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  1. Shame Danny Brough decided to declare himself for Scotland. Would have had a real shout given the injuries. My team would be:- 1. S Tomkins 2. Hall 3. Atkins 4. Gleeson 5. Goulding 6. Sinfield 7. Burrow 8. Morley 9. Clarke 10. Burgess 11. Ellis 12. J Tomkins 13. Sinfield 14. Lunt 15. Graham 16. Flanagan 17. Crabtree
  2. In fairness I dont think he was anticipating the likes of Eastmond, Tomkins and Myler emeging on the International scene so soon. I for one think he is one of the best half backs in SL but unfortunately for him we are blessed with a lot of quality players in his position.
  3. I think there should be a player of the year alongside the man of steel. With the POY going to the best player (this season Pat Richards) and MOS to someone like Morley or Peacock who constantly rack up big metres and tackles
  4. Is Super League currently broadcasted live in France? I think a second French team would attract more TV money from French Companys and in turn better sponsors. But unfortunatley there arent enough SL quality players in France to support 2 competetive teams. Maybe in 2015. I personally would like to see Widnes and Barrow added to SL in 2012 and expand to 16 teams. But again do we have enough SL quality players?
  5. Whilst i admire Alkers loyalty to the Reds, I cant help but think its a career wasted to a certain degree. He has won no major trophies nor played for GB. He also had to spend part of his prime in the Championship (or NL1 as it was). He had an opportunity to go to the NRL as well as Bradford when they were a dominant force. Im sure he will look back and regret these missed chances in years to come.
  6. Its ridiculous that it doesnt. Not that the RFL will let Fev in SL anyway.
  7. North West Conference Wigan Saints Widnes Warrington Salford Crusaders Barrow Leigh Yorkshire Conference Leeds Bradford Huddersfield Hull FC Hull KR Wakefield Tigers Halifax South Yorkshire Southern Conference Harlequins Catalans Tolouse New London Franchise South Wales Scorpions 3 French Elite Teams I think this is a better suggestion although the southern conference is far weaker than the others. Could play each team in own conference 3 times with top 2 from each progressing to play offs. This would make play offs anc CC more attractive as it would be the only time teams played each other from other conferences so fans would take a lot of interest. Could award trophies for winning conference. Far fetched I know especially Conference South and lack of quality players. Nevertheless a better proposal than PSTs
  8. Rugby League is far more advanced than it was in the 80s, those players would struggle to make chamipnship sides these days. Iv seen videos from the 80s and even early to mid 90s and the standard is way behind todays game. As for no RL players being soft i beg to differ, did you see Mark Calderwood in the derby biff? he cant fight for toffee.
  9. True. Personally i felt NL1 and NL2 was a more relevant name, I notice Union has also followed suit, their second teir is no known as the championship.
  10. To me the CC is a secondary comp to the SL. I think most players and coaches would rather win the latter although im not sure about the fans? One way to improve the Challeng cup would maybe be to have the winners play off against the GF winners for a place in the WCC? ALthough personally id like to see the minor premiers play for the WCC to put a greater emphasis on winning the league, although of course the GF winners would be deemed champs. Sorry to go off a topic a bit but it kind of all ties in together.
  11. Im not Australian and im not wrong the northern clubs broke away in 1895 under the banner Northern Rugby Football Union. The term Rugby League wasnt adopted until much later. Anyway all this is irrelevant most people worldwide think of rugby as rugby union. I dont see whats wrong with referring to our sport as Rugby League or RL for short and theirs as Rugby as they do in Australia. To me Rugby has stereotypes of posh, public schooled and dated. I for one like to think we are a pretty modern sport and out coaching methods are far more advanced than theirs. So why would we want to be tarred with the same brush as them?
  12. Who cares let them have the word rugby, in Oz even the league players, fans and commentators refer to RU as rugby and RL as football or league. At the end of the day they were the original format of the game so they have more right to the name rugby (the name of the southern town where the game originated) I for one couldnt care less if they hijacked the word.
  13. I see, could Joint Ventures not work over here with the likes of say Doncaster and Sheffield playing in the Championship as feeder teams to a South Yorkshire Franchise?
  14. Id love to see the competition expand to 16 teams as I feel there are a number of candidates outside SL with strong cases to be included. The only problem is there arent enough SL quality players to go around. However I feel the following clubs all have good enough fan bases and have good enough youth development set ups to warrant inclusion: Barrow: Stadium could be an issue, shame they cant get together with the other Cumbrian clubs to form a new franchise. Featherstone: Very close to Cas and Wakefield, could generate a lot of income from sale of land to build a new stadium without council funding. Widnes: Surely dead certs. Leading the way in terms of stadium and youth development. Great History. Halifax: The Shay looks great with the new stand, Im sure many old fans would return if the club got back into SL. seriously doubt the RFL is looking for an other franchise in West Yorks though. Would love to see a South Yorkshire side but dont think either Doncaster or Sheffield are anywhere near as stand alone clubs, merger? neither fans hate each other so may be feasible.
  15. Im not knocking the crusaders boys, im just saying its a game they should have expected to win so why do people feel the need to bull the welsh up. If it was a Wakefield or Bradford 16s team for instance there wouldnt have even been a thread for it.
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