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  1. 85/86° in Perpignan. For Heavens sake Sky, no one in France could even tell you this and even me, at my advanced age, have a clue what it means
  2. It's Elizabethan English usage. The Yanks just kept it
  3. Golden point. A solution to a problem that never existed. Get rid of it. That 10 minutes may have been exciting but it wasn't Rugby
  4. On a different tack while they take the kick, what is written on the Catalan's a***
  5. I assume these are still being broadcast despite a recent events?
  6. To be honest I like the new rules, stripping the ball included. To add to your post, it was definitely a coached tactic as you could see the other players letting go, obviously from a call, at the same time
  7. I would rewrite that to say "the clubs have not made the necessary sacrifices"
  8. "The game is so tactical and I didn't realise that from watching it. I just thought it's hit it up for three or four, then have a go and kick" Well who knew that? https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/12214515/gavin-henson-former-wales-international-surprised-by-intensity-of-rugby-league-training-sessions
  9. There is the problem. Whether he did or not is irrelevant now, the point is he should have influenced the decision. Thats what he was paid to do If you believe he couldn't we really are in big trouble.
  10. Just flagged that Robbie will be featured on BBC News at One. I await with interest. I hope they show a clip of him at his best
  11. I would just like to agree with the above post! The discussion pre match on the BBC is second to non these days. The stats quoted for ball in play pre and post lockdown were amazing. Compare that to the union ball in play stats on the cross code forum
  12. Thank you, but I don't think that works on the TV, only on "devices".
  13. Yes but I feel so much better now. You're all so kind and understanding
  14. Its a weekly pass. Sunday to Sunday to take in the Leeds game on a Sunday and the next one on a Saturday which has now been moved to Sunday beyond my pass. Weekly pass has now cost me £15 for one game and another £10 for the next one. Why should Sky or Now or anyone else extend my weekly pass by a day?
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