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  1. It’s pretty obvious Swinton don’t want them in, why do you think they put Manchester in their latest badge. We’ll see next year anyway, when the RFL decides on who’s in for 2019
  2. Manchester Rangers got told the RFL would not be considering any more new entrants before 2019. I have seen nowhere to suggest the RFL laughed at their bid and deemed it not credible, quite the opposite. They were more concerned about colonising of other clubs, and existing clubs not to wanting them in
  3. Catalan Dragons 2018 Thread

    So why let Dezaria go?
  4. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    Yeah I know that was the case a few months ago but rumours are they are trying to resurrect it which would tie in if these 2 drop out. Whether it will happen remains to be seen
  5. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    Agreed, the All Golds would be the more likely to keep going at a lower level, given they’re a hybrid club
  6. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    There are also still rumours about the Southern (amateur) Conference being resurrected next year which could tie in.
  7. Go on then, show us evidence that the RFL said Manchester Rangers bid wasn’t credible and that they laughed at it?
  8. I’m not sure what I’m meant to be right about apart from that Perez has been involved which I know is a fact. Its clear you know little about Manchester Rangers so the less said about that the better
  9. crowd for opener

    I would say Greece’s tournament win was similar actually. Greece scraped through their group, defeating an ordinary Portugal side, drawing with Spain and losing to Russia. They then beat a past it French side in the quarters before beating Czech Republic and then Portugal again in the final. The general point you’re making I would agree on though
  10. Yes, New York. But you believe what you want to believe. Honestly, I’ve had more insightful conversations with the cat
  11. crowd for opener

    You mean like Sheffield winning the Challenge Cup?
  12. What is and what isn’t fake news these days eh? Journalists often fabricate and make things up, often in broadsheets. I have no idea if the RFL have given the bid the thumbs up but I do know from people on the ground that Perez has been heavily involved behind the scenes assisting with this (and no that doesn’t automatically mean it will be a success). The opinion of someone who denigrated the whole bid, based on someone’s past career is frankly irrelevant so I’m sure NYC won’t lose any sleep over it
  13. crowd for opener

    Haha good one
  14. crowd for opener

    Hardly, all those examples had teams which went undefeated for huge lengths of time, being totally dominant. The Kiwis have beaten Oz a few times and England have challenged so the argument is a weak one
  15. You're getting caught up in the semantics of a quote. Perez is not directly involved in NYC bid now no, he is not a founder. Has he done work getting them to be in a position where they can submit a proposal to the RFL? Yes.