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  1. I'm pretty sure Coventry did convert to Rugby for a while. Back in the day I attended the launch of the RL Conference season at coventry and they are quite proud of this part of their history
  2. No it doesn't put Falou into context. The cases could not be more different if the rumours are true
  3. When reviewing a try by the video ref include whether the last PTB was done properly, ie played back with the foot. This waving the metatarsals in the air nonsense would stop in the second half
  4. Well done Hull. We looked pretty hopeless against an excellent defence.
  5. True. Look what happened to Gareth Thomas on his first trip out. And presumably he'd had weeks of training and how to tackle properly explained to him
  6. He skipped over the bit about tats then. Hypocrite. That is all
  7. I have to drive a long way for my Rugby fix and we didn't go to Salford last season. Before then we parked at Eccles ARLFC. Easy to find and get away from, a swift pint, a 10 minute walk to the ground and your money helps a local club. What's not to like?
  8. Rugby made three pages in the i today. A good positive write up on SBW not wearing the logo, a page spread across two pages on the launch and the teams and a half page on Saints featuring the new coach. Good effort!
  9. I don't keep up with the Royal Soap Opera but didn't he want to spend six months in Canada and six months here? Has that changed
  10. Hatie Katie is one of the lowest forms of life this country has ever produce. Just a shame the RFL can't sue her again. Anyway she was wrong and that's cheered up my day
  11. OK but it shows what a Royal, well placed, can do for you. Despite all those who moaned about him. The write up in the Independent this morning was very positive. Half a page, with a pic of Harry holding the balls. Well done RFL for aiming high.
  12. Please post the result on here with any info they give you about doing it. I'd like to do the same
  13. It was great when I was 16. Could get a bus from anywhere in Leeds to the match and the atmosphere was brilliant. It's too cold for my old bones now, the traffic is horrendous and I'm much happier with the memories and watching in a tee shirt these days
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