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  1. That hull side are one of the favourites for the SL add shaul and Danny haughton to it and they won’t be far off I expected a bigger score line when I saw the team... but I was proven wrong by our effort and other things following the hunslet defeat... We will be fine if we get a get a few loans in...
  2. Ask Mauny I’m he’ll explain its down to sponsorship... they sponsor us and we help their club...
  3. I bet white will miss the most... Ward just had a no feeling in his calf manning did it xmas eve and still played
  4. Turned into a pre season game the 2003 season I think it would be better to start the season in December/January and finish in August
  5. I wondered why it happened... I understand it’s due to turn at the rams in 2020 with the bulls playing there too... unless They wanted to trial it anyway it’s been and gone learn from mistakes I know a few who didn’t bother going this year nothing really to play for... for me it’s need to be a league match
  6. both sides have agreed to 20 players no walker or Galbraith we have enough without the trialist I guess
  7. our Defence improved by 150% from the previous year... harrison got the bulldog spirit back in the work rate in defence hopefully lingard can bring it back to life next season
  8. I picked black in my first side with Handforth
  9. You could name 3-4 teams not everyone fits into 17... shows how much of a good decade with have another team here preece, Alex Brown Griffin Bretherton Johnson Walker Brambani Walmsley Leak James Green Day Manning Blake Applegarth Mennell Mcgilvary Toohey
  10. League Express came up with the following team: Fullback – Quentin Laulu-Togagae Winger – Will Sharp Centre – Greg Worthington Centre – Menzie Yere Winger – Liam Kay Stand-off – Martyn Ridyard Scrum-half – Ryan Brierley Prop – Eddie Battye Hooker – Bob Beswick Prop – Mitch Stringer Second-row – Dane Manning Second-row – Andrew Dixon Loose-forward – John Davies I’d take John Davies out for Ash Lindsay... I don’t know how Liam Finn or Andy Kain didn’t get in both used to wear dinner jackets against us... I remember Finn when he wore one against us for fev in 2010/2011 on a muddy afternoon JC could of been in if he’d of hit his 2010 try scoring form... my batley team of decade: Greenwood Reittie Walton Maun Campbell handforth black gledhill lythe Hirst Bretherton Davies Lindsay subs: moore Rowe Brown Smith
  11. Why would any club let their fans know they’ve spoken to a players... it would help other clubs etc
  12. I forgot one match that will live in the memory under Rhino 28-0 vs the local enemy at home first league 2011.....
  13. Doesn’t really need to be around so far I bet with no matches been played maybe after Boxing Day etc he’ll have a input... also Cunningham didn’t do to bad at saints won the SL title with a strange HB pair... just got let down when he needed the support the fans and team... Linners won’t be a bad coach give him time & the support he deserves..
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