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  1. Massive loss, very good strike player. Just hope Puara isn't going to go home now he's by himself, that would knacker the season right up.
  2. Sounds like they are wrapping Jewitt in cotton wool ready for the season proper from what Cresta says in the Mail. Also says Ritson will be looked after too.
  3. I'm sure I read its £12 general admission.
  4. That's a shame, been a good honest player throughout his career. His experience would have been good in trying to get out of league one.
  5. I've not seen anything official on this, is it true?
  6. I'd like to see Brett Carter signed up again, plays with aggression and can cover a few positions. Just not very good at climbing Christmas trees
  7. Just got to hope he's over the concussion problems, if he is will be a very good signing at league one level.
  8. Ford on one wing, Ritson on the other for me.
  9. He's a belter, can play big minutes and always plays at a very high level.
  10. Why would the locals who play up the coast want to come to Barrow now? People seem to think building a half decent squad will bounce straight back up to the Championship, I somehow think Workington, Newcastle, Oldham, Hunslet etc... would have something to say about that. Barrow seem to have some players who are missing most of the season, dont see how they can be kept on personally. Excellent news keeping hold of the PNG lads, at least they know what they're coming to now.
  11. I'm neither sorry. Like I say hes been good for the club, but personally think it's time for a change, things have gone stale.
  12. Safe to say with the squad we had this year we have underachieved. Should have been around the 8th/9th place which would have been a steady improvement over the previous season. Yes theres been a lot of injuries but this isn't the reason things have gone badly. Ball in hand things have been way to predictable and defence has been poor. Will be interesting to see which players stick around for league 1. Personally think it's time for a new coach, Cresta has been great for the club however I think hes taken things as far as he can now and fresh ideas are needed. It wont be easy getting out of league 1 straight away but it needs to happen.
  13. Deon Cross is no slouch either. James Nixon and Andy Ballard were a very quick pair of wingers.
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