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  1. Competition sponsors are very hard to find in the UK at the moment - football and union are struggling. Union couldn’t get any takers for the Aviva Premiership so Aviva did a 1 year extension at a much reduced rate. Same with RBS and 6 Nations. Who’s ever heard of the League Cup football sponsor?
  2. widnes

    Where to? Runcorn?
  3. Sargison back to SL

    I’m amazed by the amount of negativity towards Sarginson on here. He was injured most of last year and whilst he didn’t have the best 2016, the lad is young, still only 24 and plenty of ability and potential. An improvement on Gelling in my opinion, who was more rocks than diamonds
  4. Shane Richardson would be a good candidate to be fair
  5. England WC shirt farce

    Perhaps they’re keen to get back in the rugby market and therefore have offered the RFL the best deal for what would be a flagship partner for them? Or we could just write it off as another useless RFL decision without knowing the facts
  6. Good post. However what legacy would you expect for holding a one off game in Ireland? If they are committing funds, I have no issue with spreading the love and it might help long term. You continue to plant seeds, not everyone will germinate but you can’t just host a one-off game there and if a League 1 side doesn’t materialise, say it’s not worth it. The game is finally developing some pathways in Ireland and whilst at embryonic stage, a WC game could be a good catalyst
  7. Quite, I’d imagine he works extremely long hours in a generally thankless job, which contains multiple roles. He is an internationalist and therefore I am more happy with him in the role than some others. He’s also probably better suited to it than his role in RFL
  8. Leigh receive parachute payment

    Not at all, we should not be subsiding a club who has underperformed regardless of who they are
  9. I sincerely hope Rimmer is nowhere in contention for any top role, he’d be worse than Wood who i’d describe as a competent administrator and weak leader. I won’t divulge my thoughts on Rimmer other than that they are less complimentary. They could do with showing him the door
  10. Can Rugby League ever succeed in Wales?

    I think you’re being generous giving it 4/10
  11. christmas

    The SL champions are playing Wakey on Boxing Day as is tradition and is well attended
  12. Sargison back to SL

    Someone will have to move then cos both him and Gildart play left centre
  13. Leigh receive parachute payment

    This the same hard-up clubs who couldnt afford a reserves team? Interesting....
  14. Luis Johnson

    In fairness, he’s probably a straight replacement for Jullien who they probably got a similar fee for
  15. New Women's RL rankings

    No worries, thought I best clarify in case anyone thought I was being muggy