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  1. Youre bloody fantastic at sounding negative! Keep up the good work you little ray of sunshine
  2. Just the one rep game for his county. Another signing finished his season today
  3. I like these new proposals. Obviously we are still waiting to see what boxes need to be ticked by clubs to be in each category. It gives a club like ours an opportunity to try to attract investors and build a club not built on sand.
  4. Ive heard two. One of them has a rep game to come.
  5. No problem with our players getting bans. The length of them is another matter. Additional video footage produced by Rochdale to support Moi moi. I was right behind the incident he deserved a ban as did water boy. Also one person in particular who wasnt wearing kit was lucky not to be sanctioned in my opinion. Anyway it is what it is and time to move on.
  6. Because I dont believe it maybe?
  7. He reacted to Chase approaching him shouting threats. He reacted to Whitehead spraying water. He reacted to Moi moi ragging him about from behind. He then reacted to Whitehead getting in his face as his arms were being held. Whitehead then threw a punch. He shouldnt have reacted to any of it. He is young hopefully he will learn.
  8. Whittel charged grade D Cameron grade F Moi moi 2 match ban No thing for the water boy
  9. Whittel Slater Cameron Hartley Morgan Nelmes
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