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  1. Lizard, what's wrong with the Fartown away shirt? Get with modern design and colours.
  2. Still plenty of berries out here in the sticks and plenty of insects about when it's not peeing it down.
  3. Bromwich did well to dislodge the ball and Jerry will no doubt be disappointed that he didn't keep control of it, but Hardaker's pass/timing made Bromwich's task easier.
  4. "To be fir, there's nothing wrong with giving one's home a spruce up." he opined.
  5. No straws being clutched at. It was a poorly timed pass. Small things matter in tight games.
  6. Verily. Hardaker showed a lack of composure and perhaps made Bromwich's mind up for him. Anyway, chance to do better on Saturday.
  7. There was a rumour that Saracens were going to splash out on him. With their resources they'll be disappointed to lose out.
  8. Cormorants are found well away from the sea where there is a food supply. Their feathers look great in sunlight, with a range of colours showing.
  9. That's your opinion, which is completely unprovable, but it was an example of the lack of fluidity in GB's game. The quality of the pass is something which should be regarded.
  10. Agreed. Jerry got some criticism from the pundits for not scoring but it was clear, even on first viewing, that the timing of the pass could have been better.
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