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  1. I have every faith in the board doing all they can in the best interests of barrow RLFC. However , What impact does this season ending decision have on team as a whole ie the players and coaching contracts, Wages , furloughed % contributions. are players still furloughed, are they still registered with barrow , can /do we re negotiate contracts for the next season ( and Can the club afford it with the greatly reduced income). any updates for a nosey but genuine supporter would be appreciated.
  2. We got message yesterday to say they’re on the way. ?
  3. I submitted order before a deadline date so a couple weeks but think it will be quicker... was excellent service and think it was gentleman from shop so may be worth ringing and checking with them. it’s a smart comfortable shirt..
  4. Received the new Raiders NHS Shirt today which is also nurses day. Absolutely brilliant idea , perfect timing and a lovely shirt.. I look forward to wearing the shirt at craven park when the team run back out onto pitch.. stay safe.
  5. Gave a really good account from listening to the coverage. Unlucky but Well done barrow.
  6. Toronto 40 Barrow 2. Halftime.
  7. On raiders Facebook page live ??
  8. Has anyone found radio / online coverage...
  9. Leigh 16 v Barrow16.
  10. Fev certainly know the Raiders are in town. Let’s hope they keep up the pressure.
  11. On bench for Leigh v Workington.
  12. walneyite


    Do we have radio coverage.
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