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  1. The willows should never have been sold, just upgraded
  2. If as a previous poster says the stadium is only valued at 6.5m then why are Salford Council further increasing the debt to the taxpayer? If the council wants the stadium to succeed why not buy it at the valuation price. Cheaper in the long run I'm not a SRD fan , in fact I loathe them but even they must see the foolishness of this bottomless money pit
  3. Unbelievable if true. Yet more tax payer money to support this white elephant. Good job Sale play there or goodness knows how much more money would need to be pumped in.
  4. Really? My friend is from Rochdale and was surprised when I told her the town has an RL club. No amount of marketing will get her to go
  5. Yeah right. They do have some advantages over Swinton but seriously they are not a sound investment (no British rugby league club is). If I had money to spend and wasn't sentimentally attached to Swinton I'd be looking at Oldham to invest in. Lot to put right there but lots of potential
  6. Andy Mazey mentioned twice..
  7. Any idea of the make up of the new board? Has that been posted somewhere and I've missed it ?
  8. Swinton don't play in either Manchester or Swinton
  9. It is the basis of a good team. Just hope the financial plan left by the old board will cover the squad costs for the season It's the season beyond that now needs to be planned for. I wonder when all the rumour about the money distribution will be confirmed or denied .
  10. Controversial Question: do you think the RFL offered any financial incentive to the old board to rebrand ? Or did the old board just see an opportunity with the world cup around the corner ? If there was an incentive would that still be on offer to new owners ? It's the only way I can see that anyone would want to buy us.
  11. Still doesn't make financial sense to me. Unless they would hope to retain the bulk of the Swinton support and attract some of their own RU fans to the odd game. And vice versa. Sale Lions anyone? I'll just get my tin hat ...
  12. I don't get why they would tbh. At the moment we pay into their coffers. If they owned us, we would be taking money out.. Am I missing something ?
  13. I didn't attend the meeting at the legion - I didn't have the heart to. I am interested in what was said though. Not being a Twitter or Facebook follower is there a summary somewhere else?
  14. No one wants the club to fail Some were disappointed by the proposed name change and then some of us are now disappointed by the failure to change... And the loss of the board. It is what it is though. Personally I'm just struggling to be positive about where the club is going. A lot of good people are working hard, I know, - I hope it is enough
  15. Can we stick to reasonable conversations folks. Nobody wants Swinton to go down the pan. We might disagree on the way forward though.
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