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  1. Interesting to see who the club have lined up the rumour mill is very quiet, think there is a couple of good amateur propsects that may fancy a shot in the pro ranks
  2. He has been a pleasure to have at the club and to have watched if fans are allowed back he will get a heroes welcome next season, but I am sure we will be freeing up a big chunk of the wage bill which we can spend on other personnel or the off field structures.
  3. What do you look for when deciding on a good young player and a great one?
  4. We are very much putting together a squad that might not on paper be the best in the league but should be very well suited to the new rule set that has been introduced. Gary Hewer is a great appointment, not sure what is happening with FFMM but IMO money will be better spent on Gary and the long term benefits he will bring than short term player salaries
  5. Hard to see how they will get cleared for the Warrington game Monday now given the turnaround
  6. Just down to more game time and starting rather than being an impact sub against tiring teams
  7. well said DTTRR if Reds can have 400 in borough park why cant championship and league one teams have a restricted capacity inside!! The RFL need to show there claws!
  8. I believe they wouldn't even release him to allow him to return to Kells and play the only rugby he could get was Union with St Benedicts
  9. He is 30. He will bring passion and enthusiasm to the team, maybe not the signing to take the club forward but he will do a good job
  10. Scrap the system of regional leagues voting and put it back in the hands of the clubs. One club one vote on future barla elections.
  11. Only JGs that I can think of are Jimmy Grimble and Josh Ganson
  12. Just been announced in The Gus Risman Bar that Fui Fui Moi Moi has resigned for 2019
  13. Another ex Townie who’s now chocolate bitter and gold ?
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