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  1. Gave a really good account from listening to the coverage. Unlucky but Well done barrow.
  2. Toronto 40 Barrow 2. Halftime.
  3. On raiders Facebook page live
  4. Has anyone found radio / online coverage...
  5. Leigh 16 v Barrow16.
  6. Fev certainly know the Raiders are in town. Let’s hope they keep up the pressure.
  7. On bench for Leigh v Workington.
  8. walneyite


    Do we have radio coverage.
  9. walneyite


    The team is named on website... Luke Cresswell makes a welcome return following knee ligament damage suffered last March. Jamie Dallimore is back in the squad following suspension. Tee Ritson, who has joined the injury list, makes way along with Jake Carter in two changes from last week’s squad.
  10. 1261 attendance 
  11. Not being sharpest tool with this but a thought .... key performance indicators aren’t a choice they’re implemented so whether the club agree with them or not they will have to try to achieve targets to gain the identified financial support .. I'm dont use Facebook twitter etc So can’t help there.. Ive joined and like the our league app and watched a few streamed games,entered competitions.. if Barrow set a fans forum up on the club website would they get us all under one roof to aid the cause , this offers them more hits (or whatever they are called).. encouraging other club fans to pop in for a bit of online banter or abuse increases “hits”.. I don’t know if I have missed the point or not and obviously that wouldn’t help this forum I’d people moved but it’s a thought.?
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