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  1. You would have some bonny looking cardboard cutouts if you go down that route.
  2. What a waste of a wagepacket.do toronto really work from a list of rejects.they have let better players go home.
  3. Just got thru 6 hours of GOMMORRAH, brilliant . thought it would be hard work with sub titles but am hooked.10 outa 10 from me all day long. back to it.
  4. Am(rattlin) readay for some games and up and down wont matter to us.would be good to see whats happening if fev carry on win all the games left.to close the door now with some teams not even worthy of the top table is crackers, 0-6 for one.
  5. Tha Thai driver pitted for fresh tyres, unlike the two Mercedes’ in front of him, and immediately upon the restart he attacked as they went side-by-side through Turn Four. As Albon looked to have swept round the outside of the six-time champion, Hamilton ran wide and his left-front tyre hit the right-rear of Albon’s Red Bull, spinning him off the track and eventually into retirement. he ran wide as is car was naff on worn tyres and dident want to look a fool been passed on the outside,anyone thats done a few laps in anger on any track know this is a pi** take,so on the top a the pile driver its even worse.
  6. you need to check out onboard at the time,he deffo does a turn left but the skill these drivers have they can throw a car into a corner and make it look like its the cars fault, he got it wrong and other cars dident go that wide at all,its no big deal that his car was not 100% but lewis makes up for it in skill,but am sorry he got that wrong and if it were the other way round he would have gone crazy,hell he were already beefing that bottas were useing more kerb than him,banger driving.
  7. naaa, he knew just what he were doing,his car wernt spot on other wise albon wouldent have got near, to be fair lewis is better than that and if he had taken a better line(in steady out faster) he would have drag raced back to the front, you can see on the replay he took double the width of his car to stop albon making him look bad.once hes in contact you even see him give a little left nudge with steering wheel to say have that, like i said lewis as skill to burn but the car was getting hot and only performs when its in clean air at front of a race,stewards know whats what and took no time to dock him,am sure he will be back at the front next week.
  8. i think the stewards got it right,hamilton dident want to be shown up getting passed on outside,took far too much speed into the corner as he knew albon was at side and his nose was in front,great race and cant wait for next week,whats odds on some kerbs getting shaved all week.them sensors cant take been bashed about. yellow flags and pace car is needed every 15 laps..lol.
  9. i think lando should have got the ferrari stint.he sure put some good drives in so far. talk of jason plato i can remember him rubbing with a mr rob speak in ascars when rockingham opened up on the large oval, he picked on wrong fella for sure. if you have a spare hour try utube >>> rob speak the legend, and for support formula try national ministox. kids aged from 10 thru to 16,lots of top drivers came thru this route and have gone on to be top drivers all over the world,and the top drivers start at back and have to work thru to the front to score points/wins.we did ten years with both my lads getting up to superstar grade.
  10. Someone needs to get the message out to stop fumbling with masks,pulling them down to talk or have a fag is madness,all these pubs packed to rafters and thousands handling the masks for every swigg of ale or munch on some chips,we were told at the start to try not mess with them or its a waste of time wearing one. i cant wait for sky news tonight...all hard work done for months detroyed in days for sake of some beer.are glass collectors in hazmatt suits.
  11. cheers,have got some old ones with jacko on..lol. i just thought if anyone still goes up to mount to jobs they could sling some in an envelope until were back at the games,that might be a while.
  12. just need a bit of help is anyones still working up at mount. i could do with a few stickers as have treated myself to a little motorhome,soon as this virus is over am away on a long tour overseas,so i need the long batley bulldogs bottom a window/the who let the dogs out rugby ball.those older square orange ones,the newer modern logo bulldogs head one and owt else that have missed.let us know and i can send some \£££ and an address,, many thanks.
  13. love the market in bury,and the farmers markets brill in skipton and a nice drive out too,do like a wander round whitby and a run up to saltburn pier is super.ossett is a real nice place on a friday,and my all time bestist is barnsley cos its ace,upstairs cafes with dinners made by old colliery womenand school dinner ladys.and another good little place to wander round is halifax town center/market,
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