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  1. yep,an happy wife gets you an happy life. and to be fair some had it hard past couple a seasons with not much to cheer about.just shows we do get a lot right up at the mount with it been a real family club. and are only a couple a players off been ready for anyone.heres to a great 2020.
  2. Can i just mention that anyone thinking of giving COBRA a look. dont bother its naff.
  3. to be right like someones said the giants players were up to grab a 1st team shirt if one comes up so looked good and would beat many championship team, holmes is a player to build a team round and i wish we could have had a whip round for him, for us the same players doing the right things at the right times and an handfull looking like they dont want to be here and the tackling by some wouldent get you playing up park, some need to look at themselves big time, not sure what diskins got to do with things as he had better players to pick from by looks a things but i do think its going to be tough at the bottom for 2020.we need to get rid of an handfull a deadwood and replace them with 2 or 3 quality players.
  4. Rhino fans coming to dews for a game,headinglys not known for car parking last time i went.I still think championships a better game anyway by far.
  5. and dont forget some handy parking at tetleys too.
  6. Kevin costner (dances with wolves theme music) Field of dreams. by john barry.
  7. i cant wait,some real mouthwatering games to come for sure, just dont blame ref if it dont work out every week guys, i used to
  8. missed tackles all over the park, 3 men in one tackle and still ball came out for em to score,far too much one arm stuck out attempts at tackles for me, i will check the highlights as it might be my new giggs, same handfull doing the right tackles and making yards too. take 3 or 4 out of our squad who do the right things and we would be well stuffed. like i said its not long ago our place was a fortress in defence.
  9. i thought we looked to have gone backwards in the tackling department. maybe fit some legs to tackle bags for a while, wernt that long since our ruthless defence won us games, we need a couple a players who can spark things into life on the park and make things happen, at least 5 players we shouldent even be wasting £££ on.
  10. if we dont get a couple more bodys it will be true,and get some legs on tackle bags too, i fancy bradford for better than 9th, and fev to go up for 2021.
  11. have not still got the box,its a red and white bottle(pure) and am told its now on amazon.takes a few days to work 100% but i can now do long walks/gardening and even an hour in gym now and again. if i miss a couple a days i know about it,am told its also for sale at (wakefield super health direct)
  12. bit late on updates for players photos on main forum too. the meet the players still as sam,dom and tom amongst a few others for 2020.
  13. what mark said,have had ostioarthritus for 25 years and last few winters have been agony,i tried a few different cbd oils that seemed thin and did nothing but leave a nasty taste, i had given up but was told about the one i use now and its brill, one drop with a cuppa around 10pm and i have no pain at all night and all next day,no after effects and 100% natural from usa.
  14. Got to be on the ball to grab decent loan players and then DR wouldent be needed,Good work from fev to grab worthington off toronto for 9 games.some decent players going out on loan even from clubs with reserves to be met too.
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