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  1. Plus it's hard to deny the fact it started years before the other one
  2. Good news. We are all aware of what held them back so this is great to see. A nice boost before the World Cup
  3. How long have you got? I didn't set it up but kept it going when all they had was a coach. Went from heartbreak to ecstacy and back again but overall the trend has been up. Joined the Yorkshire League this year
  4. Wouldn't it be lovely if all the trolls on Facebook etc bleating about bent refs when their team loses were made to wear one of these for 80 minutes. And made to run up and down a pitch at the same time https://stateofmindsport.org/post/state-of-mind-sport-the-rugby-football-league-be-the-ref/
  5. Social media is where newspapers do their reporting these days
  6. Well done to the Wire. A bit of imagination with an old idea and they've created an Internet sensation and loads of publicity for the sport. The Independent has given her half of page three ( not that sort!) today. Even repeated "the Stig" mystery line. We need a bit more of this
  7. What's with the soccer markings? No attempt to cover up and put down Rugby markings. Rather disrespectful
  8. A trite question perhaps but does the Turkish government recognise the difference between lawn tennis and table tennis?
  9. "Ignore them at your peril" was a general statement because you went on to reference other teams besides Halifax. Leeds ignored their fans and it was highly successful was my point which you obviously failed to understand. I was pointing out that with Leeds there was no "peril". So your point about Halifax ignoring their fans showed in that case the fans were right in Leeds case wrong. In other words fans views are irrelevant and success or failure relies on many other factors.
  10. The Leeds example I'm afraid disproves your point. Leeds fans voted for Loiners, the Leeds' nickname for generations. Rhinos was imposed on them and they hated it. The South Stand chanted Loiners for seasons afterwards
  11. There was an advert for Leeds v Wire during the break in Channel Four news tonight. Mentioned it was completely free!
  12. When united plummeted it coincided with the Rhinos winning everything and there was a noticeably large "football" presence in the South Stand. It was commented on both in the stand and on here. I guess they've all left now
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