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  1. By shortening the field and being allowed to use it as a temporary measure. Im sure poor Tyllar Mellor isnt a fan of the pitch dimensions
  2. Interesting that three west Hull players are with Castleford
  3. Borough Parks pitch length is too small for rugby league
  4. I think Coleman at Skolars is on sticky ground though
  5. Or we leave it to the incoming coach to sign the players he wants to work with
  6. Given that I’ve seen it mentioned the stadium business plan would have generated profit for the area it feels like both clubs should have come out fighting more unless I missed a statement by either clubs? We’re allowing the seemingly mythical 95m figure to be bandied around and taken as gospel
  7. They’re a club going places they’ve the complete player pathway a rich backer and the stadium and facilities Unfortunately as a team we’ve gone back wards this season and it’s hard to see how we can claw it back but hey we’re Town fans this is nothing new and still we will back the team until better times return
  8. Blokes a repeat offender who wants the book thrown at him via a long touchline ban
  9. That's true, albeit I get the impression we might have O'Donnell for the season at least given who hes found himself behind at Leigh but Marwood could be the future replacement for Penky or Buffer. oh for the days of an A team.........
  10. I don't think its a negative view Wonky has Sandy. Marwood is a talent but at the moment O'Donnell is the better player
  11. Think it shows how modest expectations are they’re top of the league absolutely flying and can’t break the thousand fans barrier even with community engagement and an excellent early admission offer
  12. There results last year to this indicate an improvement albeit they’ve still a lot of ground to make up
  13. The answer to that for the vast majority is a resounding no.
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