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  1. Will the game be shown on the big screen?
  2. It's a spectator sport! There is your answer!
  3. Yeah, I was going to quote, those in glass houses, then I remembered most of the huts in Dewsbury just have a bit of sack cloth covering the holes!
  4. I'm glad you clarified them as Voting friends, I was startled to think for a moment I knew a Batley fans with some real friends ?
  5. This could be our first notable win in 10 years ?
  6. I'm sure our friends at Fev will help us out ?
  7. Got my tickets and looking forward to the action this weekend. I've gone for different locations in the stand just so I get a different perspective on the grass as it grows!
  8. Sounds like a stitch up
  9. Well done for repeatedly renewing the interest in this week after week , I'll be taking an extra ticket this week, and I'm looking forward to experiencing what most Dewsbury fans pay to watch at every home game ?
  10. Just finished catching up on Sunday's game, and what a game, we played some great rugby and some real solid defending in 2016
  11. Would you pay £10 for one?
  12. We did enquire it we could use Dewsbury's away supporters Tuk Tuk, but it was on bricks
  13. I see, as of Monday the Dewsbury massive, can repopulate the ground in their usual numbers...
  14. Is this the Ash Lindsey moment game?
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