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  1. Crackers! Why wouldn't this game be played first? ###### to the pitch being spoilt! Is the welfare of the Championship Players less imporant than Super League?
  2. We're coming after you! The Raiders were super today! Think you are safe at your peril!
  3. Fair enough spanish knight. My mistake. ?
  4. Really need a stellar performance Sunday after the disappointment of last game. Leeds, Hull KR, London & Salford in the hat next round. Be a nice lift to have one of these at home. Wonder how many DR they will play, if any. Gonna be tough, York going well this season. We have the players. Let's hope this is the week they click! COYR!
  5. For the last 6 years we have supported the club in all sorts of different ways. Boxes, Champagne Moments, Match Ball etc. Every week at home. Taxi down. Full entrance fee, even though the Gate Keeper insisted I was a concession. I'm 62. So was insulted too. Buy raffle tickets...1 of each colour. Then a few beers and food. All in all....about £50. Next game against Widnes I'll drive down and take the concession. £12! That's all the product on the field is worth!
  6. WARTOVO PUARA JR MOM. Well deserved!
  7. Does anyone know if there is a definitive list of the 2019 Raiders squad name/number allocation anywhere?
  8. No 35 was obviously on loan. We can't pay the wages of any one that good! We are not SL.
  9. With the announcement of the new structure, was just wondering what happened to Gloucester All Golds and Oxford joining forces and becoming a Bristol based club ready to re-join League 1 for the 2019 season?
  10. Not stupid at all TMF. The more these issues are discussed the better the understanding. If all the debentures threw a £1 in the pot........
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