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  1. Sleeplessness

    I totally agree with West. I have an MP3 player and listen to an audiobook. I cut the books into 3 minute segments and take note of the segment number (or bookmark it) before I start. Even though I tend to listen to thrillers, I'll be asleep inside of playing a couple of segments, as you get engrossed in the book and all of the nagging gremlins that are keeping you awake disappear. The downside is that it keeps playing so you'll surface briefly and you have to turn it off. For me it works better that chloroform. It also totally disproves 'subliminal learning' as once you do go to the land of Nod, you won't remember a thing about what has happened in the book when you're asleep.
  2. I really like 'Sound of Silence' by Simon & Garfunkel, but my brother told me about a cover of it, made by the heavy rock group 'Disturbed'. For some reason there's a 10 second delay in the intro but I think that it's certainly worth listening to.
  3. Goodbye, Mr Chips. (1939) Sergeant York Inherit The Wind 1960. (Spencer Tracy) The Manchurian Candidate (1962) Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid Galaxy Quest Longitude. (TV Film) A Simple Twist of Fate. (Steve Martin's version of Silas Marner) To Be Or Not To Be (1983) The Martian (2015) A Christmas Carol (with George C Scott)
  4. Grammar Police

    My dad, who was from the south (Sarf?), used to wince when he heard someone say "where's it at"? He always said that this is a northern phrase.
  5. Radio thread

    In the 70's, I used to enjoy "The Adrian Juste Show". He spliced comedy punch lines into his dialogue with really funny results.. I'd love to hear some again.
  6. 10% pay rise for MPs

    Yes, ckn freely chose to change his job, hopefully, fully aware of what his remuneration would be. As did all of the MP's, especially his overall boss, The Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt, (no, that's not cockney rhyming slang).
  7. 10% pay rise for MPs

    Frozen for many years eh? Let's have a look shall we? a quick check shows that in 2005, an MP's basic pay was £59,095.00. This rose to £67.060 in 2014. (that's an increase of £7,965.00). It is now going up to 74,000.00! This is an increase of £6940.00 in one year or £14905.00 increase in 10 years!! I'd wager that ckn would exchange his guaranteed 1% rise for a pay freeze like that! Remember, there are no changes to hours worked, productivity, conditions etc. No negotiating. This is just extra money- plain and simple. They can even abstain from voting, which to me is their raison d'etre. I know they may work in their surgeries to help constituents, but a lot of this could be done by solicitors or even Citizens Advice. Only MP's can vote to change the laws of the land. Their whole purpose is to vote, not abstain! How many of the people visiting this site can refuse to do a job simply because they don't want to do it? I would argue that when they abstain it is because they agree with the proposed motion but do not want to go against their party's opposition to it. Instead of giving them a pay rise, I would propose that they are paid pro rata on the amount of votes they cast - Yea or Nay. No abstentions allowed! If there are 100 votes that year and an MP only votes in 85 of them, he/ she only gets 85% of their salary. I would also ban pairing. No vote - no pay. Now, that would increase productivity! No more pictures of the almost empty chamber on a Friday afternoon, when a vote is being cast. We would have a packed house every day! I also challenge JonM's assertion that higher pay will attract better MP's. At the present £6700 it is considerably higher that a lot of professions make. Only head teachers in education get anywhere near that, certainly not most at the "chalk face". The same with nurses. JonM mentions doctors. How many doctors on £100,000 per annum does he think sat bolt upright in their chairs when the saw that an MP's wage was increasing from the derisory £67,000 to the mouth-watering £74,000? "Mabel, I'm changing my job. No more medicine foe me, I'm going to be an MP. Let the good times roll"
  8. 10% pay rise for MPs

    I'll bite back if I may? On your first point, electronic engineers and computer programmers have to earn qualifications to achieve their respective positions and salary, MP's do not. Quote, "This is for an enjoyable, relatively safe & stress-free Mon-Fri 9-5 job". Unquote. By "safe" do you mean not dangerous or do you mean secure? If you mean dangerous, then MP's are quite well guarded and I can't remember an MP being injured in the line of duty. If you mean job security then MP's win this hands down. With the introduction of fixed term parliaments. MP's cannot be sacked/ -dismissed for almost any reason, including theft, (unless imprisoned for more than 1 year), incompetence, non-attendance of parliament, (again, unless for more than 1year), changing political sides during a parliament, (flouting the will of the electorate who gave them a majority). There can't be many electronic engineers and computer programmers who will keep their job, guaranteed for 5 years, if they only show up for 1 day a year! When the part of the job description is to meet "random nutters", I think that wouldn't be too different from the average day of the "sensible doctor, solicitor, accountant or any other middle-class professional" you cite. IMHO most MP's actively court the press and the media, and yes, newspapers and TV do look out for hypocrisy, and "Do as I say, not as I do" Will be reported! The terms and conditions of employment are not secret so hopefully, prospective MP's should have a decent idea of the earning potential of the job. Not forgetting all of those that continue to work in their old job as well as securing part-time positions on the boards of large companies. Finally, I think it would be interesting to find out how many MP's of the 650 took a pay cut and how many got an increase in salary to become MP's. All I can say is very few quit after 1 or 2 terms of office and most do so after they've got the 20 years service in to gat a FULL pension. How many of the professions stated by JohnM, or indeed any other jobs offer a full pension after only 20 years service?
  9. Obituary Corner

    Marcia Wallace who voiced Edna Krabapple (Bart's teacher) in The Simpsons
  10. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I'm the same. My only concern is that the doctor only gave me enough tablets to last a week!!
  11. £430,000 for hurt feelings? I bet the maimed servicemen returning from Afghanistan think that this is fair! Any ridicule he received, (and hopefully, is still receiving), is totally self-inflicted! It is said that he could have been promoted to sergeant, which is pure supposition. His behaviour in this incident indicates that he is not made from higher-officer material. He left the police service voluntarily, so his pension should not be available to him until his state pension is due. You reap what you sow!!
  12. HS2

    I've just looked at a HS2 website and it reckons that it will knock a whole 44 minutes off the journey time from Preston to London. That's £45 billion to save 44 minutes. I think I'll start saving for the fare now!
  13. HS2

    A trip from Preston to Euston takes between 2.5 to 3 hours today. The vast majority of HS2 users would be businessmen / women who would travel first class on the existing railway, and can work on the train. We'd be spending £45 billion to shave about one hour off the journey. That's £45 billion so they can do the same work in an office for an hour, instead of doing the work on a train. The money should be spent on lengthening station platforms and adding more carriages.
  14. One of my favourite car stickers is, "So many cats, so few recipes"!
  15. Spoiler Alert!!! William wins!