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  1. Bailey wasn't let go he was playing quite well and Leigh snapped him up
  2. My club Seaton Rangers applied and we met the criteria laid out were awaiting feedback on what we can address for further applications
  3. Amateur tours and enjoying life while there young.
  4. Dixon is a quality player probably the best amateur in the county. He will be a great addition for whoever he chooses should be he take the decision to sign pro.
  5. They've done a good job this season taking a flexible approach. I think this years seen the lowest amount of forfeited fixtures in many seasons
  6. Scrap the system of regional leagues voting and put it back in the hands of the clubs. One club one vote on future barla elections.
  7. I believe the board is Les Smallwood, Malcolm Allison, Barry White, Graeme Peers, Gary Murdock, Kerry Harrison and Craig Barker.
  8. He’s never been involved with Town
  9. Seconded. It’s a big gulf
  10. I’ve just seen a tweet by RL stat man extraordinaire Dan Spencer that by his reckoning Carl Forber has Just surpassed Ian McCorquodale as the clubs all time leading point scorer which has gone under the radar id imagine his stats will be correct and congratulate Carl on an outstanding achievement in cementing his place in the clubs history
  11. Who do you think is available affordable and similar to Elliott?
  12. Why we want to release the best centre in the league?
  13. Most of last season is wrong. We would be mad to release him you must be the only town fan who would
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