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  1. One things for sure they'd have been sacked by another club lol
  2. Need someone who can keep you in the championship for starters, especially if Butterworth etc are signed by Fax
  3. Got to be Sykes! How else will he play next season if he's not picking himself?
  4. Morton McGowan Manning A special mention for the huge numbers in the Batley end...please keep coming!
  5. We battled back but a poor first half cost us in the end. A thoroughly enjoyable day, and one to remember.
  6. Congratulations to Halifax, their resolute defence won them that along with any points on offer. Great day out at the big W
  7. Could only dream of seeing this happen! As for the result, who cares WE'RE GOING TO WEMBLEY I ain't going to predict it just enjoy it!
  8. Fax will try to throw it about and risk making mistakes, Batley will try to bully them up the middle. Be an interesting game, but Batley will win
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