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  1. Might have had better use leaving it through Rodney Walkers window
  2. Has it been built yet?
  3. Could it be that all the professionals called in 'sick' when they realised they were going to be stood near Hull KR fans?
  4. There's not necessarily a correlation, my point of Walker not being the brightest lends weight to the argument he is being swayed by others such as his agent. That doesn't mean he won't make it to the top - just look at John Bateman for example
  5. Having heard from Walker a few times, he doesn't appear to be the sharpest tool in the box so hardly surprising.....
  6. Anyone know anything about the Penrith and Newcastle Knights players? I assume they don't think Frizzell will make the cut so have let the Aussies have him 😉
  7. Hardly surprising that the Aussies are now interested in watching the premier RL competition in the world
  8. I wonder where that leaves Ratchford. Or has he actually gone for the money, rather than a guaranteed number 1 jersey?
  9. I think he potentially is but if he believes that he should stay and back himself to win that number 1 jersey. Hardaker did when Webb was there and similarly Golding when Hardaker was. If he goes to any other big club he'll face competition and no guarantee of being number 1
  10. Do you have proof of that?
  11. I'm not sure the RFL have any jurisdiction over off season friendly matches to be fair
  12. Are there any that Parky hasn't ruined yet?
  13. It's very rare for all players to be fit at the same time so I wouldn't be too concerned
  14. Personally I think skills of union has digressed over the last 20 years in favour of bulk but I don't wish this to turn into a cross code topic. For sure U16s can still be developed into RL players, any later and the chances diminish greatly