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  1. I have added him back onto the matrix. When he was here last year he appeared 4 times 3 as sub and scored two tries.
  2. You will just have to turn up with cash of the realm.
  3. The updated player stats for 14/04/2019.
  4. Even closer Batley v Dewsbury less than two miles as the crow flies or four and half if I'm staggering back after a few pints.
  5. Agreeing with both Distantdog and Dogfather. Kevin, Matt might get praise if and once more good matches and wins come forth, as you say the telling point will be over the Easter period, if Batley win all three then and probably only then there might be belief in Matts methods. I'm neither for or against Matt as I said to you I was greatly disappointed in the set, last week showed what can be done and I would think most fans believed that the team played for one another, that's the last I will say on the matter.
  6. They are derbies to you, you couldn't classify any of the English, French, aussies or Kiwi's as derbies. I have already started saving up for our away trips over there, I love the idea of it all.
  7. Don't understand it unless he is on DR as in the piece above it says he as resigned for the eagles mindst there is no date on it just RT by the RFL
  8. He He typical Yorkshire man
  9. Jouffret Yates, he deserves it for all the heavy treatment he received Brearley. It was hard to pick three any of the team would have qualified, even the water carriers.
  10. And just to think if you get into super league next season you are going to loose out on 2 local derbies i.e New York and Ottawa now the League 1 and Championship clubs have accepted them into the competition in 2020.
  11. Dickinson is out I believe he had an operation on his thumb on Monday and will be out for about 6 weeks.
  12. Now we are back on line here are the players stats after the Widnes match.
  13. I can't really help you with this, but Bradford Park Avenue football club pitch was a massive field as also Yorkshire County Cricket Club held fixtures there as well, and with there being a Cup mentioned on there, they possibly held a cricket cup competition.
  14. RogerT


    Although not a genuine rugby related question, my brother in Manchester set me thinking, with the imminent closure and possible sale of the Time Piece, where else in Dewsbury centre does a rugby fan go to have a drink.
  15. Definitely DR and that's how I have down in the players listed.
  16. Belated good birthday wishes to you and also hope your dream comes true.
  17. It was also in the 1970's when the Heavy Woollen played it also on a Sunday morning.
  18. It was run in the Heavy Woollen area(Batley and Dewsbury) many years ago as a workshop league, off the top of my head the positions dropped where fullback and loose forward..
  19. For what it's worth going with 3 half backs last week seemed to work, looks like one injury Dickinson due for an op, looks like Galbraith could be available.
  20. They seem to have changed the format again, you used to simply go onto the rfl site click on disciplinary and input your teams name and hey presto the names appeared and case numbers, unless I'm missing something.
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