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  1. You could put in a transfer fee for Roger T, he'll run you a nice stats page for you all. He won't come cheap mind, but with all this cash from the bulls, pitches and car boot I reckon a push for SL could be on the cards next season
  2. Fact or hearsay? And why not, I have no problem if he "applied" for another job, just as a player aspires to a play at the higher level. I've applied for other jobs and my mates have never thought I should be sacked because I didn't get it? Doesn't alter the fact he's not performing at Batley but this excuse is just lame!
  3. All done at 46 - nil Never expected to anywhere near them, but we still don't have the ability to even create a couple of scores which bothers me. Our for and against must be pretty naff
  4. Nah, the money will go to the owner of the rams not the club, it will push Dewsbury further backwards imo, but that's their business not ours
  5. Manning tends to lift in his tackles, he's been cited for it before. I put it down to his enthusiasm for the game rather than malice. At least we don't need him now we are safe!
  6. Ah if only we knew when our teams were going to turn up it would make my life at more pleasant
  7. I know what you mean ernie one, I can't even raise the enthusiasm to bait the Rams rabble Sad days indeed
  8. On these anonymous forums you can almost say what you like and if you don't know then why not make it up? I can only judge the results and the performance, I have no axe to grind with the coach or any of the players, but I haven't enjoyed our performances for sometime and at the end of the day the coach ultimately takes responsibility for this. To offset my malaise I've been working my way through my extensive BISSA match DVDs, I've just watched our win away at Leigh on route to the Grand final and watched Gareth Moore's comments on winning the MOM and his comments regarding how close the team is as a group... Happy days
  9. At least we'd be able to run a second team
  10. I think both clubs will have been disappointed with the game, the only polish we can put on the ###### is that Batley got the points. I think both teams need to drastically improve next season as the old enemy, Whitehaven won't be easy next season so I can see either the Rams or the Dogs for the drop next season (or even both)
  11. Nah, we've got better in Rettie and JC and the new lad Walker. I think Fax, Rams & us need to turnover quite a few of our players if we are going to be competitive next season
  12. I think most of the 24 players or so, in next seasons squad are already known/agreed, as is the coach I suspect..
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