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  1. Not the money from lottery though. Joynt a different generation to the others you mentioned.
  2. Chris Joyn was years after Flanagan etc.
  3. Thats impressive but how many non-vikings in there??
  4. In my opinion the interest in Rugby League is STILL there. All we need are people with a vision and belief to tap back in. York are a prime example. Much easier said than done unfortunatley.
  5. The exclamation marks and your"liking" of the other post add to my suspicion that you may well be a UKIP type. Thats my last comment on this matter. ?
  6. My point is that there us still interest in Rugby League in Oldham. I think this was proven to an extent last Sunday. The club really does need to build on all the positivity from last week. Playing in Oldham and making a serious attempt to win the support of all the young people that play in the town would help do so.
  7. The reason is that the club just dont engage with Rugby League community in Oldham. Have a look around the local amateur clubs on sunday morning. Hundreds of kids playing infront of their families (including quite a few that are probably not originally from Oldham) And yet a lot of these kids and families have a very limited knowledge of the pro club. The club as been badly run for years with no clear vision for the future. So why bring up the race issue?
  8. Sorry didnt realise id dropped in on a UKIP forum thought i was on the rugby one.?
  9. Really disappointed if its true about Stalybridge. Would have loved the club to have built on all the positives from sunday and made a massive effort to stay in town and re-engage the Oldham rugby community.
  10. herbie

    The Final

    Not questioning the mans commitment and hard work. I admire him for that. Just either keep off the mike or tone it down .
  11. herbie

    The Final

    That was great! Oldham just refused to be beaten. One very slight negative. The man on the mike.Less is more mate. His ramblings actually took away from the crowd atmosphere. Get in Oldham !!!
  12. Hewitt outstanding in second halfm
  13. Academy players are full time . Although its not a lot they do get paid. Would be difficult for part time clubs to run academies against full time. Some part time clubs do run cat 3 academies that play in college leagues.
  14. There are 2 Waterhead lads at Cas 1 at Hudds plus another lad just signed at Warrington. Lads from St anns at Hudds Warrington and saints as well as the lad mentioned from Saddleworth at Warrington.
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