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  1. Codebrakers - BBC documentary

    Just watched The Rugby Codebreakers: what a great progamme. Listening to the Welshmen describing the prejudice they faced back home was sickening. I'm proud of RL because all that matters is whether you're good enough. Lewis Jones and Johnnie Freeman were particular heroes of mine. That said, having gone to an RU playing school, when I played at Llanelli the people I met all wanted to know how well Lewis Jones was doing so perhaps not everyone shared the establishment view.
  2. Proposal put forward to cut SL to 10

    All the real money for rugby (tv rights, sponsorship money from national/international companies) goes to RU. RL can't rival Six Nations or Aviva Premiership etc. Best bet for the SL sides is to go back to 1894 and re-unite the two codes. The rest of us can go back to being semi-pro and compete on a level playing field under RL rules administered by people who really care about traditional values Just a thought.
  3. Junior Finals Day

    Sunday 5/11/17 provides a chance to see some of the emerging talent in Oldham. Saddleworth Rangers host this year's event and the new clubhouse will be open for foods and drinks. U12 ko is at 11am when Saddleworth play Waterhead (Sponsored by Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust) U13 ko at 12 noon St. Annes v Waterhead (Sponsored by Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust) U14 ko at 1.15 Saddleworth v St. Annes (Sponsored by Oldham RL Past Players Association) U15 ko at 2.30 St. Annes v Saddleworth (Sponsored by Oldham RL Past Players Association) All Man-of-the-Match trophies sponsored by Linda Mills of Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust in memory of her late husband David, a keen former RL enthusiast. Entry is a donation of £2 pp and is well worth the outlay. It's always a brilliant day and the boys love playing in front of a decent crowd!
  4. The Facts

    Rugby Oldham application form as requested. Twitter feed is:- @RugbyOldhamSupp this is largely used to promote games at all levels in Oldham rather than for comment Re further discussion prompted by HOTTB Rugby Oldham's first prerequisite to talks is access to financial information and no progress can be made without this. How many of you would buy a house without knowing the price? Criticise RO all you like but we won't pour money down a black hole. RO App form.pdf
  5. The Facts

    I'm very pleased with the way this discussion has progressed: a lot of sincere comments have been made and I hope when the time is right (who knows?) we can all pull together. I still think there are private investors who could come on board but two other possibilities are crowdfunding and a community shares issue. For details of the latter you will need to go to Supporters Direct website. That's the positive side: the negative side is that when I wrote to John Dutton and Karen Moorhouse at the RFL when it was known at Red Hall that CH was willing to talk with RO I did not have the courtesy of a reply.
  6. The Facts

    Gentlemen, the RO website has been operational for a decade and could have been referenced at any time until the last few months. Criticism that it might have been outdated explains why this is being addressed now with a new site under construction. roughyed 34,sapere aude, whitworth yed RO would love to 'buy' ORLFC: I'd be interested in where you think we could acquire 500k to do so. You are obviously aware that we have talked several times with CH regarding RO participation and as regulars on this forum will know these make no progress because of the financial position. Would you buy the club with the debts (in whatever form) it has? I asked the question about membership because the easiest way to know of our activities is to be a member although I have posted on here several times when something relevant has cropped up like our offer in 2011 to fund terracing at Whitebank (never taken up). Anyway our members' newsletters are eventually published on our website and will appear again when the new site goes live. We have several times debated calling a public meeting but that would have no purpose without a meaningful proposal. I fear the only time that would happen would be if the club went bust. After all no-one else other than RO has expressed any interest in buying in to ORLFC. We have no axe to grind with, or animosity toward, CH who does a fine job in many respects but needs help. Some volunteers do an amazing job providing help at one level but to achieve more requires active involvement at executive level. That can only happen because CH wants it: RO cannot force help on an unwilling owner. As regards a larger membership and more active Trust that is the reason for wanting people like you to join. After 12 years some of us are getting stale and new blood is needed to shake up our operation. £10pa gets you membership and the chance to become a Board member. We have a Board vacancy or you can have my place with pleasure. Sorry to bang on but fans can't expect someone else always to do the hard lifting: at least HOTTB, eclectic sheep, clifford and roughyed spud tried in 2015 and look where that got them.
  7. The Facts

    Simple question: why are you not a member of Rugby Oldham?
  8. Rugby play

    Poster v2.pdf Highly recommended.
  9. game on

    SUMMER rugby strikes again! Ever been sold a pup?
  10. passing

    And yet another sad loss with the passing of Terry Ramshaw. 2017 is not starting off well for great servants of rugby league,.
  11. passing

    Dick Huddart was an all time great. Remember in particular his performance in the 1959 Championship Final at Odsal when, if memory serves me right, he scored a fantastic hat-trick in one of the greatest finals ever. Also one of the best second rows ever to represent GB. When I edited Roughyeds progamme in 2002 I ran a series on 'The Greatest Rugby League Players Ever' (well at least 1951 to 2002). Dick Huddart I had at number 8!
  12. Ray Clark

    Nice tribute to Ray Clark in today's Chronicle. Fine player and a fine man. RL enthusiast through and through. Will be sadly missed.
  13. The Bradford Thread

    3 administrations in 5 years and the RFL just let various regimes get on with it despite all the warning signs. Whatever happened to due diligence? Whatever happened to audit of accounts? Will a new club be subject to due diligence and its directors to 'fit and proper person' tests? Is there time to do this properly before start of new season? Altogether, the whole thing stinks. 120 years of rugby league and the game doesn't have clear rules or structure or governance or fairness. A dog's dinner of a sport. Which heavily indebted, badly run club will be next to hit the buffers? You can be certain there are plenty of candidates out there?
  14. Question

    May as well rename the club Stalybridge Roughyeds then and have done!
  15. standard cup

    Good game, good crowd. Desperately exciting last 5 minutes as first it looked like Mayfield had snatched it with a late try only for Rangers to win the ball at the kick-off and score via a kick that hit the posts and fell favourably for Saddlworth to score in the corner.