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  1. This is a great listen. After nearly 24 hours I still can't quite belive it
  2. How do you pick three from that team? Fabulous everyone of em. Walshaw Meadows Manning And the other 14...
  3. Really enjoyed that, first and foremost a very entertaining game. A special mention to the Fev fan who came over and shook my hand and wished us well for next week. Great RL club Featherstone, who will get their shot at SL eventually
  4. I agree with your comments on Batley. Next season could be Fev's big chance, but will hinge on TOXIII level of investment. I don't see the Cougars being anything but mid table next season.
  5. If York can goad five or six Leigh players into throwing some punches in the first 5 mins, it could be a close game!
  6. Really pleased we are playing at Fev on Sunday, always enjoy the games at Post Office Road. I'm sure Fev will be too strong for us, but I'll still go for a shock Bulldogs win by 1 point Then 80 mins from SL....
  7. Perfect position as underdogs for Batley and as with Barrow & Fax the pressure is all on Fev. If Batley can stay in the game for 60 mins then it could go down to the wire. Having said that I fancy Fev, but another great season for Batley
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