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  1. i hope there is an highlights clip as it were nowt,just a late-ish flop when it looked like the swinton player was going to try get nearer line as he were only half tackled,hope the lads ok mind. the elbow on smeaton in tackle off knowles that touchie started to go pitch for was worse,ref waved him away and they went on to score.
  2. dont put mockers on it now.. am not too sure if its players thats said sod it come on or the coach or a bit a both, but lets be right were almost back to how we were a few years ago so long may it contiue for me.theres a lot a things a coach shouldent do but as done but hey ho were on the up so lets grab it while we can.UP THE DOGGIES AND ROLL ON BLACKPOOL.
  3. got to say hats off to everyone involved,went home very happy and saved cutting the grass monday. just a special mention for scotty cos i were thinking all night about those high swirling balls he were 100% under that really kept us on the right foot,great players for us.massive efforts all over the pitch. well done.UP THE DOGGIES.
  4. i really think we will kick on now and put some massive efforts in all round,no looking back.
  5. cracking game for sure, that were a batley of a long time ago with the will to get stuck in, plenty a sore bodys in morning and credit to the whole squad and the whole setup. now lets back that up.
  6. i doubt we have dud players thats for sure, i think its more motivation we need and just one more skilled gaffer who can aim us round the park,lets not forget that a lot of our lads have been at batley a while and have shown just how good they are on the right day,maybe 2 or 3 i would swop out and a season but as a squad we are better than what been shown on the pitch so only one person to aim blame at, anyways its a new dawn and a new day starting today with some good rugby,not even looking forward to this one if am honest but lets get behind the lads tonight and start as we mean to go on. otherwise its interviews tuesday..
  7. no slagging off from me fella were already doing it hard as a fan. been in worse states and pulled thru but it all just seems a waste a time,never been an incling as to change at the top so why try pick a newbie to take over as coach, we dont sack coachs.,i bet there will be a que for his job for sure as its cert you stay choose how rubbish you are, am told his moving up to BOD for next year anyways so he can help the new fella blend in. unless he gets a new stint after we win one more game.
  8. or ben :im ont telly thalor: forget ref its going to be a cracker for someones team
  9. or did it really take that much out the team against widnes that we couldent back it up week after, much more to this season and part a last too that will all come out in the wash, back to winning ways soon i hope.
  10. we need a naughty step rather than a 3 year learning curve.onwards n upwards.
  11. my heart would love to see a backlash against the rams and maybe a 34-22 win but i feel the players have simply had enough same as a few fans, but the way mr greenwood as them playing and the way he attracts some decent players within his short spell makes me think 38- 14 to dews.
  12. only thing we dodged was a big chunk a change for the club funds, moving on to next stumble.
  13. 7pm it is then,, cant wait.
  14. SPOT ON.to think whats gone on both on and off the pitch a guardian of this great club would a said enoughs enough 18 months ago. far too late now and we have gone back 5 years and will take a very good move or two from the BOD to get us back on track and bring those fans who have stayed away for a long long time now back to the club. and who i have to say were 100% correct in everything they said.
  15. outer limits voyage to bottom of the sea. avengers. on the bus's. fawlty towers.
  16. misguided for far too long.
  17. or last week was a oneoff way for the team to show us what they can do,roll on dews
  18. same as we always do,, DIDDLY...move on folks nothing to see here,laughing stock again after last weeks blip.
  19. i rest my case. dont worry crowds are up. cracking win v widnes that i put down to team saying come on lets win this for the fans,now back down to earth so lets find someone else to blame rather than the team.
  20. no he aint, and to be fair if kev had looked around the other threds there is plenty of praise for the game and the whole setup if he took time to read it, took me 3 days to get my voice back after that game and forum were down a week but once it were up and running again theres plenty of decent posts about a great win, lets not forget those who might be quiet are also absent from the games for some reason and have been for a long time.
  21. spot on.and winning run were on the back of a 10 streak a loss's, not to worry stick with it were almost round the corner now.
  22. my word.remind me to pat him on the back when i get chance, i cant help but think the TEAM won that game. and the season up to that point and the way fans left in droves kinda sticks in the throat for me but i dont blame team just the gaffer, if we win a couple more then maybe i will be first to say well done, but come on for gods sake it wouldent a been so much of a massive win a couple a years back, now if we need to bull diskin up like kev seems to think that might just keep him in his job for a couple more years, that should be great for the club and the swelling of the crowds.well done mat fella your doing great and long may it continue..
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