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  1. Poor Steve Crossley didn’t have a good day all round,losing side then he posted on Facebook that his car broke down in Wibsey on the way home from the game........ not his day!!! The Bradford fans stood near us only had the vocabulary of “forward” or“gerrum on side”
  2. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/ticket-info-post-halifax-2snsg
  3. Top decision, no electric here in most of Fev, been told it’ll be restored by 6.15pm, it’s hammering it down besides thundering and lightening.
  4. The pitch was like a swimming pool and there’s still more showers to come, so whether the sun is shining or not now it doesn’t make any difference.
  5. I get this too, sometimes it’s very hard to choose only one outstanding player, sometimes it’s very hard to chose one outstanding player.......if you get my drift!!!
  6. Colin I came straight home after yesterday’s game and straight away watched the other two games I’d recorded. I haven’t had time to reflect yet, also like I’ve said before some fans chose to look at the DVD they purchase before they make their minds up and this sometimes isn’t available till Tuesday or Wednesday. If that’s the way you feel let’s just do the mom for fun like we used to then it takes the pressure off you ??
  7. Yes he’s had surgery for a bad injury
  8. The only answer you’ll get to this complaint here on this forum is that the person who organised the event should either ring or email the club direct if they feel badly done by, otherwise it won’t get resolved.
  9. You need to contact the club if you’ve problems with your rovers tv
  10. We had a lovely time, finally staying in Villajoyosa which turned out to be €10 for a taxi from where we were staying to the stadium. It appears several UK teams are doing their pre season winter training in Villajoyosa. Leeds Rhinos were there the week before we were, then we bumped into Jack Ormanroyd and the Salford Red Devil’s squad arriving at their hotel on the beachfront. It’s a lovely town with plenty of bars and restaurants and quieter than Benidorm (which we visited by tram €2.30 for a return trip. Terry has been talking to Davide and they’re hoping to do the same next year at the same stadium minus all the hassle we had this time.
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