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  1. Good old Colin, used to referee get a taste for the nectar and end up on an overnight stay
  2. You forgot the Kells end are going bananas reference as they always knew better than the referee
  3. the days of having to be neutral are long gone.
  4. Which two out of Taylor Thompson and Thackray are the committed travellers?
  5. Todays paper confirms that we have players we are targeting from Australia looks like you are bang on the money Thomo
  6. Sellafields commitment was never in doubt. It was a blatant mistruth to say otherwise.
  7. That's correct and its been refreshing that they signings haven't been obvious from the photos this year
  8. Newspapers. Today the N & S will have plenty of content from the weekends football etc so by doing it tomorrow they get a lead article and Town get the back page
  9. When he left it was said he was having a Season out of the game to adjust to a new career path. Shame his time ended abruptly he was excellent every time he pulled on the jersey
  10. BARLA international and a good solid player but he will be 30 plus VAT
  11. To Pick an alternative team including none of the above which shows the talent in League one: Luke Cresswell (Barrow) Tee Ritson (Barrow) Elliot Miller (Workington) Jake Webster (Keighley) Alex Clegg (Newcastle) Jamie Doran (Workington) Rangi Chase (Doncaster) Adam Walne (Barrow) Watts Puara (Barrow) Lamont Bryan (Skolars) Duane Straughier (Hunslet) Jono Smith (Barrow) Caine Barnes (Workington)
  12. When he was at Workington he was a fantastic professional in everything he done how he was with fans, sponsors, a brilliant speaker and he gave everything every game often when his team mates weren't on his wave length and on occasion light on numbers. He will be a great signing for whoever is lucky enough to get him.
  13. Even harder without touch judges. I do it every game and its hard work as is refereeing without assistance
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