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  1. Hmm we should be confident of extending our winning run at home to what appears at least defensively an inferior team. Hopefully we are not getting too confident and as long as Sammut doesn't have a blinder I think we'll run out comfortable winner's Dogs 34 London 14
  2. More like... yes, Yes, YES... OHH YES!!!
  3. I've heard they've asked for it to be postponed.... Until 2026
  4. Tough watch that, especially to make a poor Fax team look half decent! Missed Sam Day to spark and speed it up, but too many mistakes and too predictable.
  5. Another tight game, but I think you'll edge it at home Rams 26 Fax 16
  6. Really good competitive game Thackeray & Worrincey for the Eagles against Gilmore & Hooley for the Dogs. Just what you want to see on TV Friday night
  7. We always looked dangerous down their end I thought.
  8. Yeah I think this could cost us dear at something in the season Fred if we don't fix it
  9. Fantastic result against a good team. 100 up for JC and whatever we're paying Gilmore & Hooley they are worth double!
  10. Decent game Batley look the better team, but we need a couple more second half
  11. Batley are the form team in the championship at the moment, who cares about the rest
  12. Looking forward to this, but they have a habit of upsetting us, and beating us. If we can keep our discipline and keep the mistakes down I think we have the players to beat them. Going to be another tight one... Seaguls 20 Dogs 26
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