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  1. Picking a new coach out the hat already,do players ever get blame,can you have too many players,when you look at list a players fev have theres gotta be sommat very wrong fans dont see.
  2. Go get em boys, what a season its been, and what makes it extra special is we aint had no legups from hull/rhinos/warrington/giants/ etc like a few squads have had over this past few games. take them players out and its a diffent ballgame and top 6, all done with a little squad a players playing as a team, cant make sunday as we have a lot our plate at the moment but will be glued to telly for sure, Well done the whole bod/coaching staff/fans/ thanks for a super 2022 and all the best for sunday,UP THE DOGGIES.
  3. AD-BLUE, Addative for some diesel cars to keep immisions down,(seperate small filler at side of diesel filler)it were £8.95 12 months since at most garages, cheapest near me is £19.99, for 10 liters, halfords £32.99. or £5 for a top up while you wait.
  4. GO the DOGGIES, am sure we have enough fire power to nick this, 26-18 to dogs, cant be there as barbs in pinders having more tests and scans done,she sat 11 hours waiting for a bed monday, will be getting tuned in to radio..anyone have the station i need please.
  5. Tom brisco too for me,always flips about on floor and push.s into marker rather than just play the ball,its worked well for him.
  6. Used to love going to old rochdale ground.stand outside bar near halfway to watch game, and come back couple a days later to see local legend super stu smith win everything in f1 stockcars, magic days a lifetime ago. new place- souless.
  7. Sure it were mentioned sunday that meadows is staying now.
  8. What if shoppings already been done? sammot and sherlock might a been a smoking gun. its not like we sing from the hilltops so we might all get a surprise, i did hope we had an headline of maybe keeping linners for another 3 years.
  9. Hard to build round sammut i would a thought,he never seems to settle for long, anyway why would we need him
  10. Bradfords aint shabby.. Dogs by 8.
  11. Get thi gannzy on its cold. tha pees like co op horse.
  12. Hope you save some boot sale £££ so you dont have to borrow all the players you did tonight, dont forget your bucket and spade for cornwall trip..
  13. A wins a win.. to be fair best dews players were giants loanees besides sykes who kicked us to death first half, i thought without leaky and benny we could a lost this one, but the boys dug deep and it were a great game, ref looked like mr bean and had a decent game too,
  14. I do miss that little emoji fella with his big pint glass a beer,
  15. (As individual clubs we will never be able to compete at the highest level (unless we have a benefactor ) We aint done too bad,some great rugby been played this past few seasons,one hell of a squad a players on show this time round, a win at fev and a 3rd place at one point,not sure how higher we could go, as for dews i would a thought with their income streams they should have had a bit more quality players and coach this past few years, a sad time am sure for the fans, hope they bounce back for 2024.
  16. same source that mentioned gilly and linners as a pair or nothing.. if we listened to all these people we might only have jc,leaky, brownie and manu for 2023..
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