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  1. and a real collar too looks smarter.
  2. i doubt at the time the rfl bought the lease to help keep bulls afloat back then, that it would now be empty and bulls had left the place high and dry.? what would have happened if rfl had said cobblers.
  3. Cant see why not but we will no doubt find out, But i do think we will have plenty to offer on game days with the restrictions players have had past few seasons been in wrong posistions/waterboys/ just not getting along for one reason or another, So time to repay us fans, A fresh start with new setup,best players kept on and a few fresh faces to boost us for 2020,and also maybe another couple a players coming in, i do think we will come out guns blazing and plenty to prove this coming season as to what could a been if given right direction.. UP THE DOGGIES.
  4. just giant scale electrics that sound strange, for driving skills stick >> brisca f1 in utube.
  5. those were the days my friend... same again please for 2020.
  6. i always looked on it as a quid to sit down and grab a carpet square for nowt,,,
  7. make a few more pages with ex fev players who have stayed were they are.. flanny for one.
  8. needs the not enough changing now to. PLENTY.
  9. well thats brightened up my day stuck trying to sort kitchen out,fantastic signing and will mean just as much to us dog fans as SBW to toronto. thanks to everyone involved.
  10. i hope thats a fact graham or hawkeyed will have yer stood in naughty corner..
  11. who would they be???partners that is as i must a missed the info,some decent players moving about around us for sure.
  12. well i managed to get to see the irshman last night in wakefield,not showing at the odeons and ciniworlds but found it in ridings(reel cinema) great film with some stunning filmwork and digital ageing back and forth thruout. a bit too much courtroom politics with hoffa rather than clipping scenes, a bit drawn out over 3 n half hours but well worth it. best cinema seats have ever sat in too with no need to shuffle about all the time. big coke and popcorn for a fiver,and 25% off your supper in the grill next door too if you take your cinema ticket, whats not to like, (try spot the mistake when he reverses out of his driveway in a blue 57 dodge royal,and pulls away forward in same shot in a very dark green lincoln continental.) not in same league at scarface or godfather, more a tame goodfellas.
  13. brilliant. well smart and sommat else other clubs can learn from fev. getting them on sale so you can all look smart at crimbo.
  14. got to admit plenty seems to be going on around us, am away in morning on hols and would a loved a nice new shirt but will wait until christmas??, any news on who were DR with or have we binned it at last,season tickets??? our new 9 who we kept a secret(did he move on elsewere) mushrooms unless we all twitter n face ache. up the DOGGIES.
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