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  1. Why would they play in the same colours? A lot of clubs changed their shirt colours in the early years. The colours did not necessarily reflect the local boroughs' coats of arms.
  2. You've moved on from the Malibu and Coke then.
  3. There are still many parts of England where they don't breed and raise young. Unlike many birds of prey they are pretty social and this affects their ability to spread geographically. Here in the Pennines Red Kites fly in periodically, presumably from the reintroduced population in Harewood, which ain't a huge distance away, but they haven't bred successfully in the area AFAIK...
  4. And with a big dose of sentimentality and a largo tempo, it's...... Carrickfergus
  5. Sedbergh might be an idea as a base, particularly if she likes books-it's one of the UK's book towns. Lots of beautiful countryside within ninety minutes travelling.
  6. The cup win was a good day for Huddersfield supporters. IIC, one of the Keighley players made the mistake of giving Dave King a dig early in the game and King responded with an excellent, physical performance.
  7. Graham Swale last seen driving a taxi for a living. He is said to have calmed down a bit.
  8. Keighley has some cracking Edwardian & Victorian architecture, but lacks the economic engines to drive legitimate prosperity forward currently. I have spent time there regularly in recent years.
  9. Brimstones don't seem to be as common in these parts so far. The coming days' winds and temperatures don't augur well for butterflies and other insects that have been on the wing in the last week.
  10. Without wanting to appear as a bit of an obsessive, I saw there was one reported a wee bit north of here yesterday, perhaps above the better part of Keighley, and it was heading further north.
  11. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/news/doyle-brothers-hold-unique-place-14801431
  12. Professional knowledge & experience old chap. I've always been good with my hands.
  13. On the one dorsum, yes, and on the other dorsum, no, but on the one palm..........
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