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  1. I don't know about 'bottling it.' but Hudds have been lacking in creativity all season and for longer. It's certainly not champagne rugby, rather a pale imitation of a common Aussie approach but without the necessary control, discipline and ruthlessness shown in the NRL. An important win though.
  2. I agree. Win or lose, show dignity, respect for others, self-respect and pride.
  3. Things we never expected, nor thought about:- Wilder Thing No references/puns to the Seconds Out pub to be made, given recent events involving Jim Breaks...........
  4. Mmm. A doorstep lender. Speke as you find.
  5. A good win for Yorkshire vs Notts today, although not a great day for Scarborough CC's income from the bars etc, with the game finishing early.
  6. It was certainly grim stuff to watch Martin. As you have posted, the lack of creativity is worrying and it seems to have become more marked in recent games. Playing Gaskell at fullback is understandable but it makes it harder for him to influence the attacking side. There is so little creativity it appears to make it easy for the opposing teams to defend. The low risk style of rugby got Fartown up the pitch to a certain extent but little time was spent in Cas' twenty and hardly any pressure applied. The nerves and lack of confidence were evident in the number and kind of mistakes made in the second half. The team lacks leaders and old heads who can influence the games sufficiently and consistently. Congratulations to Cas.
  7. What about Long Tongue Scrog Lane, or Upper Gaukroger?
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