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  1. If he plays... been named a few times & hasn’t played I'm sure Lingard will have a game plan
  2. Played last Sunday against fax riley was recalled by Warrington but was banned this week brining was helped off with his hamstring
  3. Heard Sweeting isn’t playing 6 either
  4. No kirmond, O’hagan Riley dean or kris Brining for York either
  5. I don’t get where you think Sanderson was to replace Yates and be first choice Lingard said all way through pre season he was short of a championship quality half back which for me sanderson isn’t... Is Reittie gonna take Hall JC or Broughton or Morton out of the side when fit? No chance I like reittie been a brilliant servant to us but it’s time to move on.. good job it’s not 8/8 and we are sat on there the Top of the league you’d find nothing to moan about mr Lingard or his selections
  6. Yeah he last played for us there but has been keeping match fit for hunslet we have a 2 massive weeks coming up if we get numbers right again Craig has some selection headaches if we get Buchanan back I’d go Walshaw in the 2nd row with bowman at 13...
  7. Bowman hasn’t played since dewsbury in March... he will of been blowing training is totally different to match fitness
  8. Leak lillycrop gledhill/Gilmore our completion rate in the 1st 20 minutes of the 2nd half won us the game
  9. I’m not been funny if people can tell who came on and off every 5 minutes they’d not see the match - subs are made very quick to what they used to be years ago...
  10. Wasn’t from the old man haven’t seen him this weekend I was speaking to our recent debutant yesterday
  11. York - 4/10 performance at best spears and clarkson best for them in a poor performance against fax who have hit form in the last few weeks the 2 weeks will see where we will finish this season before July and August
  12. Whitehaven isn’t ever a easy place to win our 5th win since 1994 which isn’t bad with our missing list onto York next week - well done to Lingard and the boys on a great win
  13. 3 injuries And a few self isolation’s every club doesn’t update their fans with injuries I’ve never known as many folk Moan as the last 48 hours on here...
  14. Really? Bowman back with George senior who’s been playing well for Hunslet Leave it to Lingard who plays & doesn’t
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