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  1. Conspiracy Theories

    Some time after your death?
  2. Conspiracy Theories

    Lucan? Everyone has their place.
  3. UKIPpery

    Bolton is something of a wanderer.
  4. Giants

    I can't see the big deal about changing the day and I like night matches. I recall watching Floodlit Trophy games on Tuesday nights, IIRC. Happy days.
  5. As they say in Quebec, "Tapis, or not tapis?"
  6. Whatever happened to Mushy Peas?

    John, when did you get wind of the mushy peas competition?
  7. Football

    Not today.
  8. Football

    Can Leeds do it on a cold Sunday afternoon at Rodney Parade?
  9. The Fall

    Yeah, yeah, industrial estate.
  10. Anthony Gelling's new Blog

    Did they have to evacuate?
  11. Catalans signing?

    Seems like nobody at the Gilbert Brutus let the catalan out of the bag.
  12. Poundland

    I hope that Ringtons aren't dragged into this or, as Mrs L said, my oolong may never taste the same again..
  13. Pheasant anyone? http://www.gazetteherald.co.uk/news/15790085.Hundreds_of_birds_found_dumped/?action=success Free protein anyone? Where's Botham when you need him?
  14. Pat Devery Huddersfield Great

    Pat is in this clip from the CC Final:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWk_elHkLC4
  15. Pat Devery, a Huddersfield great has died, aged 95. He was a Challenge Cup winner in 1953, a Championship Final medal winner, a Yorkshire Cup winner, an Australian international and a Queensland representative. He was in the Australian navy and he became a Teacher. He taught in schools in Huddersfield during his time at Fartown. http://www.examiner.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/news/huddersfield-rugby-league-legend-pat-14086663