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  1. "England players shirts" sorry. It's at the bottom of the red cross.
  2. Can anyone tell me what the number on the front of the England players is please?
  3. I think it should be kept going, if it's not needed for winning pay, it could be used for something else.
  4. It's theft, involve the police, simple.
  5. Nobody left at Bradford, all south bound on A1.
  6. Can anybody tell me the winning numbers from yesterday's war chest draws please. Thank you.
  7. Who's next?
  8. Contact the club, they probably have some.
  9. Frannie cummins
  10. The scoreboard is NOT fixed down, it gets moved and locked away after each match.
  11. And a bigger bus than the fax one please
  12. Plus ifs over the doghouse, it's prone to vandalism, at least when it's mobile it can be locked away.
  13. Thought the system was top notch, not sure about the music choices though.
  14. Got mi snow shovel ready ☺
  15. Merry Christmas guys.