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    I wouldn't say you failed miserably, you obviously had a lot on your plate, these things happen. Count me in for this season number 159.

    Kevin, did this email ever go out? If it did I never received it.
  3. He is back

    Okay guys, it's a done deal, he's signed on the dotted line, let's just see what happens. No point in arguing about it, the club ain't going to turn round and say "sorry Tom, the deals off cos some of the forum members don't like you". If he reads this he's not going to fired up is he?
  4. 120 people needed Sat 26/8

    Be nice if we could get a photo with the trophy as well, would look good hanging on the wall in Ron's lounge.
  5. MOM Dogs v Rams part four

    1. Brown 2. Rettie 3. Walker
  6. Great Get Together

    Many thanks to all at the club for organising it, a cracking day.
  7. swinton v dogs match thread

    Ainy had a cut under his chin, there's a video floating about on instagram of the doc stitching him up.
  8. FREE Admission v Eagles

    How about contacting Lizzie Jones to see if she's available to sing aswell as the band. Get in touch with look north and calender might bring a few neutrals in.
  9. monday

    Come on guys, we have had worse seasons.
  10. dewsbury away

    No comment ?
  11. rams v Bulldogs Match Thread

    Believe sykes and potts both out of Fridays game. ?
  12. Batley v Rochdale MOM

    Lillycrop Smeaton Ainscough
  13. Toulouse v Batley Challenge cup

    I reckon we will be at home to the rams.
  14. Away Matches

    There are notices dotted about the club, there is definatly one in the gents at the back of the tommo stand, ring station coaches for details.
  15. Today at Batley

    Only putting the Batley player on report was a game changer!! Sorry, But Braceks 3 high tackles on Alex Rowe, and Barlow 2 off the ball tackles should have been game changers, Bracek in the bath and Barlow in the bin. And yes I have just watched it again to be sure. Other than that good game, and good luck for rest of the season.