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  1. A few more details here.
  2. Hi All - just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone on the board who voted. Our Chairman has just confirmed that the Community Department won the full £25,000 grant!!!
  3. Thanks for the votes. Update here.
  4. We've broken the 10,000 mark with the help of a little Super League endorsement. Was great having the Vikings players down at our junior training sessions last night.
  5. Those going for funding over £1000 are interviewed by a panel of Aviva judges who have ultimate say in giving out the funding.
  6. Thanks all. I have it on good authority we're in the top 4 which is where we need to be to get into the final stage of the application. We'd really appreciate as many votes as possible to make sure we're not caught in this last week.
  7. Thanks both. Much appreciated.
  8. Hi All, Hoping you can all help get Cramlington Rockets over the line in our bid to win £25,000 funding from Aviva for our community department. All the details are shared in this article published on the RFL's website. Voting closes May 30th. Thanks in advance for the support.
  9. I haven't seen the incident but its quite clear to me that Mr Silverwood has seen the ball on the line and so has awarded a try. Not sure why he sent it to the video referee if he saw it but hey ho....
  10. Steve Mascord saying SL and Sky Sports are planning a joint venture to stream all non-televised matches. Link Would love to be able to watch Sunday afternoon Rugby League every week. Anybody heard anything more?
  11. Magic weekend 2015 tickets

    To do it in 10 mins from Central you need to change at Monument otherwise you'd end up going the scenic route round by the coast but you're right it is a huge plus. Personally I'd walk it and call in at the Town Wall and Tilleys on the way.
  12. The Golden Point

    Not really bothered if it's golden point or golden try as long as it is settled on the day. The players spend the whole season preparing for that one game, go through a hell of a lot in that final week and then the game itself. Its just not fair to ask them to do it again. Also the idea that it's deflating at the end when someone does score doesn't hold for me. I've never seen 100,000+ people more deflated than after the end of AFL GF on Saturday. I only flicked on to it by accident and got watching because it was a tense second half and then couldn't believe it at the end when it just finished a draw. The whole stadium went from fever pitch to a sombre hush in a split second. The only people that were happy were the administrators licking their lips at the thought of another 100,000 sell out.
  13. Stevo's 'he's got confidence in his own belief' has been my favourite bit of commentary tonight.
  14. Worlds ten best forwards

    Can't agree with Big Dave Taylor been the equal of Burgess. Agree he is an awesome impact player and his time playing stand off growing up certainly shows with some of his passing but he is no where near consistent enough. He might be able to pull off the spectacular occasionally but he doesn't lead the team on a weekly basis like Burgess does.
  15. Well done to all the players who picked up honours. Can't argue with any of those selections. I would say the Albert Goldthorpe Team would have the advantage over the Super League Dream Team despite there only been a few differences.