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  1. Is there a difference between a field goal and a drop goal? I always thought this was just a difference in Aussie and UK vocabulary
  2. I agree. The Magic Weekend is cancelled but I've not bothered asking if there is a refund. Hotel cancelled and money returned so I'm happy with that. I just hope they use my pennies wisely
  3. I don't see any negative comments so far. Not one. Everyone has welcomed it. People are just speculating whether it's a loan or a grant, if a loan what are the conditions. What else is there to say on a discussion forum
  4. Very welcome news and well done RFL. Typical Sun though. Why is this Johnson's rescue package? I doubt he'd recognise Rugby if he found it in his soup
  5. A new site for Rugby followers popped up Twitter. Anyone else recognise at least a part of themselves in "who is a treiziste?" https://letreiziste.wordpress.com/2020/04/27/what-is-a-treiziste/
  6. Don't union actually run Rugby in Italy? I think this is a major problem with the RLEF
  7. As I suspected. The original report only said the council had agree a price, not bought it. A big difference. Councils everywhere will not have the money to do anything like this for many years to come now. All very sad
  8. Quite regularly led to fisticuffs too!
  9. Was in place when I started watching in about 1960. I remember Barry Simms loved to run from dummy half and the huge groan from the crowd when he was caught!
  10. Brilliant news. I loved my visit to the museum when it was in full swing. I even offered a historic shirt but it closed before I could make it happen. My only worry is that the council still have the money when far more important things will be needing it for the rest of the year and probably beyond
  11. Taxes are not raised to fund spending. The government prints money or borrows it and then uses tax to take it out of the system again to contain inflation. There's a subtle difference. It can be left in the system without raising taxes which is what is likely to happen here. Note that the BoE has been printing money for decades, it has a fancy name "quntative easing" as "printing money" upsets people The government can print or borrow as much money as it wants. A country cannot go bankrupt PROVIDED the debt is denominated is the home currency. Countries go bankrupt when they borrow in dollars as the debt cannot be cancelled. South America is still there though!! If the government sells debt in sterling for example we can cancel the debt. Not recommended but it can be done
  12. I'm pretty sure Coventry did convert to Rugby for a while. Back in the day I attended the launch of the RL Conference season at coventry and they are quite proud of this part of their history
  13. No it doesn't put Falou into context. The cases could not be more different if the rumours are true
  14. When reviewing a try by the video ref include whether the last PTB was done properly, ie played back with the foot. This waving the metatarsals in the air nonsense would stop in the second half
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