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  1. excolt


    So Hornets have been given a lifeline. If Hornets finish bottom they play the losers of the League 1 playoff who you would expect to be busted. Home venue decided on a toss of a coin. Do Hornets still try and finish above Swinton or save yourself for the one off game. Dont know the date but who will be available? I wonder if Hornets and others new this scenario before the vote and could have influenced it.
  2. excolt

    Only bottom club relegated

    Who's at home?
  3. excolt

    Dual Reg

    Its gone 70 - 30 to super league which if my maths is up to it, 35 teams have voted for SL.
  4. excolt

    Dual Reg

    If its true Warrington are blackmailing Hornets into voting their way we should end the dual reg with them immediately.
  5. excolt

    Only bottom club relegated

    If Hornets vote with super league i will never watch them again. If Super league and the RFL split so be it. I am a 54 year supporter.
  6. excolt

    Batley Bulldogs

    Up the hill as well!
  7. excolt

    Batley Bulldogs

    Batley losing with 20 mins to go then score 16 pts to win game. When has this superior fitness worked for us.
  8. excolt

    Only bottom club relegated

    Lot to play for now, us or Swinton?
  9. excolt

    Killer to Leave.

    He was my m.o.m in final v Oldham, deserves a go for that alone.
  10. excolt

    16 players!?

    I think we are missing a trick here. Swinton are on to it. Leigh owe money all over the place and could fold and be relegated which may mean only one down, maybe the Swinton game could be the hundred thousand pound game! Not the way i would like at another clubs expense but they went for it and failed so who knows.
  11. excolt

    Killer to Leave.

    Good luck in the future Alan. I am going for Carl Foster.
  12. excolt

    Half backs

    Consistantly beaten at half back. We are supposed to have the best training facilities but it seems we tired in the second half. Is the problem deeper?
  13. excolt

    Now for the final tests

    Hornets twitter has Barrow at home and Dewsbury away, don't know who's correct.
  14. excolt

    Sunday's Fun Train to Halifax.

    Just Hornets luck, Sheffield play a crumbling Leigh and we have Fax who must win.
  15. excolt

    A new all time low

    We've got Swinton twice Dewsbury and Barrow, these are the games we must win. Sad to say but just get through the full time teams hopefully with no injuries.