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  1. Jon, is also something of a Milo O'Shea fan apparently.
  2. He's had a somewhat cheikad coaching career in RU but no doubt he'll handle his role with Lebanon with his customary class, charm and bonhomie.
  3. Jake has played at full back in a playoff game before.
  4. What an heroic man he was. Here's a link to some more information about him:- http://www.huddersfieldrlheritage.co.uk/Archive/Written/Players/Douglas_Clark.html
  5. The Giants indulging in a bit of a social media teasing.......... Anyway, they have played a McQueen breast of it:- Royalty
  6. Hudds will be making an announcement tomorrow am. It might be about next season's strip, the prizes for the Christmas draw, a new official mushy pea partner, or it could be about something else............
  7. The coaches seem to think there is mortar come from him. Hudds have some good young players and have given them opportunities in the last couple of years, so we'll see whether Ronan gets some time in the squad fairly regularly. I would guess he'll be blooded pretty gradually. Let's hear it for the Balbriggan Bull!
  8. Yes, it depends what the intent is with the marquee rules........
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