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  1. Im sure he will lose a lot of sleep about your opinion
  2. I realky hope David takes no notice of some of the thoughtless cruel idiots on this forum. Good luck lad I hope you have a succesful and enjoyable season.
  3. I agree with everything you say apart from the bit about Hamilton. Hes been a disaster for the pro game in our town. Lost at least one generation of supporters on his watch.
  4. I agree about the younger lads. Jinks and Rogers are two different situations. Jinks is a very talented young lad who had been released by cas and found his spark by going back to Waterhead. Rogers is involved with 1st team squad at Huddersfield and i doubt we could get him for any lengh of time. There are other players with similar backgrounds to Jinks in Oldham though. These players need to be offered trials.
  5. It wasnt the coaching bit that caught my attention. It was the bit about taking on a project and building from the bottom up. Thats exactly whats needed at our club. Clear out from the top and start again
  6. Just read an article on Fordy. He says hes looking to get back into coaching and would like another go in League. Also hed be interested in getting involved in buliding a club from the bottom up. If only eh?
  7. If true that is shocking. How does he get away with stuff like this? Surely the only owner in Rugby League that takes a wage? And he doesnt even have to get out of his pyjamas. Unbelievable
  8. Im with you. But its not about people like me and you. Its about building the profile of the club and attracting a new generation.
  9. Meanwhile in Rochdale. How many lads and dads from Oldham watched their win today ?
  10. Hats of to Rochdale they are doing some great stuff at the moment building the club. Womens team Wheelchair team Links with Hopwood Hall Links with their community Playing in a staduium in their home town Our club? Built on sand. Its Tragic Also remember not too long ago Rochdale had a change in ownership. Pretty sure people were saying if the then owners walked their would be no club.
  11. My point is we WOULD have a club. People have walked away from loads of clubs in the past and they are still here. Hes run pro rugby in Oldham into the ground. Its tragic
  12. Hamilton needs to take ownership of his own decisions. Easy to use Diskin as the scapegoat. The problems are much deeper and have been for years. But of course without Hamilton there would be no ORLFC 97 ltd would there? I could live with that
  13. Thats impressive but how many non-vikings in there??
  14. In my opinion the interest in Rugby League is STILL there. All we need are people with a vision and belief to tap back in. York are a prime example. Much easier said than done unfortunatley.
  15. My point is that there us still interest in Rugby League in Oldham. I think this was proven to an extent last Sunday. The club really does need to build on all the positivity from last week. Playing in Oldham and making a serious attempt to win the support of all the young people that play in the town would help do so.
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