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  1. Happens with every subject on here it’s getting silly
  2. Rourke reminds me of Hooley great in attack which we missed last year when he didn’t play no offence to McGowan he was more of a defensive fullback
  3. Why we’ve got 3 homes in the summer hopefully the club learn from previous seasons and get the ball rolling with entertainment etc for them games
  4. Heard a few SL clubs are looking at him including London and Hull Fc
  5. I doubt we went for him as he didn’t show the last time we arranged a meeting
  6. Hearing we could have one last signing to join us
  7. Hopes there’s people of here putting their ten bob in
  8. Only Bradford it seems fev and Halifax are and have more coin than us
  9. The right people speaking to each other and people not looking after former employees or friends as we know Powell and a certain Aston are when we needed dual reg in 2017
  10. Different times bob, I didn’t like the it after 2017 but this time it will work 2013 we didn’t do to bad with the giants seems nearly everyone in the championship will be using it in 2024
  11. Shirts might be down to waiting on new sponsors etc can’t be helped Club have an event on before Xmas with glen Tomlinson, maybe try and sell it out and support the club that way
  12. Maybe we’ve not announced new signings yet as they will be on trial at the club
  13. Finally you get something into the stubborn man…
  14. So another player goes SL let’s have a look at the last 20 years of players who have joined us on loan or permeant to save their careers Dean Lawford Michael Wainwright Luke Menzies Jermaine Mcgilvary Alex Walmsley Josh Griffin Jake Connor Luke Hooley James Green
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