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  1. Spot on again 34, especially for me getting youngsters through the gates. As we've mentioned a few times in our conversations it's certainly the time to think about forming a Junior Roughyeds. Will be a trek for me on Tuesday night, however I'm determined to be there.
  2. Great to see the club moving forward proactively, echo 34's sentiments. Certainly think it would be fantastic to see some ideas put forward to get more youngsters interested and involved with the club. After all we need them to become future supporters.
  3. Well that's me signed up for a season ticket. Many thanks to Anne (a pleasure to deal with) and Dave Naylor for helping me out. Obviously don't know how many games I'll get to, due to my health, however felt this was my best way to support the club financially.
  4. As usual, spot on 34. Health issues apart its the same old 'hot potato'........It's HIS club and he will run it exactly as HE sees fit. Now just a case of fans going through the same pre season mushroom syndrome as past seasons.
  5. Good post 34, couldn't agree more with your sentiments. I'm one of the missing -42% I came to a couple of games at the start of the season as you know. However even though Whitebank has been given a facelift the facilities were lacking for someone with my health problems, hence I couldn't continue coming to Whitebank, which I think would also affect some of our older supporters. Certainly agree that maybe the end is nigh for the pro game in Oldham. As you say perhaps it is time to mobilise fans and be a little proactive in trying to save the club from what I've seen over the last few years from the 'death of a thousand cuts'.
  6. thinboyfat


    Hi 34, agree with you about the improvement to the clubhouse, however from my perspective (health) the ground for spectators hasn't improved that much. Tbh I've found it a struggle, however what currently stops me attending is the toilet facilities. For me the bottom end is a no go especially when I like to be with my mates. Just an absolute pain that I have to hobble to the bottom corner of the clubhouse, it's bad enough (for me) even if I stay at the top end. Obviously you know the mobility problems I have, so I'm only speaking from my perspective.
  7. thinboyfat


    Cheers for that 34, honestly thought it was 12.00
  8. thinboyfat


    12.00 ko at Oldham RU
  9. thinboyfat


    Wherever Kev takes me/us lol. Think it's a case of full day out, start of with the Standard cup final........not that I've got a clue who's in the final.
  10. TBH Clifford I'm always proud of the team.
  11. Suzzy, I certainly agree with R34 I don't think Tony F is an Roughyed either after checking him out. I really hope Grimmer stays, love the guy and a pity he didn't get more game time last season.
  12. You know my thoughts after today 34. Think you've summed it up in a nutshell and wish I could have been as eloquent. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with my good mates from Dewsbury and also made a few new ones. Was good to talk to a lot of the players after the game who were quite honest and frank, hopefully a few of them will still be here next season. What concerned and upset me today was not the stayaways who I accept and understand their principles, but those that can make the trip to Toulouse, Rochdale and Swinton, yet can't take the time to turn up and say thanks to the players at the last home game of the season. Anyway onwards and upwards.
  13. I've not been very well of late and made the effort to get to Swinton to cheer the lads on, sadly it wasn't to be. Yes sad that we're going down, forget the if's, buts and what might of been.....what's done is done. All I can say is, as poorly as I am I'll be there Sunday to say thanks to the lads. No matter what all I ask is a 100% effort and that's what they've given. To any of the staff and players that won't be with us, I thank you for playing your part and grafting for the jersey. Wishing you well for the future.
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