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  1. Some of this looks like the authorities and the govt looking like they are doing something. Whether much changes remains to be seen. It's pretty clear, if unsurprising, that many of the organisations haven't been good at dealing with these matters.
  2. Tis cold and white down here in the valley.
  3. Old Grey Whistle Test

    It has travelled far.
  4. Old Grey Whistle Test

    Is it the one which takes place in The Three Pigeons?
  5. Martin, I thought that Saints were well worth their win, although it was a typical early season game in some respects and it was helped by the freezing cold. Saints showed more variety and composure in attacking positions and defended manfully, particularly in period of the repeat sets in the first half. The two Saints tries in quick succession pretty much tied up the game. Fartown continue to struggle with converting territory and possession into many points when in the opposition's last third. Jerry didn't get any chances in space but good to see him playing again. I've just about got feeling back in my fingers and toes.
  6. Football

    It's yesterday's news, or even further back. Any rational adult can accept mistakes and avoid jumping to absolute conclusions. I'm in agreement with the fans tho whom I've spoken. Yes, there are people who for some reasons take these things far too seriously but most ain't bothered and see the humour involved. The pundits, of course, like to stoke a bit of discussion but they are soon on to the next to the next faux controversy. Whether technology, beyond simple stuff about the ball crossing the line, is judged to be an overall benefit to soccer, we will see.
  7. What public and other organisations which receive money from the govt have been in the habit of releasing detailed information about harassment and sexual assault allegations? I am not contending that it is a bad thing thing that these matters get coverage and it seems highly likely that some of the aid organisations' employees have been able to take advantage of the absence of effectively functioning police and legal systems in some countries, such as Haiti. The personal conduct stuff and disciplinary investigations, seem to be somewhat different and procedures may well have been adhered to. Generally these matters are kept quiet whilst under investigation and the outcomes aren't broadcast within, never mind outside organisations to protect the people involved and, of course to protect the interests of the organisation. We'll see whether this changes.
  8. Any travelling Brits left in Sydney...

    Tesco? They are the upmarket ones for Blackpool.
  9. My point about the news element relates to the supposed investigation elements, rather than the veracity of the allegations. Cox's decision perhaps reflects the zeitgeist of resignations and apologies which have happened quite a bit in recent months since the allegations against Weinstein proliferated. No doubt Cox took into account the potential damage to the charities if he stayed. Of course, the detail of allegations and actual evidence matter but unsurprisingly for various genuine reasons these aren't often included in the soi disant revelations. In the Oxfam stuff there is a range of allegations of things, some of which will be illegal. If they were covering up they did a bad job of it, in terms of the public domain, as it was reported years ago. One of the features of the stuff in the media since the attention given to Weinstein's alleged proclivities is the wide range of the content in the allegations made, including behaviour which ranges from that which is clearly criminal to bad manners. Anyway, that's a different point, albeit related. As ever, the detail matters.
  10. Football

    I don't see why some person's decision in a TV to draw lines across the pitch affects the trial or its reputation. It's quite easily explained and it has been done so. I think you are flying a kite with this one.
  11. The World Series is a waste of time.

    I have enjoyed the games agin the Aussie club teams, despite the results at times.Then again, I like sport with an international dimension and see it as important for the future of rugby, even if there isn't currently a settled format in place.
  12. Any travelling Brits left in Sydney...

    Aye, it's lovely at this time of year Leon. Lovely brown sea. Believe it or not, there are surfable waves occasionally in Blackpool. Short lived swells though, characteristic of the northwest.
  13. Any travelling Brits left in Sydney...

    Great stuff. I would love to see it. There are surfski competitions in the UK. Great to watch. Ain't seen it with the open canoe style boats though.