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  1. Dewsbury will be OK with all the rent money they get off Bradford
  2. Post some extreme comments BSJ and half a dozen will turn up (bit like buses)
  3. Your halfback pairing has a combined age of nearly 80 and no cover! You lot are just hiding behind many cans of antiperspirant, cause I can still smell the stink
  4. GM a bit on the young side to be signing for Dewsbury
  5. Good player when he's not wound up
  6. Isn't Hooley a fullback who can play 7? Perhaps if we sign a recognised 7 & White, we'll have cover/competition from Hooley for 7 and fullback?
  7. This lad looks big, fast and strong, I reckon he could be a stand out for us next season and on his way to Featherstone in 2022
  8. I see halfback Morgan Punchard has left Dewsbury Rams??
  9. Aye coz you've Bradford to pay for n'all
  10. Now then Big Bum, when nature takes its course he can have the crayon back, in my defence he told me the red one tasted of strawberries
  11. Don't know why they don't just post a list of last seasons squad and use one of Coolie's crayons to cross the odd one out (assuming he hasn't eaten aforementioned crayons)
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