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  1. Batley boys played them in the national cup either 2003 or 2004 at batley
  2. Good signing will add power to the pack rated by the York faithful bring on 2020
  3. Featherstone have got their 2020 playing home shirt, season tickets out already building on the success from their grand final feel good success, York have their 2020 season tickets out and videos of their new ground out plus announcing sponsors for the upcoming season It just doesn’t come on field for me
  4. As it been discussed certain aspects in defence & attack basics need to be shown Leeds under Tony smith at one point went back to it been stripped down and learnt everything again it works sometimes but I doubt championship players have 6 hours a day to train... clubs are lucky to have 7-8 hours a week to train! big difference is the game is changing every day now with more teams going full time etc
  5. Players have to be coached the basics and have to enjoy that... if rumours are right they didn’t just remember Harrison took half of the GT side from 2008/2009 and made them into to a top 3 winning trophy side but it wasn’t good enough for some.. JK same 2013-2016 best years of watching batley despite a blip 2 months from the grand final which included two defeats to Workington and Doncaster at home we’ve signed two players who know the division in Morton & Walshaw yes he’s been around the clubs but he’s played championship for a few years.. we might not make the top 5 but we will finish higher than 2019 and don’t forget Widnes,Bradford are not full time...
  6. If we play Huddersfield I think it would be the first team due to it been Jermaine testimonial game
  7. You can if the coach can’t motivate you to play for the club, fans etc look at Halifax result at home they must of wanted to win that one...
  8. Why are people panicking the season hasn’t even finished properly yet... lingard Harrison and the club have everything under control
  9. This weeks back page about leak, campbell and walker plus smeaton
  10. Leak it’s online in this weeks press Jc & Walker haven’t signed
  11. No he’s is not... he’s back in the building trade
  12. Might learn a few things from lingard tbh, I bet scotty won’t be far off with tries next year
  13. Get down to crow nest park 2:30 for the local derby play off semi final as Batley Boys take on dewsbury Celtic in the NCL play off semi final for a chance of a promotion final... be a good game and a great way to your rugby fix
  14. Well it’s not Tyler your source is worse than nosey Parker
  15. Davey Dixon linked according to league weekly this weekend winger ex keighley Scotland international
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