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  1. awful news, my thoughts go out to his family at this tragic time. rip fella.
  2. onwards n upwards. what a waste of yet another season, would a been great to have brought in a top coach to just show how good these lads are cos we all know they are far better than whats been showed, you cant play like we did v fax and be pap rest a year.too late now damage is done.
  3. you dont need to ask players,i know a few who reckon hes pap and have said for years before he came to us,but lets look at some a the quality players who looked better before they came here,or even how well those that left have kicked on with the game in enjoyment and looking good again, for me its the 0 against bulls, and the fact we should be at wembley or at least a put a fight up,but to not even score a try in such an important game for the history and what it would a ment for fans and a day out we never see again.he failed in all departments for me, we have to get away from one a the lads and nights on lash,have fun as a squad all day long but lets get a bit a fighting spirit back on the pitch first and make the mount a place teams dred coming to,lets get back to looking forward to a fev or fax game without wandering how many start we need, funs been gone a while now so for gods sake bod please get us back on track and stand by the fans for once not someone who aint up to the job from day one.i aint going thru same old same next year thats for sure.
  4. well that should bring the fans rolling in for 2020.kinda makes sense now as to why so many players aint signed on the dotted line. 1 outa 10 for ambition.
  5. cant blame the lad at all,he wont be on his own moving on for sure.all the best.
  6. doubt you will upset any of us graham fella after past few months, whats done is done am only hoping someone takes responsability for were we are at this moment in time,
  7. i think were saving up our budget.for the big push from L1.
  8. but come back refreshed and pals again,
  9. lizzy jones would a been fine for me, or even adam foggarty.
  10. its only another blip.stick with it guys.
  11. cant we lock him out for dews game,bring in stozza or wardy for a couple a games or conway.
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