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  1. SUMMER rugby strikes again! Ever been sold a pup?
  2. And yet another sad loss with the passing of Terry Ramshaw. 2017 is not starting off well for great servants of rugby league,.
  3. Dick Huddart was an all time great. Remember in particular his performance in the 1959 Championship Final at Odsal when, if memory serves me right, he scored a fantastic hat-trick in one of the greatest finals ever. Also one of the best second rows ever to represent GB. When I edited Roughyeds progamme in 2002 I ran a series on 'The Greatest Rugby League Players Ever' (well at least 1951 to 2002). Dick Huddart I had at number 8!
  4. Nice tribute to Ray Clark in today's Chronicle. Fine player and a fine man. RL enthusiast through and through. Will be sadly missed.
  5. 3 administrations in 5 years and the RFL just let various regimes get on with it despite all the warning signs. Whatever happened to due diligence? Whatever happened to audit of accounts? Will a new club be subject to due diligence and its directors to 'fit and proper person' tests? Is there time to do this properly before start of new season? Altogether, the whole thing stinks. 120 years of rugby league and the game doesn't have clear rules or structure or governance or fairness. A dog's dinner of a sport. Which heavily indebted, badly run club will be next to hit the buffers? You can be certain there are plenty of candidates out there?
  6. May as well rename the club Stalybridge Roughyeds then and have done!
  7. Good game, good crowd. Desperately exciting last 5 minutes as first it looked like Mayfield had snatched it with a late try only for Rangers to win the ball at the kick-off and score via a kick that hit the posts and fell favourably for Saddlworth to score in the corner.
  8. Three members of Rugby Oldham attended the North West Regional meeting of Supporters Direct held at Broadhurst Park, Moston the home of FC United of Manchester last night. It's the first time I've seen the ground and what a wonderful facility it is. It is 10 years since FC United were created and in that time they have gone from being a nomadic club to one with its own fantastic home. During that time the club paid £5000 per game to use Gigg Lane, Bury (incidentally the figure Oldham Athletic would have wanted to let ORLFC use SportsDirect.comPark) and overcame the disappointment of losing their preferred site at Ten Acres Lane. The current site was chosen in 2011, went through all planning processes, objections, appeals and a judicial review before being given the final go ahead for work to start. In 2013 contractors were appointed and work began on the site in 2014 and was completed in May 2015 within 18 months. During this time ORLFC had moved in to Whitebank and at the time of gaining promotion that facility was worse than when the club arrived. The contrast could not be starker. However decent the facilities at Stalybridge Celtic IT IS NOT OLDHAM. So, could a Broadhurst Park be created in Oldham? I don't see why not BUT ONE MAN CAN'T DO IT ON HIS OWN! FC United had/have a fantastic team of people working/volunteering on behalf of the club and as a Community Benefit Society the fans own the club. It can be done. The history of FC United can be found on Wikipedia and further images of the ground under construction and completed can be found on the club website. And, for the benefit of those Oldham fans who wanted to see an improved ORLFC website, their website is a model of how a good site should look.
  9. Merry Christmas to all Roughyed fans everywhere and to all RL fans across the globe from everyone at Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust.
  10. Without commenting on whether Stalybridge is a good choice the interesting part of the Celtic Chairman's statement is that CH rang him a couple of weeks ago. Does this mean that there was nothing in place before then and how does that square with RFL requirements being met? As regards the RFL I contacted the two people most concerned with ORLFC affairs some months ago to discuss this and other matters on behalf of Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust. I had an acknowledgement that my letters had been received but despite the promised follow up no-one has come back to us. Basic courtesy demands some contact even if it's only to say they can't discuss anything. So the outcome of efforts by Rugby Oldham to help/ get involved is:- Christopher Hamilton-not interested; Simon Corney-not interested; the RFL-not interested. Only Jim McMahon had the decency to explain things clearly. Just thought I'd let everyone know so we're not accused of being hostile/uninvolved/indifferent.
  11. Please enlighten me : what's the point of an announcement about an announcement??
  12. I wrote to Jim McMahon some time ago and received a helpful reply. What this said was that Oldham Council would prefer ORLFC to be playing at BP (SportsDirect.comPark). I knew this from previous conversations with current and former councillors but without any willingness on CH's part to enter negotiation there was no point in publicising this. Now that CH has entered talks with Simon Corney it does no harm to reveal the Council's preferred option. However, Jim McMahon also said that the Council would find it difficult to provide any financial input given the horrendous cutbacks to services they had to implement as a result of cuts to council funding made by the government. I have no information regarding talks between CH and SC. However, I have myself spoken with SC who is not averse to groundsharing subject to certain conditions being met. One concern is wear and tear on the pitch but of more significance is the cost of staging RL in terms of stewarding, ground maintenace, parking supervision, clearing up etc. etc. Latics obviously have problems of their own and cannot afford to lose money on staging RL. It stands to reason that SC would want financial guarantees and that he should be able to trust CH to fulfil his side of any bargain.
  13. On the first point this has been my personal opinion for a long time. However, it has not been the official position of the Board which is a democratic organisation and whose position I have therefore had to represent publicly. On the second point we have not had any official contact instigated by the club. However, before each of our Board meetings our secretary contacts CH to see if he has any relevant information or any topic we might wish to discuss. So far the replies have been in the negative.
  14. Rugby Oldham's ground of choice is Sportsdirect.compark (BP). We do not see playing out of time as a viable proposition except in the direst circumstances (i.e. to maintain our hard won Championship status) and short term. Although in the past we offered to help with some costs in developing Whitebank the lack of progress in this direction has led to the conclusion that Whitebank is not fit for purpose and never will be. Rugby Oldham is willing to enter into partnership with anyone willing to take the club forward, hopefully playing within the town at a suitable venue.
  15. Oldham Chronicle did a terrific double page spread on Wednesday - well worth a look if you didn't see it. A glorious sunny day was a big help but Phil Bradbury and his Oldham Amateur League colleagues had the organisation spot on. Waterhead Warriors hospitality was also first rate and there were good crowds for all the games. For the record the results were:- U15 Waterhead 36 Mayfield 16 U14 Waterhead 16 St Annes 10 U13 St. Annes 52 Waterhead 0 U12 Saddleworth 34 Mayfield 4 Thanks to Linda Mills, Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust, Oldham RL Past Players Association and Oldham Amateur League for their sponsorship.