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  1. Please no names mentioned because some family still don’t know R.I.P
  2. Rovers have put a post out that they will be posting shortly about ticket info and other stuff
  3. Colin wouldn’t it be a good idea to present the trophy to the winner at the semi final game, pity it wasn’t presented last night at the awards evening. In my opinion nobody is going to come to a venue with entertainment for one award. But thank you for your Sterling efforts it’s much appreciated
  4. I thought they’d contact you Colin if you’ve contacted them ?
  5. Annie lived with her brother Wilf and the other one was a lad whose surname was Turpin on por
  6. Colin I had a word about the sound system in the family stand the other evening to Martin Vickers, they are aware of it and it will be looked into. At the moment they can’t walk around the perimeter of the field with the winning number. It’s generally put on the scoreboard but that wasn’t working properly on Sunday either. They’ve stopped announcing the GG number at half time due to many people either having a comfort break or getting something to eat or drink and missing the number
  7. It was not our own players that put the pictures up, it was allegedly a security man and then it snowballed from there.
  8. Jesus wept, what’s wrong with a majority of bulls fans, I’ve never witnessed as much nastiness and verbal diatribe in my life than I did today. They seriously need to give their already wobbly heads a massive shake.!!!
  9. Johnny Davies, what a solid performance Hall Harrison Hats off to all the players doing a shift in that heat, I applaud you R.I.P Luke Coopers scrum cap, served him 11 years and finally bit the dust at Wembley
  10. My card and Terrys hasn’t got our names on, but he’s now got the paper one and mines on my nhs app on my phone.
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