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  1. 'It is with disgust that I read that loyal fans with over 25 years invested in the club, are getting letters banning them from the Club. As someone who also has over 25 years watching this club in its various locations and guises. I have no confidence whatsoever in the men now running the Broncos'. What are they getting banned for? A very worrying development if true and totally toxic.
  2. I am a long term ST holder at the Skolars. They will still get my dollar!
  3. This is economics of the mad house, but with an owner who pumps in millions without any long term plan it is no surprise, it is only money after all. I count that Wimbledon will be the eighteenth home ground within the M25 in 40 years. Nomadism defined. I for one am done with this. One Year Zero too many and given the prices and the paucity of the squad it may be the Broncos are drinking at the last gasp saloon. Sad but how many makeovers can one believe in?
  4. Not to too pedantic but the LBSA (London Broncos Supporters Association) is an actual trust and has been going a few years. Good luck to BOSG, but they have only been around a few months, albeit with Official Broncos backing.
  5. Early days but wow. the best outcome of the Wolfpack debacle. The key will be exposure and TV coverage.
  6. Like the biblical sects who believe that when the Bible is translated into every language the world will end, I believe when the Broncos have played a home game in every London Borough it will end. It is easier to list the Boroughs (total 30) that they haven't! Any sadoes like to list them? here are a few: Hackney, City, Tower Hamlets, Bexley, Camden, Haringey, Newham, Hillingdon....
  7. It's Skolars year! For once we may start the season with a home win!
  8. I am off to London v York. I expect York to give a real go but London should have enough on our own plastic midden.
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