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  1. Bring back silverwood,he dident take no nonsense,and it would get leeds off to a good start too. a few ex traffic wardens on here could do a decent job too for sure.
  2. dig deep.its all looking good.plenty of folks helping with the workload. Further update from @Higgi29 - We are getting very close to our £8,000 target so thank you all again. Please keep sharing and lets see if we can hit the magic £10,000
  3. i think we might get a supprise as to how well some players go with the layoff/rest.and maybe will be in for a shock as to how some might a gone down hill without gametime, as for attendance, am in flat over road for a while if that counts.22- 16 to Doggies.
  4. have we a list of the 28,rog as 26 on his 21 team sheet,and main bulldogs players list as 23 with 4 thats not here anymore so 19.??
  5. Am sure that big bag a TWP free beer tokens must be worth sommat for next up and coming team to dish out . easy way to top up the crowds,but not make enough to pay your bills.
  6. i noticed you have to be on faceache or twatter to get to know owt.
  7. i thought they asked to not have any $$$£$ help to get in the door so hardly deprived,because of the sponser/owner/backer with lots of dosh,and as probably done damage to other clubs needing backing/sponsership if they then get stiffed for bundles of £$ with unpaid wages and bills.
  8. Charlie dont surf. must a seen this a dozen times and its still brill.
  9. Will full squad be up on main forum before kickoff, we still have players up who aint here anymore and new lads missing,i aint too fussed but any new folks might want to check on our team page for all the lads in plendor.
  10. Parboiled for 10 minutes,drain and add to a large dish,pour over some warm fats/goodness from the roast that should have had an or more by now, then plenty of salt and groundg black pepper,a couple of teaspoons of the veg seasoning from spice area in most supermarkets,i get a few from m&s and put them in a jar, give it all a shake about and throw them in with the joint for last hour,or seperate dish if you aint got room, best raosters you will ever taste.
  11. Just managed the whole season 1 of >>> true detective.Fantastic, with performances by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. now for 2,3 and 4.
  12. one thing eagles always have that works well is TUBBY, great coach who wont be letting them go down.
  13. One things for sure, the gays have come accross(worked with) over the years sure dont skip around and need helping with any problems,they dont make a big deal out of nothing and simply want to blend in and crack on with things, tough as can be thats for sure, one showgirl/boy sorted half a dozen drunks out in funnygirls after rubbish comments for half an hour.
  14. Think Fev will be top by a mile,thats one hell of a squad they have and once the get into a stride aint no stopping them,might be one or two nailbiters along the way but they have the tough hardened players to get them over the line in last 15 minutes.cant wait to get to see some live games,ps, doubt eagles will be down were you have them,i reckon up near fax and bulls.
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