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  1. BBC podcast with Luther Burrell, Ade Gardner & Dave Woods:- https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07dd5rj Jolly good. Luther & Ade both come across well.
  2. A win for Saints I fear. It's a pity jinking Jermaine is injured.
  3. Indeed. I'm thinking of getting one. I rode one a few times when young.... and that's a while ago. This is a cracking film and includes some surf mat footage:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmBIapUR-PQ&list=PLBeqnHzOOCP9tdTFA3EHZwaOh6uI6DGc2
  4. It looks like a tough assignment. Have you ever tried a surfmat?
  5. It would be churlish not to.....
  6. I thought Luther came over well. He started at Hudds RU, where his father became a coach because of Luther's interest, despite being a soccer fan (dad that is.) He was also on the Giants books.His school in Hudds has produced other professional rugby players. His mother contacted Stuart Lancaster at Leeds, because she thought he wasn't getting a fair crack of the whip from the Leeds talent spotters & he invited Luther for a trial.Things progressed in union after signing for Leeds. He didn't mention private schools explicitly in the interview, but I doubt his school had the RU connections of St Custard's et al. I thought Rob Scotch Bonnet interviewed him fairly.
  7. No doubt he's done rasher things in his life.
  8. ..... and they are off..................... There used to be a shop in Roberttown named Helen's Baps.
  9. Will ye be getting in the water?
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