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  1. Another centre for me i’d go Hooley Morton new centre Buchanan Broughton for me
  2. Really better than we have? I’d rather not... we went there last time when he came back from dewsbury he was off again within the year... leak with a Ben Kaye stint from the bench will work for me
  3. Bravo was injuried over 4 years ... bowring was a chance that didn’t work out.. maybe he’s job has given the opportunity to go down there like scott’s
  4. Post office road belle vue ( the old house of pain) craven park (barrow) boulevard willows
  5. Leak scored but was called back on the free play call
  6. Deffo Kear’s top 3 no offence to Karl’s cup side but that kear’s side did it over a season while Karl did brilliantly in the northern rail cup.. but struggled in the league
  7. The bulldogs finished 7th place in the Northern Ford premiership following a 57-18 defeat to barrow which saw club legend Glen Tomlinson break the club record try in a career... Batley went into the play offs with 3 defeats in 12 wins in 15 games following the buddies cup in the spring as they lost to Sheffield, Huddersfield and Barrow
  8. Maybe DB has told him create some media attention on us... it’s a good story to have if DB has done that for the Leigh the club/championship if the rumour is right JS and woods are off... that would only leave you with 2 HB... maybe Benji would then join but that’s the thing with the off season plus it’s a longer silly off season.. p.s is that the media’s job to publish a rumour or just sit back report the same old stuff let’s be grateful it gets published
  9. Fev lad is Morgan dad played for York John Smith grandad for fev Peter Smith
  10. 1 year deal so who knows where woods will end up
  11. Knowing what certain players want in the current climate and knowing they haven’t played since March could be considered as silly plus they’ll be a year older... if Leigh fev York and others wanna spend above their means let them... i doubt Kevin will spend above their means
  12. Do you believe anything that comes out of a rams fans mouth if a certain mr F told me it was snowing I’d check also... Let’s back Kev linners to pull the players to our club who want to play here and not just care about £££
  13. Having seen him play maybe a stint in championship one was needed he’s not a world beater I don’t expect that I expect a grafter with 100% attitude and respect for the fans and club a certain second rower we got from you lot lacked that.. maybe with better coaching he’d of got that! I’d of liked to see JK get his hands on him... he turned around keegan a few times in his career... in life seems you always take one step back before going forward that’s what josh will of done lingard knows him... it’s a shame fev got joe summers now he’s a player who will play super league in the future
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