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  1. What was Jerry doing round at your gaff?
  2. You may find life in Mansfield very convivial. Down the hatch!
  3. Your tastes align with the majority of the denizens of Mansfield then. Chin, chin!
  4. January is said to be the busiest time of year for solicitors dealing with divorce. The period after the summer holidays is said to be the second busiest. Any snipes posting on here may be able to confirm or contradict these alleged facts.
  5. Illicit payments to players.... Something which happened in a different way during Leeds United's heyday......
  6. I'd guess the same age as John Bateman when his sprog appeared....*?!
  7. Andy, she's too young to be courting, Wigan rules, or not! Can you hear me over there?
  8. Not forgetting the time playing rugby at Rifle Field(s) before the move to Fartown....
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