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  1. well 16 teams or more are ready with a reserve grade,i used to love the thursday night games.
  2. i wish DR were binned at same time, i know the parent club will need the players for there own team/reserves, but whats to stop clubs not having enough players on the thursday but still send players out on DR for sunday, maybe also limit the loans to 2 players at any one time, lets get back to playing what we see on the day and not a team with 5 wigan lads in or 5 whinos, bin it.please.
  3. you forgot the buy a brick.and also buy a seat for life...bargain. on the up.
  4. those were the days my friend.
  5. but would your list be smaller if the players making basic errors had the benifit of been coached by a quality coach for 12 months,i can only think of a couple i would have swopped but their game as come on this past few months so who knows,lets not blame the players or the coach as the calls come from much higher that lay the foundations of each season.some wrong and very few right.
  6. could we end up with both thou to be honest its been done to death for over 2 years, many people you meet just cant be ######* with it all,action should a been taken a long long time back.
  7. if we were competitive i doubt we would be in bottom 3, we have a top 6 squad all day long with a stronger coaching setup. were not a patch on what we were a few years back.teams would fear coming to mount again with a duffy/littler/kear or carl harrison in charge,were done for now.
  8. yer probably right BSJ fella, we cant keep em all i suppose ,but my first choice a players to keep are in top a MOM list year after year. a decent coach seems to attract and keep players,2020 is looking bleak.
  9. yep, they said that when we lost 11 on trot. just another corner to turn. can we have faz n patch back please.
  10. total lack of ambition ,and a comitment to the players and fans for at least 2 years,damage is done so might just as well stay same old same for another 3 years.time for change as been and gone.
  11. i think we have been in trouble for a long time to be fair. change should have happened 2 years ago.
  12. bump. cant we make it sticky mods. anyways great job so far wardy lad, hope you make it to £3k or more fella, we all have someone whos been hit with the big c so lets chip in for something so positive and needed to maybe do a bit a good for someone along the way. well in wardy.
  13. yer, but just not on game day. maybe grab him an hotdog van.
  14. batley v leigh final.. cant wait. who would a thought it.
  15. joufrett. dicko' scotty. well done boys.
  16. its all in the rules so leave em to it,had to laugh at all the "we hate cas rubbish" for yonks then its sound when mitch clark rocked up. got to admit whoevers on the ball at fev gets some cracking players in for a few games, hell we couldent get holmes or furgeson and were DL with giants.
  17. well in boys,, same again sunday. good win that as york aint no mugs.
  18. its a farce,when some teams MOM threds are full a players of DR.not players getting fit for SL just out and out top a the game players, some top 20 point scorers are including 13 DR players. take em out and its a different table all day long, i know we use the DR and i hate it, what we had anyways in the way a DR one player and 4 loans. should be capped at 3 players only at any one time as a months loan deal.
  19. its not sour grapes at all. you might win but you said that when fev turned up with 14 players and they spanked yer rear. anyway the idea of a canadian team coming over would be fantastic, and i love the world cup games so if i booked a ticket for a PNG game and sheffield came rocking out changing rooms i would be off home,bring in half a dozen locals or even some ex gridiron players that were mentioned 3 years ago. who were going to be very strong for us mere league players to handle and i would be buying tickets no probs at all.
  20. all thats fair enough,BUT, its only £$££$$ thats rebranded a squad of players from ex leigh/salford, they aint canadian. a tin a spam aint corned beef its spam,what happens when the big money men have had enough in say 10 years and the likes of maybe toronto/new york/ottawa and another 3 or 4 teams that have been mentioned take the place of HKR/WAKEY/SALFORD/ maybe take the chance of a fev or fax getting to the top too,weres that leave us if they cant make it back once the damage is done.
  21. we will take russell and leutele no probs, and give you ward and brown. as for all this canadian tosh only thing canadian is the dollars in the players pockets, you see our lads play for the shirt and a few ££. i love it when the TWP fans come waving the flags from york/hebdon bridge/bridlington.
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