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  1. Come on guys, we have had worse seasons.
  2. No comment 👎
  3. Believe sykes and potts both out of Fridays game. 😊
  4. Lillycrop Smeaton Ainscough
  5. I reckon we will be at home to the rams.
  6. There are notices dotted about the club, there is definatly one in the gents at the back of the tommo stand, ring station coaches for details.
  7. Only putting the Batley player on report was a game changer!! Sorry, But Braceks 3 high tackles on Alex Rowe, and Barlow 2 off the ball tackles should have been game changers, Bracek in the bath and Barlow in the bin. And yes I have just watched it again to be sure. Other than that good game, and good luck for rest of the season.
  8. Hallett Lillicrop Scott
  9. Any volunteers? 😂
  10. I reckon it's gunna be a bulldog blitz, sorry couldn't resist it.
  11. It was claimed, by the young lady sitting in front of me. 😕
  12. 1 Manning 2 Davy 3 Ainscough
  13. "England players shirts" sorry. It's at the bottom of the red cross.
  14. Can anyone tell me what the number on the front of the England players is please?
  15. I think it should be kept going, if it's not needed for winning pay, it could be used for something else.