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  1. Or try a few weeks on my pension...get some mucky fat down em.
  2. nope,am still invalid too.
  3. you should have time to wittle a nice deerhorn handle.
  4. yep. i were looking forward to military tattoo this year as i were very ill last year and struggled up all them steps. have just been out to chemist for my wifes medication and the number of people waiting outside screwfix and folks coming out with baths and boilers as thou nowts going on at all, long que(no gaps) at an old transit bacon butty van that you wouldent eat from if it were last place on earth.
  5. Well clay pigeon clubs in full force past few morning nr raindeer pub,starts at 8am with a few 12 gauges going off. GO HOME...
  6. had have to fit in baz, jd and wardy in somehow. even a scotty from 3 years ago.preecie.plenty missing, dom were class in his time and how we really missed patch when he wernt around, and faz dont even go there he were massive for us.
  7. BBC, lost lives, is one the most powerfull hours tv have ever sat thru in a lot a years,
  8. STILL naff, tried for an hour,have had same email address for 30 years,same password too,have tried changing password but it then dont register email, have enen tried as a new customer with other hafs details and still diddly.
  9. Come back stronger hey,,, that old nutmeg, i think once that first win comes you will be fine to stay up but you need a clearout for 2021 that a cert. i do think this seasons done and its just stating to get a bit scarey up here in the hills fella, were told tonight of 2 people very ill and a mile away from us. stay safe for now,, its only a game show.
  10. YEP, plenty out in our little off the grid complex making some noise and even some fireworks. the ones that dident aint coming to the street party when this is all over thats for sure.keep safe folks.
  11. Tommy/john gallagher. wayne/mark fortiss. george/johnny mack. paul/brenndon cummins. jamie/matty stokes.
  12. nope, i were more into the noise of f1 stockcars while steven were polishing his balls, he had bags a balls all over house, my wife made some giant spider out a some of his old ones for garden ornaments, steven were a real nice quite fella and had one hell of a sendoff at lower hopton club.
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