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  1. What do we expect from team selection? I wonder will we see Elliot Hall this weekend the only new signing who didn't play against Dewsbury... surely our 13 who will start against fax will play the first 20 or final 20
  2. This weeks we travel to post office road Featherstone in our last pre season match before the challenge cup hopefully we see a bit more progress from last weekend's game vs the rams the game is live on Rovers TV for free...
  3. Away clubs will only make 10% less than their 20% from pre sales...
  4. No same price £4.95 per game £10 on the day but £15 for 4 games in the cup or £20 for 7 games over the Easter weekend which I think is a bargain
  5. Hopefully if it did surely a subscription fee would come into play like the nrl/fox sport channel make worthwhile all games available on demand by 8pm game day but show 3 live games over a weekend Saturday 5pm Sunday 1.30pm & 6pm but also show classic games host chat shows I'm sure Matthew shaw and a few coaches/players could a thing maybe a boots n all highlight show with every try and interview on also behind the scenes at clubs
  6. The Bradford vs Leeds is a favourite of mine as Roy Powell seals the game for northern - he sort of sticks two fingers to dougie Laughton who cost him his testimonial at Leeds
  7. Mick Gledhill won't be biased doing the bulls which is a shame
  8. No because when the seasons starts aka fans allowed in they'll stop streaming surely
  9. I thought it was ok we didn't offer anything when Gilmore went off the field... I thought the old guard tried too much to impress I think we will be alright when he knows his spine in attack next week...
  10. The play the ball was speed up in super league when the game was restarted I think 13 big blokes will struggle without scrums
  11. People have while midnight tonight before the price is £10
  12. John loves playing down the middle at times so nothing will change... we shall see
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