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  1. I have just read that Stuart Galbraiths 8 game ban has been squashed.How can you start a bsn before an appeal? We could easily have lost the Swinton game because of his absence, how long can these people carry on ruining Rugby League?
  2. So Spotland host a sell out world cup game which i think gave the town a deserved boost and what do the RFL do? The minimum capacity for the next world cup is 12,000 ruling Spotland and Workington and the like out of the running, scandalous.
  3. When the bottom 4 super league clubs play the top 4 in our league, it could be the top 6 of that league move up to supet league due to restructuring. So London next 2 games are for nothing, it could help our cause.
  4. Well said, good player in a good team. RIP
  5. They won't let Bradford go down so no worries, thr Rfl will come up with something.
  6. i feel a lot more optimistic after hearing the Chairman's comments, to me it seems referees talk to each other and have stereotyped us as a dirty side. hopefully with Hornets meeting with Mr Presley this can be ironed out. With a fair crack of the whip I think this side can finish in the top half possibly 6th ,which would be a fantastic achievement.
  7. Agree with post but there are 19 games left, the seven games after round 23 count towards the final standings.
  8. Get well soon lad
  9. Sheffield looked bigger, faster man for man.With a third of the season over all of a sudden its looking bleak, three of the four teams below us have a game in hand on us. I think Swinton could be a massive result one way or the other.
  10. The problem we have now got is that any opponents game plan against us will include the words ' wind them up '
  11. We where totally outplayed by a far better team. Only Smith and Massam can hold their heads up the rest had shockers. Killer has done a great job from day one but he has a massive task now to lift his side back up for the next 3 big games, i think he will.
  12. Luckily our next three games are against part timers i think Batley Sheffield and Swinton. I hope Bentham keeps every player on the field for 80 minutes against Toulouse but i have my doubts.Again i think the game will be won at 6 and 7.
  13. It also states Middlehurst was rested if true that probably cost us the game. I thought he was injured!
  14. Post match interview with Killer is open and honest,cant see the same 17 starting in London but how many changes can you make. Every season there is a shocker lets hope that was it.
  15. Not that it matters now but was Tyson offside with the very last play, just watched the highlights, maybe!