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  1. Manchester Tart. I saw an enormous Manchester Tart at Grandma Batty's in Walsden recently.
  2. Belting stuff, particularly like the way it sticks to the teeth.
  3. Aah. Company specific. https://boonsupermarket.com/product/nestle-dairy-sterilised-all-purpose-cream-170-g
  4. Evaporated or condensed milk weren't a patch on sterilised cream.
  5. It doesn't always come over clearly on the web. You got some bites though.
  6. What about tinned sterilised cream? Must see if it's still in the shops.
  7. It's up there with pig bag as a stomach liner before a few jars.
  8. Mmmm. Early generation hipsters I reckon.
  9. I'm in Calderdale doing missionary work.
  10. Cod

    It's all cod.
  11. It's the bacon fat and onion which gives dock pudding its flavour IIRC. It is a spring dish, no doubt reflective of difficult times, when it probably provided a vegetable dish when food stocks were low. I'd recommend the World Dock Pudding Championship for a trip out. I'm an off cumden, not a Calderdale native, although I am now accepted by some of the Calder Valley natives as someone to whom they are prepared to say, "Hello."
  12. Not much sign of white pudding these days.When i see it it's usually sold in markets, rather than chain shops. I usually come across hog's pudding somewhere when in the south west. I've had some this year.
  13. Hiss ok, if I remamba correctly.
  14. Always cool in my book. My grandmother used to make it. White pudding seems to be unknown, disliked, or not even tried, by most Brits. Clonakilty black pudding and white pudding-lovely stuff. Used to be able to get it in Halifax Market but no more...
  15. A stout win for Hull I reckon. Fartown to struggle against the behemoth Hull forwards.