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  1. i am a season ticket holder but the the problem is would people pay £15 to watch a miss match and watch a team putting over 50 points into teams every home game. don't get me wrong its brilliant they are winning and hopefully they can get automatic promotion apart from workington i would be disappointed if they didn't win every home game in a canter but is it value for money ?
  2. 24-6 up at half time
  3. rugby going well 18-0 up
  4. rugby Round 1 draw for the League 1 Cup The full draw: Whitehaven v Workington York v North Wales Crusaders Hunslet v Newcastle Keighley v Doncaster Rochdale Mayfield v Barrow Pool B Oxford v Coventry South Wales v London Skolars Hemel Stags v Gloucester All Golds
  5. think dallimore is the difference this year his kicking game and the way he marshals the team around the field is first class, and he leads by example not a lot of him but he hits hard in the tackle and is not afraid to get stuck in.seems to be a lot mote structured on the field, it will be a big ask in france but barrow are the form team they have nothing to loose as they are expected to get beat by Toulouse but rochdale have shown it can be done
  6. Toulouse Olympique Xiii - York City Knights All Live (5) FOLLOW 62 - 4 (24 - 4) FOLLOW
  7. 16:46 Full-Time - Doncaster RLFC 12 - Barrow Raiders 40 An outstanding game in the Raiders 2nd Super 8's game as we manage to beat Doncaster comfortably. With some great tries and excellent passing, the lads make it 5 games unbeaten! Well done Barrow!
  8. 16:42 GOAL - Doncaster Tom Carr gets the goal for Doncaster. The score is currently Doncaster RLFC 12 - Barrow Raiders 40 Comments(0) 16:42 TRY - Doncaster RLFCA great run from both David Foggin-Johnston for Doncaster and from Eze Harper for Barrow, but unfortunately Eze can't get him down and he manages to get over the line for Doncaster in the 75th minute.
  9. 16:36 GOAL! - Barrow RaidersThe ever reliable Chris Hankinson, gets the ball between the sticks to make the score: Doncaster RLFC 6 - Barrow Raiders 40! Comments(0) 16:35 TRY! - Barrow RaidersDan Toal goes in again, right in the centre after great attacking work from Barrow! 10 minutes left to play. Can Barrow increase this outstanding lead anymore?? Comments(0) 16:28 GOAL! - Barrow Raiders!Chris Hankinson has no problem as the ball goes sailing over. #uptheraiders
  10. Doncaster RLFC 4 : 34 Barrow Raiders Updating Sort by : ↓ ↑ 16:28 GOAL! - Barrow Raiders!Chris Hankinson has no problem as the ball goes sailing over. #uptheraiders Comments(0) 16:27 TRY! - Barrow Raiders!Dan Toal goes over the line in the 62nd minute to left hand side of the posts as the Raiders look to make a response to the previous Doncaster try. Come on!
  11. 16:21 GOAL - DONCASTER RLFCTom Carr kicks the ball between the posts. The score is currently Doncaster RLFC 6 - Barrow Raiders 28 Comments(0) 16:20 TRY - DONCASTER RLFCDoncaster get some points on the board, as Mark Castle goes over to the left hand side.
  12. 16:03 GOAL! - Barrow Raiders!Chris Hankinson is making this look easy, he gets the kick for the Raiders and increases the score to Doncaster 0 - Barrow Raiders 28 Come on your Raiders! Comments(0) 16:03 TRY! - Barrow Raiders!Barrow come out as they left off and Andy Litherland goes over the line in the 42nd minute, a great set of passing from the Raiders, come on Barrow!
  13. Doncaster RLFC 0 : 22 Barrow Raiders Updating Sort by : ↓ ↑ 15:45 GOAL! - Barrow RaidersAnother really easy kick for Hankinson, as it goes flying through the centre. Come on Barrow! Comments(0) 15:45 TRY! - Barrow RaidersAn outstanding kick from Anthony Bate allows Eze Harper to go over the line, he even has time to run it down and put the ball down right in the centre of the posts. An outstanding try in the 38th minute. Come on Barrow!
  14. Doncaster RLFC 0 : 12 Barrow Raiders Updating Sort by : ↓ ↑ 15:30 GOAL! - Barrow RaidersNot a problem this time for Chris Hankinson, as he manages to kick the goal over and increases Barrow's lead to 0-12! Comments(0) 15:29 TRY! - Barrow RaidersA great run from Jamie Dallimore allows a pass to Andy Litherland which goes back to Jamie Dallimore and then to Liam Harrison who finds a gap and dives over in the 25th minute, come on Barrow!
  15. 15:22 PENALTY - Barrow Raiders Chris Hankinson kicks the penalty straight through the centre of the posts, which was awarded for Doncaster being offside in the 18th minute.