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  1. Seems a few are leaving Sheffield, is it because they are concentrating their money on the new stadium or they are signing better?
  2. Nah that would have been a bradford fan doing a reccy of the bus route for this season
  3. You can have all three if you get your hands on your pockets..
  4. I think so. A player playing out of position for example to cover for an injured team mate would get more support from fans and his other team mates imo. Tomlinson in the Bulldogs has filled in and earned the plaudits from most Batley fans for his efforts
  5. Interesting to see how White fits in and plays. Keeping Walker is a good move and I think the new coaching set-up will also bring a new direction to an established team. I again don't expect to finish in the top 5 but I do want to see us compete and push the better teams more than we did this season The mandatory mauling of our noisy neighbour's is a forgone conclusion so I wont add that to my expectations.
  6. Problems arise with running a small squad when injuries bite and playing people out of position because cover from the DR partner isn't available or worse your own players are pushed out by the DR player. I understand why teams do it but I don't think it is beneficial.
  7. Didn't realise Dewsbury were running an under 19's this season!
  8. Adds to the numbers/cover and competition for places in the backs
  9. I suppose, you are a few years younger than me Colin
  10. You guys need better phones, my Samsung had excellent zoomability
  11. Any comments on what the coach said last night? eg. SL, Challenge Cup aspirations?
  12. Good player for us was Walton, especially once he stopped dropping the ball, he deserved his shot at SL. If you can keep him fit a good acquisition
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