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  1. Underdogs come up fighting when given no chance I’d just love Batley to win to for the older generation in the family… who have supported and sponsored the club for years
  2. Batley will be fired up for this one… I’m sure mr lingard will want to damage boyhood club for a chance in a final batley going into the game as underdogs will be master stroke and the fans will be behind the team for 80 minutes on Sunday as they were at barrow
  3. The underdogs come to the post office road for the third play off tie in the history… Will shall see come 6pm Sunday evening who’s playing in the final… I’m not gonna predict anything but hopefully a big crowd will be there for both clubs who have played well this year
  4. Why? The club have beaten the higher club and fax been knocked out means Batley now can finish 3rd overall depending on next weeks results
  5. What a team what a coach what a club 1-17 today class the fans were class
  6. 1.leak 2. meadows 3. JC/ manu
  7. Nope it’s not on… so get there and get behind the lads
  8. Get booked on the woodman we’ll look after you
  9. Because clubs don’t have respect like Batley it’s been said for years
  10. Looking at who they had on their bench I’d of laughed if we’d of signed that player 3 year ago our centre senior was playing ncl division 3 meanwhile I watched Josh charnley lift the challenge cup for Warrington today they faced each other… No offence to us we shouldn’t be in the play offs but we are due to hard work and effort not money
  11. Did you go? I didn’t but I’ve seen praise about our support and performance…
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