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  1. How'd you come to that Roger?
  2. You seriously can't have Alex Brown in this thread, just go back and watch some of his runs, tries etc. OK he wasn't quite good enough at SL but he got a shot at it... something many of our better players never got!! And he won us the only trophy in the modern era. I'd have him in our top five wingers since 2000
  3. Is Mullaly the only DR in there from the Giants I guess?
  4. I too would buy both, and so would the wife
  5. Theres nowt normal about our Bob
  6. I have no issues signing in and buying on my phone? Very strange how some have issues and others don't?
  7. Yeah Chapman wasn't it... great player and a real tough nut
  8. What was your hooker called who was always scrapping with our Chris Lythes?
  9. It will be interesting to see what happens when all this is over, although who knows when that will be... There could be fewer clubs or clubs running makeshift teams at all levels. The backers of certain clubs could have suffered financially as could the ordinary fan. I'm sure money as always will sadly be the difference in the society that emerges from this pandemic ☹
  10. I thought it was against RFL rules to be CEO (acting or other wise) of more than one club, but who cares tbh
  11. So it's all your fault Mr T... No one interested that MS is now Chairman or whatever at the Bulls? I guess he thought he'd announce it on the day when all the Rams fans can't protest outside the stadium.... Still gatherings of two people are still allowed so at least the majority of your fan base can protest if they like
  12. Its Jouffret against Leigh, Sept 2019
  13. MS on radio Leeds tonight
  14. And chipping in for Dewsbury & Bradford costs? Dark days for many
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