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  1. I've watched since early 90's and would say we don't have a specific set of colours/design like St Helen's or Losebury. I don't mind switching it round some I like some I don't, some I buy some I don't. I think our club, history and identity are more than just a colour or pattern
  2. If 40 people each put a grand in I reckon we'd get him.... Hello, anyone there??
  3. Ahh tha camo strip or should that be Argghh the camo strip
  4. K&M are Morley waste traders.. Yorkshire beers don't know
  5. Like the #10 year shirt and the blue away strip is good. They have some other good stuff too Ravensport.
  6. This could become a thing, lowly teams playing double headers at bigger clubs.... Perhaps the Dewsbury vs Featherstone game could be the undercard game when Batley play Swinton?
  7. Didn't realise that! I remember Handforth saying it meant more than the win with Cas
  8. The gold one... Again not my favourite, which is the white one with Bulldogs across the back shoulders
  9. Nah, we've had better tbh I think. Perhaps when we get to Wembley this year we can play in an old replica shirt, like the old Fox's one?
  10. After the old Don Valley stadium this is a ground I don't miss a visit to in the league, I will bob along to support the lads though in January and will double up on the double layers
  11. Batley have never been beaten by Dewsbury.... And they know it
  12. Head to head BSJ, even someone as dumb as a state educated oink like me cud figure that out
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