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  1. You were only after the beer tokens.. have you started playing golf??
  2. But we must be in a decent position anyway on the re/signings, better than losing half a dozen like it the past,we must be in for an even better 2022 with the players jelling even more by staying here at the dogs, couple more big lads will help but i for one am very happy,look forward to seeing a couple of new faces for boxing day maybe. how the hell folks can beef after season we have just had is bonkers.
  3. Fantastic. A great way to kick on from this wonderfull season with a talant like that, and what a way to back our coach too.cracking job by all concerned and i for one cant wait for 2022 season.. well done those who make things happen.
  4. Yep. good call.also a mention for the sponsers and fans too,without them none a this would happen. i hope more will get onboard for 2022 and keep us at top end a the league, been fantastic this season, so well done all involved.UP THE DOGGIES.
  5. No, But have seen it happen many a time,i reckon you have too. May best team win.
  6. Fev for me all day long,a strong side with plenty of raw power/biff will stop the flashy play after 30 minutes or so. a rough tough game with everything on the line that will see fev come out on top 34-20, i cant wait to see all the beefing even thou it will a been done correctly and best team will a won. a few aching bones sunday for sure .
  7. Hope your right,,can i come back if your not. it has a chance to be a classic and also a fantastic advert for the championship too, may the BEST team win.
  8. Fev will score more than 20,just hope its a fair game and no silly decisions/calls spoil game, Not sure who ref is but he needs to let the game flow,no stop start for sommat and nowt,Have got to go with FEV, Upset applecart fellas, 32-20. YORKSHIRE.
  9. Not far off.cracking game that had power and skills, i hope you go on to beat TO, thought welham had a blinding game,Well done fellas.
  10. Hope theres pop n crisps for the trip over. Have fun folks and am sure BATLEY will make the town proud/fans of em today,
  11. Fev will have far too much biff for Fax. Far too much same old same moves that see fax throw games away all season they could/should a won, 38- 12 to the Flatcappers.
  12. Nice one, Well done craig and all those in making this season a wonderfull one.
  13. Billionair. great tv and grabs hold of your remote.Love it.
  14. Because he were sat at home thinking>>>> if only. while counting fans. It were good to see many fans from other clubs having a nice game day out.
  15. What an adventure thou, were do we book?
  16. Pack your flask for a 15 hour drive...
  17. Things seem to be going well for us fans. well done on these signings and i reckon we will look even stronger for 2022 with so many players staying for another term.
  18. Batley by 14, we have had our couple a slipups and feel we are going to come good for this at right time,best squad we have had for years and if we get that quick play a ball that we need we will suprise a few folks come saturday. 32 . 18 to the doggies.
  19. yep,we were round back a sticks at first but had tickets for east stand seating, he had a saints shirt too, must a been to boot sale,its ok he kept fax shirt in his bag,lol.
  20. We had a batley fan on sunday with a fax shirt in his bag just incase we got a drubbing.strange but true..
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