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  1. When he was at Workington he was a fantastic professional in everything he done how he was with fans, sponsors, a brilliant speaker and he gave everything every game often when his team mates weren't on his wave length and on occasion light on numbers. He will be a great signing for whoever is lucky enough to get him.
  2. Even harder without touch judges. I do it every game and its hard work as is refereeing without assistance
  3. He is 30. He will bring passion and enthusiasm to the team, maybe not the signing to take the club forward but he will do a good job
  4. So after tonight’s two announcements so far we’ve 19/20 players signed on?
  5. That's what was promised. Weve already had a couple of new signings and several resignings brookie.
  6. He is a talent, I think he is only 19/20 so plenty of improvement in him and he looks like he has a great attitude.
  7. It looks to me like theyre spending more money on there top 20 players and are hoping that there academy graduates and possibly DR can plug any gaps
  8. Id love to see Fitzy back and used as a ball playing 13
  9. theres also LMCA and plenty of others in there academy set up hopefully for the future
  10. He played for Shevington last season at half back too. A really good signing who can cover a few positions welcome back Gabe
  11. It'll be interesting to see how the SL clubs play it. Young prospects will still be better served playing at places like Leigh than going through the paces of reserve grade rugby
  12. Swinton had a great season last year if they keep the Wigan DR, I think someone like Dewsbury might be more vulnerable. So many teams across the bottom two leagues are really going all guns blazing
  13. Which division? He only lasted one game as a championship coach with Town he was never in a league that had relegation.
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