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  1. Dubai farce now Bradford, more great publicity for Rugby League!!
  2. Fantastic win, dont know what contract Alan Kilshaws got but i would definitely try to expand it.Well done to all players staff and supporters.York have done us all season so its no given result next week for Toulouse.Great weekend for the town with Mayfield having a great win also
  3. Its one thing raising your game for one or two cup games but wait until you have tough games week in week out, lets see if your tactics change then.
  4. Get real, its exactly what Toulouse will do next season when they play better quality opposition.
  5. It seems a great effort in France the outcome means Toulouse have won the league, if Barrow finish second they go to France for their last game and again the week after for promotion playoff.we would, finishing 3rd have a home semi and if successful play away against the winners of Probably Barrow v York.But it could all change
  6. Wonder full tributes paid to him on facebook. RIP
  7. A win for Hornets today guarantees a place in the playoffs
  8. We where only ever going up via playoffs anyway so lets get back on the bike st London Sk.
  9. The song was recorded at Strawberry studios in Stockport.It was all the Colts team plus Norman Brelsford and Johnny Hammond about 1973. It was organised by the the fellow who ran the indoor cricket centre up at Healy, forgotten his name and think he has now passed away.Maybe they re-recorded it.
  10. SONG
  11. Winner of top 8 league play 2nd, winner promoted.Loser plays 4th placed team, 2nd v 3rd, winners play each other the victor promoted. But does anyone know where the two ppromotion games are played, neutral or at the highest placed team,if the later 3rd place may be better than second this season, any thoughts?
  12. Does your season ticket include the four home games in the second phase?
  13. York play Keighley this weekend in Ipro cup final then play again Wednesday before us on the Sunday big ask that.Each week brings closer Hornets v Leeds in the Championship next season!!!
  14. Grafter, will be missed,good luck.
  15. Look at what super leagues Scott Moore did in the Widnes game and he gets less than Jo.