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  1. Sad news for the club after the last few month, great kid well respected within the camp
  2. https://t.co/3a1ag88OQp?amp=1 a justgiving page has been set up to support Archie’s family by the rugby league benevolent fund
  3. Sad news thoughts are with all the family and friends plus everyone in France gutted about losing a great talent in the game result and what else doesn’t matter anymore! I’m sure mr Ball will help his family and friends and teammates
  4. Did the wife? Will she be back Expected really bookies weren’t wrong with the -28 in the game
  5. He might not be... there’s some good centres coming through the system watch out for Scott at fc he played too, we might have another Hanley who can play full back and centre, another couple of gibbons in the ranks... and I watch a lot of youth rugby.. Alex sutcliffe is a good centre too it’s gonna be a hard choice to pick and I’m glad it’s not me...
  6. Who’s better than them? Newman has played regular this year Experience will help them plus playing regular in super league I can see both going on to play for GB in the future... both Highly rated at Leeds by coaches including Rob burrow also Brian McDermott and James Ford I’m sure even Wayne Bennett watched how both played for Yorkshire and England Vs Aussie Schoolboys last December
  7. If he plays like he did against the Aussies he’ll be playing SL in 2020.. just needs a fair chance him & Harry Newman could be our 2025 centres come the World Cup
  8. Ashton has just signed for Warrington from swinton I doubt we will any of the players you’ve mentioned
  9. Naylor is off back to Salford in some capacity I heard last week but we shall see
  10. I don’t think anyone is poor but potential and ability wise they’ve underachieved and haven’t reach potential at all.. yesterday seemed like a pre season match due... players are putting themselves in the shop window for new deals 2020 we need to either improve or we will be left further behind
  11. 4 left with Sunday dewsbury and fev at home Toulouse and barrow away
  12. I’ll trust my source you trust yours mines always right unlike some
  13. Really the challenge cup vs Bradford and Saints would be More tougher mentally & physically plus no offence to our semi final I’m our players would of loved to have been at bolton vs saints etc hopefully we learn in 2020 if not we could be further behind the grind
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