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  1. He was gouged by a ball carrier??
  2. They wont even let Burns play for Kells weve no chance
  3. There is a 12s league?? it’s a shame there won’t be a Barla cumbria cup the lack of a west cumbria youth league shouldn’t be a barrier to a cup for all teams from the west and south of the county
  4. The under 12 has a load of teams about 14 in the county cup which is great. I’d argue that the game inflicts more damage when clubs pillage others to make super teams in the process taking away your own competition
  5. Only at the older age groups look at mini mods to under 12 they are attracting great numbers
  6. Only bringing back a salary cap would do that
  7. The clubs community work in the form of the community club takeover has definitely had a positive impact on attendances lots of young faces with parents who are getting into the habit of following the club
  8. Maybe he’s just got more interesting things to do than count away fans
  9. If we can keep the Barnes, Miller, Hall Edge side healthy were in for a good season as not only do they contain the oppositions best attacking side they’re all a huge threat that don’t afford other teams the chance to double up when we attack
  10. Cumbria county, and captain of Ellbra. In 2018 he was man of the match in the Cumberland cup final playing on the losing side. if you don’t think he’s been a stand out at ellbra you’re watching the wrong sport
  11. I rate the lad, never seen him have a bad game
  12. We certainly aren't without a chance. Wonder if we will play them at Wakefield like they did Halifax?
  13. They lost 18-17 and 26-14 to Halifax and Toulouse respectively, got hammered away at Leigh then beat Halifax last round. We have to be honest its a massive up hill task for us to get the win
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