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  1. Normanton at Featherstone

    A wins a win, Massam excellent, Palfrey very poor.
  2. Barrow win.

    For me its the format thats killing interest. Whats the point in paying good money to watch Hornets play a full time club and get hammered. Fair enough in a Challenge cup game at least we are seeing great players/ internationals. Full timer pros should be in one league and part time in another or all the same. Until they sort that out crowds will not increase.
  3. Barrow win.

    The sending off was the turning point. Sheffield next at home is a massive game. Let's beat 13 then we know where we are.
  4. Ken Oldham

    My condolences to Kens family.
  5. Dewsbury

    Not a regulation but a necessity if you want the so called better players.
  6. Dewsbury

    In League one its match fee if you play. In the Championship its contracts, Hornets can't sustain contract money so i think there is only one place we are heading. But it will probably all change next season anyway. Best sport in the world, going down the drain.
  7. Fund Raising

    Brilliant result for Rochdale, hope thet stay up.
  8. Dale match off. Pitch waterlogged.

    Congratulations to Dale, the more money they make the more chance of pitch lmprovements.
  9. Gavin Bennion

    Castleford sign Lo from Sheffield and he goes back there on a months loan. Salford sign Bennion and he goes to Swinton on loan!!!
  10. Money Trouble?

    According to League Express most player's have accepted the cut, others are on ther way out.
  11. Money Trouble?

    20% pay cut is rumered, cant understand the je problem are we not paying a lot less rent, or is it panick because we have lost Oldham twice and Bradford replaced with two teams with zero away fans. Looking like 2018 could see both Hornets and Dale relegated, if true.
  12. Jono Smith in the crowd

    100 pecenter, strange he is within your budget but not ours.
  13. Fiji

    Congratulations tu all connected to Fiji in beating New Zealand and reaching the World cup semi final.
  14. Gav Bennion picked for Wales in World Cup.

    He's just put Finn over for a HT 22v0 lead.
  15. Onwards to 2018

    What is the point of night matches at home in Summer rugby? Would the cost of the floodlight use been the difference in signing Jono?