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  1. Controversial Question: do you think the RFL offered any financial incentive to the old board to rebrand ? Or did the old board just see an opportunity with the world cup around the corner ? If there was an incentive would that still be on offer to new owners ? It's the only way I can see that anyone would want to buy us.
  2. Still doesn't make financial sense to me. Unless they would hope to retain the bulk of the Swinton support and attract some of their own RU fans to the odd game. And vice versa. Sale Lions anyone? I'll just get my tin hat ...
  3. I don't get why they would tbh. At the moment we pay into their coffers. If they owned us, we would be taking money out.. Am I missing something ?
  4. I didn't attend the meeting at the legion - I didn't have the heart to. I am interested in what was said though. Not being a Twitter or Facebook follower is there a summary somewhere else?
  5. No one wants the club to fail Some were disappointed by the proposed name change and then some of us are now disappointed by the failure to change... And the loss of the board. It is what it is though. Personally I'm just struggling to be positive about where the club is going. A lot of good people are working hard, I know, - I hope it is enough
  6. Can we stick to reasonable conversations folks. Nobody wants Swinton to go down the pan. We might disagree on the way forward though.
  7. Most hard headed businessmen would go the same route We need a romantic fan with pots of cash.
  8. Problem is Koukash would want to rebrand too. Didn't he want to do that with Salford ?
  9. Oh and I just read koukash wants back into RL. Anyone got his number ? Seriously what was all that about with him and us a few years back. It was weird . I went to the meeting with the guy and he sounded plausible but then ...nowt.
  10. I think I asked a few pages back (tongue in cheek) what the plan was to make the club grow assuming - - stay playing in Sale - stay using the Swinton name I guess it's about survival now but I would be interested in anyone's ideas. It's been a bit of an echo chamber on this site for a while...but as we've now be joined by a few others thought it's worth asking again. Another question - if we could not afford to stay at Heywood Rd after next season where could we operate from ?
  11. Julian, I understand your desire to be back in Swinton. That would be one way forward but I can't see in what reality that will happen tbh. Lots of broken promises and no money to do it
  12. Personally just want to be able to watch the Lions be successful. I have no affinity to the town of Swinton having lived in Eccles all my life. No attachment to the name but I have an attachment to the team and always will. All I've seen since 1992 is a slow decline (apart from last season). I wanted that to change and won't apologise for that. I also want to watch top class RL but have no affinity to any super dooper league team. I wanted the Lions to be the ones delivering on the pitch. I won't apologise for that either..
  13. I also hope the RFL considers again to back Manchester Rangers. The city needs an RL club
  14. I just hope Andy Mazey returns to rugby somewhere to help a more sensible club than us
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