Toronto crowd are struggling to follow what is going on. No surprise as a lot of them are newbies to the game. Hopefully they will get the bug and shout gerrem onside and forward all the time LOL
  2. I think in 1975 Salford who won the league lost to Bradford who had won the second division in the play offs!
  3. Broncos had to play in Toronto twice in the play off s last year! (3 visits in one season)
  4. Wakey have banned their players from social media this week! Sounds like they are afraid the situation may get to them. London have this relegation pressure all season so I don't think will be phased. For London this is a re-run of the MPG game in Toronto.
  5. Broncos to make it a hat trick of wins over Wakey this season. We may even score over 40 points against them for the third time too!
  6. Don't sit at home eating popcorn! Get to Belle Vue and support the Broncos! Sky have moved both Broncos last two away games from Sunday to Friday and screwed the small but fervent Broncos following. If your a neutral, you can be an honorary Cockney for the night! Wakey fans should not worry too much I expect HKR to lose at Salford, so they will be safe anyway.
  7. Nothing unlikely about London staying up, they have every chance! One win out of three and they are in the mix, two wins and they are probably safe, win all three it is guaranteed. Punters have lost a lot backing against London this season.
  8. Maybe Bradford could move into Headingley .......................
  9. Leeds know they have to win this, if they lose they are in the relegation mix. London know that they have three bites at the cherry. Nerves may get the worse of Leeds, who will be expecting to win, London love the underdog tag.
  10. The Skolars Pub has been shut for years! It is now flats. There is a bar at the ground which is very nice and new.
  11. Could be, but a couple will be playing for Sheffield. Wouldn't be surprised to see Armitage on DR again.
  12. Few Salfordians would welcome being called a Manc either, I would not recommend trying it.
  13. If London stay up it will be the greatest achievement in the SL era. They had a small fan base, an inexperienced coach, a short time to make SL quality signings and a lot of players with little or no SL experience. No where near the salary cap.
  14. Come on Broncos er... let's get back on that winning horse. With the Saints resting so many players a lost will feel like a golden chance has gone. A win under our belts and with a fortnight off the players could go into the final phase with real hope.
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