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  1. I am off to London v York. I expect York to give a real go but London should have enough on our own plastic midden.
  2. Even the soccer club Salford City struggle to get crowds and this club is backed by 6 millionaires and a billionaire and they only charge £10 admission. The main issue apart from parking and transport is that the are has two of the biggest football teams in the world. Any RL side would struggle with this challenge. They took 30,000 to OT and if they can maintain that level of success crowds would grow.
  3. Once saw Sean Edwards at a KFC in Poplar. He convinced me that the Broncos were going to win at St Helens (Up till then they never had) the next week. Blow me down they did. Must have been the cockney fried chicken.
  4. My mistake! I have no idea why the denizens of Widnes and Warrington would consider themselves as belonging to Cheshire!
  5. Salford City FC are a top tier sports team and get bigger gates than the SRD.
  6. I suspect that they are not allowed to advertise Cannabis oil on terrestrial radio/TV in the UK and this is how they are doing it.
  7. Wolfpack are advertising in the UK on AtlantisRadio.co.uk bigging up Sonny Bill and pushing their cannabis oil. Bizarre!
  8. Apparently the air is so bad in Sydney that public buildings have closed because the smoke is setting off the fire alarms. Can't see how players could play in that or spectators would want to watch a game, let alone the national crisis that is unfolding. Let's hope they get the fires under control soon.
  9. Manchester played at Moor Lane, Salford now the home of Salford City FC. Belle Vue Rangers were originally Broughton Rangers. The City of Salford once had three RL sides!
  10. Is this like the Badminton Horse Trials. No one is ever found guilty!
  11. This venture would only succeed if the Swinton fans were behind it, they weren't. It was always a long shot as without serious capital a name change only gets you so far, look at the London example. Manchester is a difficult nut to crack, Belle Vue Rangers never took off and Manchester is only rivalled by Liverpool as soccer mad city. Look at the efforts that have been put in by Koukash to get Salford on the radar in Manchester, largely a flop. I would love to see RL take off in Manchester but there are only two routes, 1) a ground up approach where the game is established in the schools and builds organically. This will take time and significant resources 2) a megabucks outfit that does a Toronto and buys it's way to fame and fortune. (nb even Man City struggle to attract full houses even with all their largess. As a Salfordian I do hope Swinton survive, and they only way for them to flourish is to get a ground in Swinton and build from there.
  12. Coventry coach Tom Tsang has joined London Broncos to coach the new reserve side and Toulouse second row Rhys Curran has joined also. Great statement of intent by the Londoners.
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