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  1. Go on you know you want to, Simply Brilliant,>>>>> Rosie Molloy gives up everything. Sheridan smith at her best by far. hard hitting comedy??
  2. yep.go for it rog, copy and paste 22 year link into 23 page once your up and running with it,
  3. any news no blakey,?? have not been around for a few weeks so catching up with things, barbs not good and been in and out of hospital for lots a tests,shes on some sort a steroids for 3 months then back in. Merry christmas folks.
  4. Vossy >> Best thing in local newspaper, fish n chips.. we dont need wobbly paul and jjb,or jiffy and jp.old hat and get boring.
  5. A fella doing his kitchen up,detects under foundations and finds silver and gold coins worth £750.000. try ellerby gold coins find. or log in to the forum one guy on his first outing finds biggest gold coin ever thats going to auction soon.
  6. They might have fun in the land around the auction bought house, https://www.metaldetectingforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=142756
  7. i missed this first time round, only caught up with it a few months back, really grabbed me big time, hooked for sure and a great bit a tv, 2 new garretts/300ace and a 400i,pointers/diggers,testing gear and electrosis kit, anyone who aint seen this is missing some fantastic tv and the chance to do the same yourself, fresh air,long walks and bits a treasure too after many bottle tops, found 2 bullets,a 1894 farthing 1902 penny,an old corgi van, great hobby for sure.
  8. Bring us a stick a rock back rog,, or a bottle a ron miel will do..have a nice time.
  9. word on terraces a couple a months back was widnes wouldent take gilly without linners in the deal too,,i said it were a load a cobblers back then, have we shouted from the rooftops linners is here for 2023/4?
  10. i were thinking of our opposition,PD, not us, think of the teams we have met this year who had top players drop into the squad that made one hell of a difference, take them out and its a different kettle a fish in the whole table. i wish someone would compile a list a players who have been on loan this season, not young players trying to gain skills but top quality players who are hand picked for slots in many squads.
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