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  1. ...or what the club tells the announcer to announce!
  2. 795 was the crowd announced by the stadium announcer. I agree there didn't seem to be so many there.
  3. Steven put it on the site on Sunday and it's linked from the front page: https://dewsburyrams.co.uk/2019/05/05/home-tie-vs-lions-in-1895-cup/ It's not on the fixtures page yet because a date hasn't been agreed.
  4. Lee saw him play pre-season against York. If you missed it, you can watch him too: Lee is a professional coach who watches him train three times a week and I trust him to know whether or not he's good enough. The loan is a great opportunity for Tom, but put me on a wing outside Jason Tali against West Wales Raiders and I'd fancy my chances of getting over for a few. I hope he returns a better player and continues to develop.
  5. The Toulouse game is actually on a Saturday because all of their away games are. It's to do with their flights, I think.
  6. Every board on here is dying, by the way! That's not a reflection on the club, or even TotalRL, it's a reflection that more and more people prefer to use Facebook.
  7. But every home match so far this season, aside from the traditional Good Friday fixture, has been played on Sunday at 3.00pm.
  8. My role with the club at the moment is maintaining the 'back end' of the website and writing the odd match report for Steven to upload, so I can't comment on the media output and communication. I'm not involved at all with that. So I'm unsure about the ins and outs regarding loans and dual-reg... but I don't blame Lee at all for bringing them in. He came into the club very late after Neil eventually informed the club he couldn't continue. We were very far behind with recruitment for that reason, coupled with the fact that three of our best players from the past couple of years had left before he arrived. Most of the lads available to recruit who were within our budget weren't Championship standard. We've uncovered a gem in Tom Garratt (from Siddal), and Cameron Leeming and Andy Garbriel (both from Keighley in administration) have shown glimpses. I think Simon Brown and Jordan Andrade have proven useful acquisitions too, but we're overall very thin on Championship quality. His plans haven't been helped by the RFL's refusal to sanction a request to organise Reserves-grade matches outside of the formal league structure. That's made it very tough for us to develop the younger players we've brought in who, while not Championship quality, could be in years to come. Lee sees his players train three times a week and I trust him to know whether or not he has a 17 capable of competing in the Championship. It's clear that he doesn't think he has that at the moment, so if there are opportunities for him to strengthen externally then I expect him to do that. I don't expect him to name a squad that he doesn't think is good enough to win matches. Despite the positive start to the year, the objective this year has to be to survive. Lee deserves the chance to build a squad over a few years.
  9. Attendance was 993, which is 3% up on last year and actually the biggest crowd we've had against Swinton since 2005. I understand we sold out of the discounted tickets, although I think the club only made a small number available. I hope it's repeated.
  10. Prices are here and tickets are available to order on Sunday:
  11. Steady on! Pensioners pay less to sit down than a standard "Adult" does to stand up. The club has disabled viewing points at both ends of the ground, including an elevated spot in the North Stand accessible by lift, and carers are admitted free of charge.
  12. Did you appreciate the efforts of the players on Friday night? #SquadGoals from Dewsbury Rams enables fans to contribute to All Together 2018 through occasional online payments. Donors to #SquadGoals during the Super 8s will be entered into a prize draw to win a 2019 replica shirt. https://www.gofundme.com/squadgoals-2
  13. Highlights and full match video from Friday's win away at Sheffield Eagles are available to purchase now. https://dewsburyrams.co.uk/2018/09/02/video-sheffield-eagles-20-dewsbury-rams-30/
  14. Here's the incident in question:
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