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  1. Deon Cross is no slouch either. James Nixon and Andy Ballard were a very quick pair of wingers.
  2. Big loss, excellent prop who's very consistent. Cant blame him.


    Theres been a crisis going on for a while there.
  4. Simply beaten by a much better team. Toulouse were bigger, faster and stronger across the park with some real classy players. James Ford is a magician with ball in hand, a pleasure to watch.
  5. Can really see a Barrow win, hope so. Read that Toulouse have some injurys too to key players and coming off a trip to Toronto it will be hard for them.

    1895 Cup

    Could they not play as trialists?

    1895 Cup

    Dont see the point in risking first team players on Wednesday night, send fringe players and fill out with u19's.
  8. Great result, well done all. The stick Cresta was getting on here was deserved, the same old rubbish was being served up week in week out. Now some changes have been made positionally wise and hopefully the corner has been turned. It wasn't all down to injurys. People wont want to play Barrow now if this form can be kept going.
  9. Makes absolute sense what you have said there, hopefully this happens, forget about the 1895 cup and concentrate on the league. Very good result yesterday.
  10. Sure I read the 1895 final is after the CC final, stupid if it is.
  11. Good ref. Everything thing will be his fault if things dont go Barrows way though. Listening to some of the fans on the popular side is embarrassing!

    1895 Cup

    Bradford totally out enthused us in the first half, wasnt good to watch! 2nd half totally different, must have got a good bollocking at half time. Jono Smith was outstanding at both 2nd row and hooker! Susino immense in 2nd half and was good to see Dallimore play a more unstructured game.

    1895 Cup

    Cant see Barrow going full strength for it either.
  14. Good old RFL will probably confirm this in September!
  15. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, wont always please everyone. Great result today, can only play what's in front of you.
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