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  1. You might be right graham fella, But the best thing about this seasons players is they can lift the game a bit if its looking tough,if we click and get on a roll we look great and play some cracking rugby, i have a good feeling about these last few games. UP THE DOGGIES.
  2. Us by plenty if we play like second half at dews.we were on fire and could have had over 50 with a little more thought near the line. 44-20 to the doggies.
  3. We did however have a few other problems at the time.
  4. And think how bad it would be if they dident lay all over us in the tackle,you have that one down to a T, not sure on wozza,i think you need wagga.
  5. Looking forward to this one,always shows were we are at with our derbys so who knows,i hope we have a couple a key players back for this one, am going 22-30 to dogs. is bar open???? at back a southstand.
  6. I were shouting at telly,"hes getting 12 month ban for that", they must a been rehearsing that a while, i liked the player kayaking too after he scored.
  7. Just caught up with a couple of games via highlights shows, the 15 minute shows are a poor advert for the game really when the adverts are taken off its a 10 minute slot at best, it seems unfair to the women who make some good games happen,
  8. Am looking forward to a decent game with plenty a skills involved,maybe some biff n bash,am sure our boys will be showing why its a tough place to come to again up at the mount, a nice pint a tommos will do too, UP THE DOGGIES. as for later in the day, a sterling effort will do and 2-1 to us. my mate had £50 on italy from start at a very decent price too.
  9. Is it too late for a swop rog..
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