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  1. I would just like to agree with the above post! The discussion pre match on the BBC is second to non these days. The stats quoted for ball in play pre and post lockdown were amazing. Compare that to the union ball in play stats on the cross code forum
  2. Thank you, but I don't think that works on the TV, only on "devices".
  3. Yes but I feel so much better now. You're all so kind and understanding
  4. Its a weekly pass. Sunday to Sunday to take in the Leeds game on a Sunday and the next one on a Saturday which has now been moved to Sunday beyond my pass. Weekly pass has now cost me £15 for one game and another £10 for the next one. Why should Sky or Now or anyone else extend my weekly pass by a day?
  5. Maybe a bit drama queen but I've lost money. I normally buy a day pass from Now to watch a Leeds match when I'm at home. A bought a week pass to watch last Sunday's match and Leeds v Wigan on Saturday. Sky have moved the match since last weekend to Sunday. To watch it will effectively cost me £15 extra. Not happy.
  6. Of course it should be allowed. And I heard that the coaches give out secret messages the morning of the match. Read out on the BBC 9am news just like in WWII
  7. Or even London. I remember it well, too far away, Richard Branson, Harlequins ad infinitum
  8. Not if you come from Livetpool. I used to live on A run dull Avenue
  9. Mr Angry has spoken. So that's it then
  10. An interesting and very observant article on Rugby and a civil rights icon https://yorkshirebylines.co.uk/rugby-league-and-the-civil-rights-icon/
  11. There is already a thread discussing the effect the promotion of Leeds Utd may have on the Rhinos Conversely what effect will the relegation of Wigan and Hull (which seems likely as of today) have on the Rugby teams?
  12. When united were at their nadir i think quite a few fans were attracted to Headingley. They provided a good part of the noisy element in the South Stand and as far as I know behaved themselves. I guess we will lose these permanently as they seem to have left early season
  13. The i gave 2/3 of a page to Clare and Rugby yesterday. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be online (the negative 1/3 about Toronto is ) and it was very very positive.
  14. https://inews.co.uk/.../rugby-league/toronto-wolfpack-super-league-wages- late-sonny-bill-williams-visa-553387 Weird, the link doesn't work but tapping on the picture does. Shame the i put this negative report online but not the larger and very positive 2/3 of a page article by Clare Balding
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