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    All things rugby league. Follow Huddersfield and Hunslet Warriors.
  1. Hunslet Warriors are welcoming applications for the vacant position of 1st team head coach. We ask that anybody interested should have their level 2 coaching badge and contact chairman Los Baker on 07702975675. May we also take this opportunity to thank and show our appreciation to outgoing coach Paul Jackson who is leaving due to other commitments. In Jackos 3 years in charge we have won the NCL division 2 title 2011/12 and the Interim NCL championship. Also narrowly missing out on promotion from Division 1 this season. He has done this whilst remaining a full time super league player. We look forward to seeing Jacko in our front row in a couple of years. Once again thanks from all all the players, committee and supporters.
  2. Forgot to mention number 4. 4. Be prepared to cheat and breach the salary cap, with the comfort of knowing you wont be dealt with in the same manner as ANY other club!
  3. Second favourite - Other clubs you like...

    Huddersfield - born and bred and lifetime supporter. 2nd team Barrow (went there this year to watch Hunslet Warriors and were looked after brilliantly) NRL - NZ Warriors (cos they arent australian) Amateur - Hunslet Warriors (watch them and now live in Hunslet) St Josephs (Huddersfield) Got alot of pals playing there
  4. My heart says Fartown and thats good enough for me.
  5. England 17 for the opening game

    Graham for Fielden and Crabtree for Lynch. Probably get grief for this but Cudjoe for Shenton.
  6. Huddersfield vs Wigan at Fartown 1981

    i might be wrong but i think Tony Johnson is a sergeant at halifax (police) and is also on the rfl disciplinary panel.
  7. World's ten best full backs

    Super league has no decent full backs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whos the current man of steel?! Tomkns will never be an out and out fb. He couldnt tackle donald and he is an over the hill WINGER!
  8. joel tomkins kick

    Typical pie eaters. A few weeks ago Keith Mason stood on Fieldens ankle and they wanted his head on a plate, no punishment was big enough. Now Tomkins does similar its not an issue!!!!!!!! Mason is a cheap shot merchant but Tomkins is worse in my opinion. Its not the first cheap shot from him this season. In fairness it was somert and nowt but so was Masons. Same old Wigan always cheating!
  9. Paul Sykes in E ngland squad AGAIN!

    Sinfield had a good 4 nations at hooker last year. Apart from him I agree with you.
  10. Steve Mcnamara has named 10 of his 37 squad for the 4 nations. Obviously he can only pick from teams not involved in the play offs. And once again Paul Sykes has been picked. What has he ever done for England (or Bradford) ? Why not put Sheriffe and Platt in for good measure! I believe the squad will be trimmed but I bet Sykes doesnt get cut!
  11. Barrow for SL?

    I was at Craven Park earlier in the season and loved it. The fans and staff there are great, it does need some development but I would rather go to Barrow than Widnes any day.
  12. Hey, were on the telly!

    made my tv debut back in 1997 against Hull Sharks. My most recent was celebrating beating Saints at Warrington last year. My mate Tansey is on everytime Huddersfield are on sky. Hes the middle aged bloke who wears the claret and gold arabic hat. Im sure he has a contract withtem.
  13. Hull FC v Leeds Rhinos

    dont really give a flying! Huddersfield will finish 5th after spanking the froggies!