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  1. Cannot understand all the talk about DR and loan players at Fev when AFAIK Bradford had 3 loan players playing in Charnock,Philbin and Howarth.
  2. IanFalkiner

    M.O.M. Workington V Rovers

    Hardman Ellis Moore
  3. IanFalkiner

    Learn from the three mistakes

    Blue Pike FACT you have not said when earlier.FACT Work started the day after the last game of the season and this work consisted of more than just removing the old grass so again when should this have been started please
  4. IanFalkiner

    Learn from the three mistakes

    I am not disputing the last 2 points but I question the accuracy of the first. You cannot seriously expect Rovers to give up home advantage last season when it was important we finished in the top 2.Or should we have given up home advantage for the play-off games? As soon as the last game was played the fence was removed and a levelling off and drainage was done (by the stand volunteers). When they were ready to lay the turf very heavy rain hampered this (and the 20+ people who helped will testify to this).As far as I know the majority 0f the soil as knitted but there are problems with the drainage and the subsoil. As for the lost revenue it will cause cash-flow problems but hopefully the friendlies will be reversed next season. Maybe the club need to ask for volunteers to help with the pitch very soon.
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    Stadium developments

    At one time Post Office Road did have crush barriers. I am guessing they were removed due to health and safety because I do know the capacity was greatly reduced. So when you visit in a few weeks time you will have to sit in 1 of the 2 relatively modern stands or stand on the ancient terracing (the new stand is progressing but quite a bit to do yet). I wonder if all clubs within Wakefield MDC can say the same?
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    Get those wagons rolling!

    I thought it deserved a new thread, the stands have started to be delivered. Firstly it will be the concrete steps/terracing and there will be a few loads a day. I wonder if there is any spare JCB earth movers from Glasshoughton or Newmarket we could borrow?
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    Fan of the Year from Fev

    Gary certainly kept that quiet and I was only speaking to him @ 4:30 this afternoon. Did he go? Would love to see any pictures of him in a dicky-bow (+baseball cap!!!) Congratulations Gary and fully deserved.
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    Reserves Today

    Final Score 48 - 26 to Haven. Thanks to MrsHavenWarrior for the score updates.
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    Reserves Today

    40 -26 with 10 mins. left. Looks like its ove but I beleive they have another bite of the cherry.
  10. IanFalkiner

    Reserves Today

    Now 30 - 26 and by my reckoning 5 tries each, only Marc Jacksons goalkicks separating the sides. Don't think thay are allowed first teamers, Maureen. It used to be anyone player more than so many first team matches was ineligible.
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    Reserves Today

    Now 30 - 16. Rovers down to 10 men with 2 players in the bin for separate incidents
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    Reserves Today

    Now HT with Haven 24 Fev 16 . Rovers have had Brown sent off for a high tackle.
  13. IanFalkiner

    Reserves Today

    Now 18 - 16 to Haven
  14. IanFalkiner

    Reserves Today

    I went onto Havenfans.co.uk and got the score. Latest is 18-6 to Haven - don't know how long gone but there has been a 5 min.delay due to an injury to a Fev player. Will keep posting when poss. P.S. You have to be registered to get on the afore mentioned website
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    Barrow Match

    It looks like the Barrow match will remain on Sunday 22/8 and will not be brought forward to Thursday 19/8. This is because Barrow play their re-arranged match v. Widnes on Weds. 18/8. Probably better for the club attendance wise although ###### for me since I am on holiday. I was hoping it was on Sky then I could watch it half pi-sed, now I will be getting updates via a computer and mobile. Got the hint' son!
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    I think you will find the quotation marks indicate he was quoting what a policeman was heard to say. Very sad but unfortunately true.
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    Play Off Dates

    I have checked the website www.rugbyleagueontv.co.uk and this states on Thursday 9th Sept the Championship 1st v. 2nd play -off is shown. Don't know if this is 100% accurate but I hope it helps.
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    Referee v. Whitehave

    Whitehaven v Featherstone Rovers 3pm Ref W Turley TJ B Logan TJ T Owen RR S Mikalauskas MC C Hodgson
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    The Reserves

    ... And I will be in Oddfellows. No thats not my sexual preferences but a pub in Keswick.
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    Ref. v. Leigh

    You've guessed it, its Mr.Leahy. I wonder if Stuart can ask which one of the team will be going in the bin before the game on some fictitious ruling. I see he was up to his usual standard last week at the Batley v Eagles game - 20+ penalties, both coaches and the the press report critisizing him. AND HE STILL REFS A GAME.
  21. IanFalkiner

    Todays matches

    Will Fev be Barrow's last match? I thought the league season ended on 22nd August but on Barrows website they play Widnes on Weds. 25th August, however no date for this fixture is given on the RL and Widnes websites. The Barrow V Widnes fixture was postponed on 6th May and RL Rule B1:17 states that postponed matches have to be played on the 1st available midweek. That why we had to play Leigh on the Tuesday befoe we went to Toulouse. Me thinks email to RL Headquarters for clarification.
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    We must return to a competitive sport

    Anyone noticed the Sir Rodney Walker bit in the business section of the Pont & C*s this week? He mentions something to the tune of "its not feasible for 2 x
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    Perhaps this should be another locked thread since Paul Cullen is now on compassionate leave at Widnes due to his wife receiving treatment for cancer.
  24. Rovers lost 18-16 with a touchline converted try a minute off time. The lads played well against a c*s side with a couple of much bigger players - and they looked the part.
  25. IanFalkiner

    Featherstone V Widnes

    For goodness sake don't tell Robin