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  1. Great stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKLs-OsF0lQ
  2. longboard

    New Wigan Coach(es)

    I agree, it is a bit strange, but that doesn't mean it won't be successful of course. I hope things are improving for you Lizard.
  3. Don't use the quotation function and then edit the quoted text. Anyway, I see you are in agreement.
  4. Yes. You can DYOR but look at some elements of the labour movement's conspiracy theories in the past about who is behind wars.
  5. longboard

    Falling Gates in Rugby League

    The future of the sport doesn't hinge on this issue but that's another thread.
  6. If you read a bit of history you will find plenty of documented evidence of anti-Semitism in the Labour movement and left wing political parties. The same is true for political parties and organisations of other persuasions of course.
  7. longboard

    Falling Gates in Rugby League

    Falling gates are a risk.
  8. longboard

    Joyous Homecoming in Perpignan

    Iron discipline.
  9. longboard

    Dear Diary

    Jolly good. I have many memories of living in Eryri.
  10. Henderson spent a fair bit of time evading his mother as a kid to avoid punishment. He was adept at getting out of first floor windows and making a bid for freedom IIRC.
  11. Graham Swale, a, calm, measured chap, ideally suited to being a taxi driver.๐Ÿคจ
  12. longboard

    Dear Diary

    Have you been in touch with the Peelers?
  13. And Futtocks goes for a gentle dig in the ribs....
  14. longboard

    Rant thread