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  1. Seems we have got our injuries all at once according to the press with Brearley Walker, Bretherton and Brambani Reittie still missing but Galbraith and Taria could be season ending injuries also Manning is missing one game due to suspension
  2. Because one week you have a match and for 2-3 weeks your games are called off on the morning of a match when you could of done something with family etc I know lads now who are committed and happy playing week in week out
  3. Because the rules in Yorkshire league etc ain’t as strict as the NCL... the leagues are still ran like the 1990s etc batley Boys won the league two seasons on the bounce but played 70% of the game if not less and when the game was called off it was the morning of the game with nothing happening to the side calling the game off and they needed to be.. the NCL has rules and regulations that stops it been ran as a pub league
  4. The National Conference league must be booming then as seen in the last 4/5 years at batley boys has they’ve taken off at open level and it’s gone right through the club down to tots and u7s but then again certain clubs don’t help themselves i agree about numbers dropping but that’s down to clubs taking kids at 13/14 and letting them go at 16/17 and not letting them play with their amateur clubs as they are seen as robots
  5. Amateurs won’t wanna as they enjoy playing with mates and boozing etc for me cut the scholarship system if you wanna play with a pro club you can from 17 if they sign you but can play in the u18 league but can still play at amateur level until a pro contract has been signed then move up to reserves etc
  6. Keighley fev fax along with Whitehaven and York i’ve heard are the others
  7. He nearly cost us the game after the missed kick & hooter going
  8. He’s coaching at Newcastle with Simon Finnagan but if he was a free agent i’d of accepted the name
  9. Jack could easily fit in super league shame he won’t atm with hurrell in the other centre with Newman his try yesterday was a wonderful try
  10. Didn’t happen yesterday at Waterhead at hensingham
  11. Tommo actually came by chance after Darryl van de Velde who was Castleford coach at time asked tommo to fly to England and try out at cas but they’d just signed mike ford from Oldham and he came to batley the rest is history 2002 him and dean lawford were unstoppable at times and shame he didn’t bow out with a grand final appearance after the season we had... a certain centre of Leigh’s injured our only prop that day
  12. People need to wake up if they think we won’t go down... fixtures remaining York (H) Leigh (A) Rochdale (A) Dewsbury (H) Toulouse (A) Featherstone (H) Barrow (A) games in bold we must win!!!
  13. A few injuries this week according to the evening post https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/batley-bulldogs-under-pressure-after-game-management-lets-them-down-at-swinton-lions-1-9863780
  14. But we’ve never been relegated unlike fev
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