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  1. aint no snowflake but i do think gary did well with what we had at the time,and rate him well above what we just got rid of by a mile. a snowflake would be happy in the bottom 4 every year/
  2. to be fair i were in cas this morning first thing and everyone were so polite,have never heard morning so many times in market/cafe/bank, always liked ossett/pontefract, and barnsley is ace for shopping, compared to say dewsbury thats gone down the pan past few years.
  3. bet hes got a decent kicking game or have we missed out......................again.
  4. wish they would do away with DR,not sure if we even used it other than russell for 2 games,think others were loans, limit loans to 2 and get rid a DR,
  5. desire and ambition as to start and come from the top too, will take a while for fans who have been missing to get back into the swing a things, last 3 years as knocked the stuffing out a few me thinks. like tom says get season tickets up and new shirts and lets crack on with job,
  6. thought we had got rid,not brought it back to top a page. onwards n upwards not backwards.
  7. donovan..> hurdy gurdy man/ and the kinks. t rex were my fav back in the day.still got every record.
  8. thought it were a great game a rugby played tough, a lot a talant on show too and the cas 9 peach can come support leaky at our place all day long,she controled everything for the 80, bet theres a few sore bones this morning but love to know how many tuned in to see that game.stand proud.
  9. reading a few posts from bsj dont yer know...
  10. put my own socks on. pee stood up. sink a dozen pints and a lamb tikka jalfrazi.
  11. This really is a bargain basement operation, isn't it? FFS. come on,its far from the finished article yet so we cant knock it before a balls been thrown in anger. i know i knocked some a stuff we have done past couple a years ,but i do think 2020 will be a lot better. lets get behind the boys and see whats to come.
  12. and also 64 -0 to fev,am all for these so called earlie mistakes as every coach gets things wrong to start with, but we were making same mistakes when he had a few weeks left, the sheffield game were we had a chance to go to wembly the lads looked like they dident even want to be on the pitch.i said all season we were better than what we showed and the fax game proved we had sommat inside if required, to go 10 on the trot and not change anything on the pitch was mental.how many times were some of our best lads waterboys and not injured if you talk to those players after the game, we dont sack coach's so it were a case of "stick with it guys we will turn a corner" 3 years later we were years behind what we should a been, and fans dont think we should be in top 6 every year but with the squad we had/have we should be better than we have done,and why the hell cant we match york or sheffield. anyways all the best and i hope things work out ok with a fresh face in control for 2020.
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