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  1. Spot on again 34, especially for me getting youngsters through the gates. As we've mentioned a few times in our conversations it's certainly the time to think about forming a Junior Roughyeds. Will be a trek for me on Tuesday night, however I'm determined to be there.
  2. Great to see the club moving forward proactively, echo 34's sentiments. Certainly think it would be fantastic to see some ideas put forward to get more youngsters interested and involved with the club. After all we need them to become future supporters.
  3. Well that's me signed up for a season ticket. Many thanks to Anne (a pleasure to deal with) and Dave Naylor for helping me out. Obviously don't know how many games I'll get to, due to my health, however felt this was my best way to support the club financially.
  4. As usual, spot on 34. Health issues apart its the same old 'hot potato'........It's HIS club and he will run it exactly as HE sees fit. Now just a case of fans going through the same pre season mushroom syndrome as past seasons.
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