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  1. and then the inevitable wave of disappointment, that would follow a 5 minute stint that saw him blow out of his ######, give numerous penalties away and be yellow carded
  2. Oh well, half backs Woods and White but will need cover, especially with Woods injury record. We only have 2 half backs now!
  3. It's not about that, it's about the possibility of earning extra revenue the further you progress in the cup, especially when the Big Boys enter. Granted, not much chance of progressing after that but an away game against Leeds, Wigan, Saints, Hull KR will attract good crowds which equals good revenue (50/50 split of gate receipts). Money that is well needed.
  4. White will go in to 13 with Meadows at 6. I also think Browny will be on that list and that Senior will have a centre starting spot in front of Burton.
  5. Great news. Feared for both him and White moving to home town Oldham.
  6. Agree White 13, Woods 7 and Meadows 6 (when it is announced he has signed)
  7. Great outside back, good meter eater coming out of yardage, great finisher, safe under the high ball and can defend. All that Boafo has when I have seen him is pace. You need more than that at this level.
  8. Because if they are good enough they're old/young enough! The dip was not age related. It was the constant week in-week out grind, with no rest weeks that got to us - as it did Fax who played same amount of games with a bigger squad and more loanees or DR? I know Wembley was great (a win would have been better) but it was also a curse which came and bit us last 1/3 of the season.
  9. This has cheered up a gloomy weekend. Was rumoured that Bulls and Fax were sniffing round, along with the potential for Linners to scoop him for Cas. The only Q is what number will he have on his back this season, supposing we retain Meadows and Woods?
  10. Great retention by the club. Word was that he was retiring. In my opinion, the best outside back we have.
  11. Must have been decent money as for some it was their primary (in some cases only) income. Don't see the likes of Ford, Hankinson, Kherreiliah, Leilua, Taylor plus all the SL loanees being on part-time money.
  12. PhilDog, get off their case FFS. Did you not read Kev's post prior to writing this.?
  13. Makes sense, both of them have played for Swinton previously, and both from that side of the Pennines too!
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