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  1. Shenton scores. Wigan fans are leaving.
  2. "Stand up if you're champions" sing the Cas crowd.
  3. HT. DP to do his bit and win the game.
  4. Reading the title I was expecting a Steve McClaren, Joey Barton style press conference.
  5. Eden 5 Beats Cas's most tries scored in a Super League game record.
  6. 19 mins 30 seconds in http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b080h0g4/midlands-today-evening-news-02112016
  7. McShane missed the first 2. Tickle missed the first one badly, kicked a cracking one then hit the post on the 3rd.
  8. It's made front page of Mail Online already.
  9. I think something like 10,247 flashed up on the scoreboard towards the end of the game.
  10. RFL seeking Gilette replacement

    Or maybe it's time to celebrate our 'Northerness'. With George Osborne's pitch calling for a Northern Powerhouse. Maybe the RFL should be knocking on the door of the Northern Powerhouse minister James Wharton and showing him we have a sport that unites the north?
  11. Long lost amateur clubs

    Andrew played for South London Wanderers who were a team of Kiwis with a couple of local lads and ex pat northerners. I think the other lad was called Roy who didn't get signed as far as I know. Wanderers tended to top the London league at that time. Them or London Colonials (aussie team). The Wanderers even tried a season playing in the North West Counties league. That would have been around 1989/90.
  12. A Cunning Conundrum Help Wanted.

    Have you tried Tony Benson at London Skolars. Tony was around at that time and may have even played some games. I was playing with South London Wanderers and knew Roy and played some friendlies against those guys but wouldn't have a clue where they are now. Cheers