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  1. True but that's only because Leeds have been off the pace this year
  2. Did anyone else squirm whenever Ben Proe came on air? I do not like his high pitched hysterical approach to commentating
  3. Good 3/4 page write up in the i today. Very positive by John Davidson
  4. Not as close to things as I was. Is there no longer a Rugby League academy at Loughborough?
  5. Certainly much more positive than the i. I wish him well, we need it
  6. No one commenting on this? The pinnacle of the women's game. Personally I'm looking forward to it
  7. A poster a while back asked what Tony Adams had done for the sport before he'd even started the job. Well today he gets a nearly two page spread (with a column on Saints London the rest) in the i Unfortunately it trots out all the cliches about the sport, "northern enclave" "honest, rough and ready working class lads along the M62" but gives him a great write up. Cant find it online today. Maybe later
  8. Hock had an abundance of skills. His offloads at times were sublime. He had it all but not the brain to go with it unfortunately
  9. Let's just bin the whole fiasco. Things work just fine as they are
  10. I thought Leeds looked reasonable in the first half, with Lui looking composed. Our kicking game improved no end except when Myler had a go: although the rest of his game was better than recently. We lost our shape after half time and for a good 20 minutes it looked like we'd thrown the good start away. Merrin came on and steadied things and Catalans never looked like scoring again.
  11. You also have your side of the bargain to keep. Its obvious to all who plays their guts out for the club and who is here on holiday.
  12. In the kids game if they score they aren't tackled so the score stands. I assume it was same at senior level so it doesn't stop barging over
  13. When we visited Trinidad we were told only those of Asian decent were interested in cricket these days and that was diminishing. Those of African decent were playing basketball
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