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  1. Skolars totally dominant second half scoring 26 unanswered points. It must be a long time since the Skolras won three in a row. Fun stops with Keighley up next I guess.
  2. Two very dubious tries for Cornwall. One miles offside the other placing the ball infield of the post? Poor discipline from Skolars but had far too much pack power for the Cornish. Bassett of the Skolars MOM.
  3. Skolars always raise there game for Friday Night lights. With Lameck Juma back I expect a closer game than many will predict.
  4. Excellent, let's build a wall around Yorkshire whilst we are it. Is it catching?
  5. The doom and gloom in London is perfectly correct. Hughes has managed to wreck both RL sides in London, if Broncos go down there will be one left. However, the two of the biggest crowds in RL in the UK will most probably be in Tottenham with both the CC final and the World Cup semi being played there. It will be bizarre to see the wreath being put on London RL whilst huge crowds watch in a stadium 25 minutes walk from the Skolars ground. Maybe someone with some vision may see the possibilities......
  6. London RL is at it's lowest ebb since the mid 80s. My only hope is that someone on the back of the World Cup or the Tottenham CC game decides it is worth investing in a London club. My bet is that Hughes will throw the towel in and the remnants will merge with the Skolars to form a London Utd side. I doubt either London side will manage three wins this season.
  7. In terms of population it has to be Broncos versus Skolars. Not wrong am I?
  8. Nope I moved to London 40 years ago. I watch Salford City online and when they play in the south with a few home games during the season. No Salfordian would switch to Swinton!
  9. I doubt there is much crossover in Salford. I have crossed over from Rugby League as my main sport to football, having become disenchanted with London RL. I think League is a better game, but the atmosphere at football and general culture is far more fun and I have been welcomed with open arms at Salford City.
  10. The game in London has been gutted in recent years. Development Officers gone, central fund much reduced. Even when Broncos managed to get back into SL little was done to assist, they had to get a team together in the space of weeks. Despite winning more games than any other relegated teams the response was to completely cannibalize that team and Broncos had to start again. If you add that the Broncos Academy has been continually cherry picked by the successful Northern sides you see that the game is stacked. When the vacant Toronto SL place became available it was given to Leigh and another opportunity was lost. The Broncos have only survived due to David Hughes pumping in £25m+. I can see Broncos going belly up soon on current path and only the Skolars will possibly be left to follow a
  11. I am calling London going down. When you sign a coach and ten players from the bottom of League 1 what do they expect?
  12. I am a southern based RL fan of 60 years standing, having moved south in 1980. I supported Fulham/Crusaders/Broncos for 40 years but the Wimbledon move was the straw that broke the camel's back. We are back at year zero, where brave statements are made and yer another football club/area is the new saviour of the club. David Hughes has put in untold millions into the club with increasingly fewer returns. The failure of the RL to but give the Broncos the TWP place in SL was the final straw. I will continue to support the Skolars who although have few resources dogged attempt to build and do more for youth development than many northern teams. As for the Broncos they will be lucky to avoid a relegation dogfight.
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