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  1. geoffcooke

    RFL funding criteria

    The RFL intend funding for Championship 1 clubs to change in 2019 and on into 2020 & 2021. I am concerned that baseline central funding will be reduced year on year to be replaced by other (somewhat nebulous) criteria. Clubs are obviously expected to increase their digital 'footprint' in various ways. Given the average age of fans (possibly 55+) many of whom may not be tech savvy this is a potential handicap for traditioal clubs like Oldham, Rochdale & Swinton. How many older fans want to spend their time on websites, facebook, twitter, instagram et al? Further, signing up to our league ( anew digital platform) may look good, especially given its streaming of live games (currently free but an obvious candidate for subscription service in future) but our league is not administered by the RFL but by a private digital company which is clearly a data harvesting company. What guarantee do we have that the data we provide will not be misused or sold on to others? When the number of people signing up to our league and declaring themselves to be Oldham followers impacts on the future revenue of the club this comes close to a form of blackmail (give us your data or you don't get the money). Am I missing something or am I right to be concerned? Incidentally, I have signed up to our league myself. Would be interested to know what others think.
  2. geoffcooke

    History of Oldham Amateur District League

    On the subject of the local amateur scene the Oldham Amateur Rugby League Youth & Junior Cup Finals (part 1) are due to be staged at St. Annes on Sunday 2nd September. Details in the attachment. Cup Finals part 2 will be staged later (last few years in November).
  3. geoffcooke

    The RFL

    Anyone got any comments following yesterday's article in the Guardian (without getting libellous of course)? This showed that the pay-off to Nigel Wood on leaving the RFL will be £328,840. The accounts for 2017 show a loss of £2 million+ for the year. All non-executive directors have had a pay rise which includes £81,550 to Brian Barwick. Total remuneration for senior managers at the RFL went from £674k in 2016 to £905K in 2017 according to the figures seen by the Guardian. The report is due to go before the clubs next month but after it was leaked in the Guardian this was a hot topic on Twitter.
  4. geoffcooke

    Keighley in trouble once again.

    When I edited the Oldham RLFC programme in 1998 we used to invite a lot of guest writers. This piece from former Oldham Player, Keighley Coach and Great Britain Coach Phil Larder was written from the heart. It highlights for Keighley Cougars fans what might have been if there was justice in the world. Unfortunately, to this day RL continues to move the goalposts half way through a season. The latest ideas are yet another example after the much trumpeted 'every match matters, every minute matters' put in place under Blake Solly is about to be dismantled. The game never learns and leaves a trail of disillusion in its wake.
  5. geoffcooke

    Rugby Oldham

    Rugby Oldham now has a Facebook page with new items posted everyday. It's just an idea to bring back a few memories and, where posible, have a laugh via the incorrigible Iva Slateloose. You can pass comment freely (always assuming it's not malicious or obscene). So go and have a look.
  6. geoffcooke

    Club Timeline

    Love the timeline Dave. Terrific idea.
  7. geoffcooke

    Eric Fitzsimons R.I.P

    In remembrance of Fitz.
  8. geoffcooke

    Terry Flanagan - MBE

    Many congratulations to one of Oldham's finest. And to Brian & Natalie. Always nice to see recognition for RL stars.
  9. geoffcooke


    I fought hard against Super League and summer rugby back in 1995, attending meetings all over Lancs & Yorks to no avail. I still think both are a disaster. Counter-intuitively Sky money has done as much harm as good as it promotes a selfish attitude among the favoured few. Funny how in the USA (the least 'socialist' country you can think of) the NFL promotes an equal distribution of spoils with the result (along with the draft system) that you get a different Super Bowl Champion virtually every year. Can you imagine seeing Featherstone, Dewsbury, Swinton, Rochdale, Keighley or Oldham in the top league or walking out at Wembley? If not, what's the point of the competition?
  10. geoffcooke

    Rugby Oldham Presentations

    These competitions are unique in rugby league and help generate extra publicity for Oldham amateur football. Rugby Oldham are indebted to Mick Cocker at Jos. Parr (Alco) Ltd. for his generous sponsorship. Current tables for senior & junior competitions are attached. In the Man-of-Steel competition Ashley Dixon of Hollinwood (who have completed their fixtures) is the man to catch. RUGBY OLDHAM AMATEUR CLUB CHALLENGE - 2017-18.pdf RUGBY OLDHAM JUNIOR CLUB CHALLENGE - 2018.pdf
  11. geoffcooke

    Eric Fitzsimons R.I.P

    I always got on really well with Fitz. Very sorry to hear of his death. Oldham RU had done a lot to make him welcome in his last few years when he had dementia. A great servant to both codes of rugby and to Oldham schools RL (Failsworth school in particular). Will be sadly missed.
  12. geoffcooke

    Chris Hamilton going into hospital for heart surgery

    All at Rugby Oldham wish Chris all the best and hope for a speedy recovery. As Clifford says good health matters more than anything.
  13. geoffcooke

    Codebrakers - BBC documentary

    Just watched The Rugby Codebreakers: what a great progamme. Listening to the Welshmen describing the prejudice they faced back home was sickening. I'm proud of RL because all that matters is whether you're good enough. Lewis Jones and Johnnie Freeman were particular heroes of mine. That said, having gone to an RU playing school, when I played at Llanelli the people I met all wanted to know how well Lewis Jones was doing so perhaps not everyone shared the establishment view.
  14. geoffcooke

    Proposal put forward to cut SL to 10

    All the real money for rugby (tv rights, sponsorship money from national/international companies) goes to RU. RL can't rival Six Nations or Aviva Premiership etc. Best bet for the SL sides is to go back to 1894 and re-unite the two codes. The rest of us can go back to being semi-pro and compete on a level playing field under RL rules administered by people who really care about traditional values Just a thought.
  15. geoffcooke

    Junior Finals Day

    Sunday 5/11/17 provides a chance to see some of the emerging talent in Oldham. Saddleworth Rangers host this year's event and the new clubhouse will be open for foods and drinks. U12 ko is at 11am when Saddleworth play Waterhead (Sponsored by Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust) U13 ko at 12 noon St. Annes v Waterhead (Sponsored by Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust) U14 ko at 1.15 Saddleworth v St. Annes (Sponsored by Oldham RL Past Players Association) U15 ko at 2.30 St. Annes v Saddleworth (Sponsored by Oldham RL Past Players Association) All Man-of-the-Match trophies sponsored by Linda Mills of Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust in memory of her late husband David, a keen former RL enthusiast. Entry is a donation of £2 pp and is well worth the outlay. It's always a brilliant day and the boys love playing in front of a decent crowd!