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  1. Rochdale v Batley

    very poor game and batley ground out a result despite the ref and rochdales very boring tactics
  2. MOM Batley v Sheffield

    1 Diskin 2 The board The Squad well done everybody fantastic turnout and tremendous performance 1-17 proud to be a bulldog
  3. Toulouse v Batley Challenge cup

    according to bbc we don,t kick off until half two and on periscope they are still warming up
  4. Bulldogs v bulls predictions

    depending who bradford have on dual reg this week but i think if we put the hardworking team effort in from 1-17 we will prosper by 12+ this week.
  5. Batley v Fev

    fev were very good today and fully deserved the victory.must say though i am very disappointed with batleys performance after a barnstorming opening 10 mins to finish up losing 32-6 is hard to fathom. if we are to have any hope of replicating last years top four finish we need to start a winning run very quickly.
  6. MOM Batley V Halifax

    davey walker scott to be honest every player in the squad put in one hell of a shift well played lads
  7. i have been asked by the steward of batley irish nash (hull k r supporter) to let all hull k r fans know that they will be made very welcome in the nash for drinks before the game against batley or if you wish to stop off on your way to any other away game.
  8. hope you guys get it sorted enjoyed both our games last year (from a batley fan)
  9. Well done

    anyone know when middle eights fixtures come out
  10. Party time...

    Cheers robin glad two of the unfancied teams have spoilt the rich men's party
  11. dream scenario

    if we draw tomorrow and fax lose we will finish fourth
  12. dream scenario

    think if we win tomorrow our home games now are salford,huddersfield and the winner of fev v bulls.
  13. dream scenario

    the perfect weekend would be a dogs win obviously. the other dream results for attendance purposes only would be wins for salford,huddersfield and bradford. that would give us home games in the middle eights against leeds,hull kr and bradford. kerching at the turnstyles