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  1. So did we when we played in the championship. That’s not a Coincidence it’s a bloody tough league that requires a big squad or good links with higher league clubs
  2. A one off team like Town had in Mulligan Pickering etc in
  3. A coach who lasted one championship game with Town, a board who had to get the begging bowls out to keep the club afloat and went local out of neccesity, a crowd base of 1k compared to York who are attracting more than double that figure and are a city team with a new stadium near completion just a few differences for you
  4. And finished how many points behind? They have the perfect coach, then there’s player catchment the stadium the fan base and the support staff doing big things via social media etc that you need
  5. A complete overhaul. Some aren’t championship players plenty of others are too old and wouldn’t want to be playing in it. Between the two squads you’d struggle to pick a team that would survive a championship season
  6. Haven getting promoted and Barrow relegated is going to start off a player merry go round in the off season
  7. Because York are a head and shoulders better team do you think this years Haven would have challenged them or Bulls last year? Every part time club in the game should be aspiring to match York on and off the field
  8. Correct. That Barrow squad has some fantastic players in its ranks who us and Haven would rake in a heart beat and look at where it’s got them the championship is different gravy
  9. Do you think any of the players at any professional club are there for the fun of it?
  10. That should have said games. We only have two games left and I think we will win both You say about not being cut adrift so do we build local or push the boat out to get out of league one?
  11. Did you expect Thorman to come into the club in the shape it was in and find consistency? Really?? Hes finally got the team playing well as shown by the Whitehaven Derby performance and I believe we will win our last two home games. A local squad with a couple of overseas or ex superleague players won’t survive in the championship
  12. Rooney’s a very good coach his record speaks for itself and on the flip side Thorman is the coach we’ve needed for a while everyone speaks so highly of him big decision for the board
  13. Alan Coleman who he worked with I think at England lions level is now Swintons number two
  14. No it doesn’t. And no it doesn’t. Stop talking rollocks the pair of you
  15. Moi Moi pushed through the line numerous times defended well and done plenty of minutes. Some people just don’t know what they’re watching
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