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  1. Batley have played dewsbury good Friday 1993-1994 since properly then again in 1999 when both sides were in the same league always evening kick off apart from 2017
  2. He was decent at full back too, wardy had knowledge of players such as Moxon, Irvine and Middleton who all joined in swaps or transfer fee's that wouldn't happen now in the game Appleby joined for keighley on big money at the time same with picksley and Richard price who was only one was turned out a good buy steve Barnett, Abraham Phillips and Bob Grant
  3. He came on trial for 3 games didn't sign wasn't bad actually... better than some players we've had since Not many players can say they've scored for batley at Castleford
  4. Must of forgotten Batley beat them at keighley two seasons on the bounce
  5. Yes swapped with Neil Roden before the league season started was paired with Steve Jones before he moved to rugby union on big bucks we'd of beaten Widnes at home if either of them had of kicked easy goals
  6. Rettie doncaster 2014 rowe
  7. Just got 16/1 on a Jay Duffy drop goal
  8. No rugby until 3rd of April
  9. Helped our confidence I bet, only one win on the mount all season last year...
  10. Correct DD or Batley would lose an interchange for not name a full 21
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