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  1. We've plenty of neck. It was a single, sinuous, smooth, smart movement from Leroy.
  2. longboard


    One can toke it or leave it.
  3. Indeed. The Cats were poor in the second half, despite being in a position to control the game; see their failure to score a try in the second half.
  4. Russell. The kicking from hand was poor tonight. Fartown had some luck to win the game. They really struggled to contain the Cat forwards, who made ground pretty easily, especially in the first half. Hudds need more at prop. Defensive organisation on the last tackle was seemingly absent in the first quarter and in the second half the Giants had some luck despite letting last tackle kicks bounce in their twenty. The Catalans seemed a bit flat in the second half. They can count themselves unlucky with a couple of decisions near the end. C'est la vie. Two teams who struggle to put in solid eighty minute performances.
  5. Aye, they'd come in their thousands from the five towns.
  6. And in other news Loiner asks for opinions on the relief of Mafeking.
  7. Yes, we could do with a poster familiar with the demi-esprit lingo.
  8. It would appear he is not a fan of the English language either.
  9. longboard

    Footy Sweepstake - are you in?

    Things have become a bit grizzly with Spain all of a sudden.
  10. longboard

    Footy Sweepstake - are you in?

    Watch out for Ramadan Sobhi. I predict he'll be playing for a cracking club next season. Jokes about him being fast are allowed.
  11. longboard

    Footy Sweepstake - are you in?

    I'm hoping for a good clean World Cup and no argy bargy spoiling things.
  12. longboard

    France then....

    What did you take back to your drum?
  13. longboard

    Joel Tomkins to.....

    It's a hull of a punishment.
  14. Another win for the Giants. IIRC, that's five from the last six. Fartown are showing some improvement. Good to see Russell getting another game. Some more players back would help. Leeds were unlucky with injuries.