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  1. I think I just peed a bit laughing at this, then I realised he was serious 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Huddersfield came with a game plan of slowing everything down to a crawl. I've never seen a team so determined not to play in case they were then exposed. They were simply 5 drives and a kick (mainly to touch irrespective of field position), holding down in the tackle and injured players at every forced goal line drop out. A complete lack of ambition. The referee was consistent through out, 7-10 seconds for tackler to get off after he called held was ridiculous. It ruined the game as a spectacle. I used to think consistency was all I wanted from the ref, I've changed my mind now!
  3. FullFat

    Your club's greatest 1-17? Name them here

    Wire Team 1. Steve Hesford 2. Brian Bevan 3. John Bevan 4. Nigel Vagana 5. Richard Henare 6. Phil Blake 7. Lee Briers 8. Les Boyd 9. Michael Monaghan 10. Adrian Morley 11. Mark Roberts 12. Ben Westwood 13. Mike Gregory 14. Ken Kelly 15. Mike Nicholas 16. John Woods 17. Paul Sculthorpe A lot tougher than I thought, and I've seen them all even though Brian Bevan was at a testimonial when I was a kid. I asked my dad why all the crowd was cheering that old man!
  4. FullFat

    Carney and abusive language

    Part of the nature of rugby league is to intimidate your opponents. Players use their physicality to try to dominate others to gain an advantage for their team. Verbal abuse sits along side this and is just as much a part of the game. It's not unique to RL it happens in virtually every sport. It's not bullying at all, it's an insult designed to get a reaction.
  5. Having watched him all season for Warrington I can categorically state that Ratchford is not shaky with high kicks, in fact quite the opposite. There are other areas of his game which he needs to work on, particularly controlling the ball in contact but under high kicks he is very good.
  6. FullFat

    Gareth Hewer

    Hardly noticed him whilst at the game and that's the highest accolade I think that a referee can be given. Excellent.
  7. Terribly sad news. RIP
  8. Whilst you're statement regarding the offside at the end of the first half is correct it is not the reason that Thaler gave for not giving the penalty at the end of the first half. He quite clearly states that the player wasn't off side as the ball had been knocked backwards, which in my opinion was nonsense. Does it actually state in the rules that the 10m rule only applies when there is a player waiting to catch it or is that an "interpretation" that the refs are applying? Webster should not have spoken to the ref as he did and deserved his binning as Darryl Powell says in his press conference. No complaints about that from me. As for the Powell try, that would be given as a knock on from Wigan 99 out of 100 times. Watching on the television it seemed as though Thaler had lost his cool with the Cas players and was being harsher with them than with Wigan. Cas did not get any of the 50/50 calls at any point in the game and you could see their frustration building as the game went on. Cas lost because of Webster's indiscipline in the end but that was a poor refereeing display from an official who lost his cool. As an experienced official he shouldhave done better. With the Bateman penalty a quick word to Gale before the kick off to say he missed Bateman's infringement but keep your discipline may have resulted in a different outcome. He didn't do that at this point because he had already become annoyed with Cas and was unable to reign that in.
  9. The Warrington club has announced that 3000 tickets have been sold for this fixture and urging fans to snap up the remaining few. With pay on the gate as well it should make for a cracking atmosphere!
  10. Not sure on this one, hopefully a Wire win but Wigan away is always a tough game. Let's hope it's a decent game to kick the weekend off!
  11. I'm not as sure that Wire will win this comfortably as people think. I think we should win but as JustBrowny says we will need to start well and play for the whole 80. Hopefully not another tense last 5 minutes, not sure my heart can take it!
  12. It was a very sloppy game from both sides. The ref laid his stall out on penalising the ruck and standing square at the ptb and the players never adapted. I have to say Wakefield look a vastly improved side from last year and really gave it a go but Warrington were always in control and able to click through the gears when needed. Best for Wire were Clarke, Sandow and Gidley. Worryingly they let Wakey and Finn especially work the overlap really well. Both sides gave too many penalties away and coughed up possession regularly with wayward passes and dropped balls. A win is a win but big improvements needed for next week at Salford.
  13. FullFat

    Shenton out for the season

    I think it's not as simplistic as that. The fact is that there are certain behaviors which have developed over the recent years which the players, coaches and the RFL have stated they want to remove from the game because of their high potential to cause serious injury. If we want those eliminated from the game then the punishment should be based on the deed and not the outcome of the deed. If a player carries out a canon ball/Chicken wing/Spear tackle then he gets a 9 week ban (for example), whether the recipient of that tackle is seriously injured or not I believe that would encourage changes of behavior in both players and coaches. Whilst punching does have the potential to cause a broken jaw or nose, concussion etc the likely hood of that occurring is relatively low compared to the frequency of punches being thrown. If two players facing each other trading blows and one ends up with a broken jaw and the other a broken nose and split eye it doesn't change what it was. If they both walk away with just a couple of bruises it's still a fight. Punching somebody off the ball or from behind in one of the general melees that spring up from time to time is to me a different offence. That would be an attack on a player not prepared to defend himself. Hitting the kicker late supposedly attracts an instant yellow card regardless of whether the player gets injured or not and that's the same principle. I don't think massive bans for everything would make it a better game, not at all. Targeted high tariffs for specific behaviors we wish to eradicate however is and they should be applied irrespective of the outcome.
  14. FullFat

    Shenton out for the season

    Why should you not get a punishment for the crime rather than the outcome of a crime? The type of offence would reflect the seriousness of the ban. If we want to drive certain behaviours from the game, such as canon ball tackles, lifting in tackles, spear tackles then give them all a high and significant ban irrespective of whether a player was seriously injured and they would soon disappear. The potential injury from a punch would be less than from a spear tackle and so would attract a lesser ban. Just seems a fairer and more consistent way to do it for me
  15. FullFat

    Shenton out for the season

    I'm not sure linking the ban to the outcome of the tackle is helpful. If it was a canon ball tackle then it should be treated as such and the ban should be for that. The ban should be related to the potential danger in such tackles. Thankfully injuries like Shenton's are not too common but the potential for them in all tackles of that type is there. If we want to remove them from the game it's the potential injury and not the actual injury which should be used to determine the ban.