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  1. excolt

    Eric Fitzsimons

    Nice bloke, always had time for a chat. Remember him kicking 6 out of 6 for Hunslet at the Athletic grounds then somebody nicked his boots from the VP bar. RIP Eric.
  2. excolt

    Summer Bash

    Cant be as bad in the second half, or can we?
  3. excolt

    Transformation certainly on hold!

    I have watched rugby league since 1964 and i have never seen it organised as poorly as it is now. What a farce pro teams against semi pro teams, new clubs against established clubs absolutley ridiculous. Hornets now find themselves in the middle of it all, they have to concede the none winable games and it becomes a 3 team league. I thought Hornets, Swinton Sheffield but now its Dewsbury instead of Sheffield. So its another good hiding next week then 2 cup finals against Swinton. What a total mess the RLF have made of things.
  4. excolt

    Mark Wynn to Stand Down

    If its that successful, why walk away?
  5. excolt

    Hornets Win

    Great win, Hornets all over, win when you don't expect them to and lose when you do. Well done 2 try Seta
  6. excolt

    Dale staying up! Oldham going down!

    Well done Dale, Sunderland next season, Oldham going to Macclesfield, deserve it for delaying game yesterday. No disrespect to Macclesfield.
  7. excolt

    Another loss..

    Only with dual reg in key positions, which is part of the problem.
  8. excolt

    Another loss..

    Both Hornets and Dale look relegated, lets hope not.
  9. excolt

    Hornets/London highlights

    I would rather i didnt exist but the Saints D/R helped get us promoted
  10. excolt

    Upcoming fixtures

    Things look bleak at the moment but looking at the fixtures after London on Friday the next eight games are winnable and could include a money spinning Challenge cup game. Alan Kilshaw must feel down but it could all soon change. I just feel we need a physical standoff.
  11. excolt

    Featherstone rovers

    Normally i would be having a go at the coach or team after being nilled on your own ground but it is such an unlevel league how can i judge the team or coach. Featherstone where excellent but how can they afford Rideyard and Hock and the likes. There crowds are better than ours but surely not to that extent. Does anyone know what the salary cap in our division is or even if there is one?
  12. excolt

    Eagles down us again

    When was the last time we had a good outhalf?
  13. excolt

    Toronto Wolfpack at home

    Hornets performance at Sheffield was average and i mean average.
  14. excolt

    Toronto Wolfpack at home

    An extra two days rest before the Sheffield game should be beneficial after a great Friday night effort. This really is a four pointer.
  15. excolt

    Whitehaven away.

    It seems Dewsbury played 4 or so fringe players. The thinking on the Dewsbury fans forum is there is no money to be made any more from the Challenge Cup, the money is in how high up the league you finish. Sad but interesting.