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  1. You need a Roger T in your fan base.... get one of your semi literate pensioners to put one up on the forum
  2. I thought all pensioners earned +£80k that's why they're making us youngsters work until our 70's to keep you lot to the standard you're used to!
  3. Rettie can still return a ball or take one up though
  4. I think Galbraith is OK at centre and Walker is quick.. but I think a decent centre is needed. Cant we get hold of a South Sea islander? They really pack a punch
  5. Certainly on the one game today and the starting lineup could be the one to face Fev with the addition of Dickinson. I thought Everett also stood up well today
  6. Yeah, OK that. Only Hooley's dreadful attempt at a tackle in first half my only complaint. Thought Bowman looked useful and Brown and Manning are class. White and Yates look OK. Much as I like Tomlinson, he's no match for our old friend Griffin.
  7. Thought Bowman looked good today
  8. I'd advise you call the club, I'm sure a. They'd want to know b. They would try and help
  9. Managed to have my twopenth on DR
  10. Looking forward to seeing Galbraith and Bowman play tmrw
  11. I suppose if a club is willing or able to carry their salary then I'm sure some SL clubs would be interested
  12. Another tough afternoon I reckon, but our first home game. If we are to avoid the stress of a relegation fight we have to make the mount a hard place to visit
  13. In Brown & Manning, we have two players in the team of the decade plus Lunt this season. Whilst Iagree we don't have the quality through the team like some of the larger supported clubs in our league, but did we when we reached the NR cup or made it to the GF? What we need is a TEAM and we'll be OK
  14. Could be a tough game as I see they beat the Bradford Rams last week, and if Dom's playing...
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