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  1. Can’t believe Darcy Lussick is a marque signing. He’s been nothing but ordinary in games for Toronto I’ve seen, barely good enough for Super League
  2. DoubleD

    Scotland, Ireland squads for Euros

    Looks perhaps marginally stronger than Ireland's but not sure if all those Australian based Scottish players will make it over....................does the train-on squad get reduced? A 35 man squad seems excessively large for a 3 match series
  3. DoubleD

    Australia vs Tonga

    The Tongan forwards are much better, but I do think the Aussie backs are better - Mitchell, Holmes and Tedesco are better than Tonga's equivalents. Going to be interesting
  4. The journey to improve developing nations in Rugby League across Europe has begun following the first International Development Programme initiative of the Rugby League World Cup 2021 (RLWC 2021) taking place in the Netherlands. The “Inspired by 2021” team visited the Netherlands to deliver a two-day workshop with the Dutch and German Rugby League Federations, aimed to help both nations learn and share knowledge around governance, developing the sport and building wider international relationships. In addition, the team visited two local school community engagement events taking the famous Paul Barrière Trophy, a guest lecture at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and finished with a reception at the British Ambassador’s Residence in the Hague. By working alongside the Rugby League International Federation and with the backing of UK Sport, the RLWC 2021 International Development Programme aims to build partnerships to target barriers to the sport’s growth in individual developing nations. The next trip will take the team to Papua New Guinea later in 2018. Jon Dutton, Chief Executive of the RLWC 2021, said: “We’re delighted with the start of the International Development Programme and the very successful workshops with both the Dutch and German Rugby League Federations. “We’re confident that our team has delivered a series of vital sessions that will help the Federations continue to grow their sport in their respective nations. “We’d also like to thank the British Ambassador to the Netherlands, Peter Wilson, for hosting a fantastic reception, which gave us the chance to network and connect with a number of high-profile representatives that will no doubt help us on our journey to deliver the biggest and best Rugby League World Cup of all time when it comes to England in three years’ time” British Ambassador to the Netherlands, Peter Wilson, added: “I’m honoured to have hosted the first event of the RLWC International Development Programme, and that The Netherlands was chosen to kick this off. Collaboration in sports underlines the strong bilateral relationship we have with The Netherlands: both countries take our sport very seriously. “I’m very excited about the Rugby League World Cup 2021. It will be a ground-breaking sports event, with the Women’s and Wheelchair World Cup being held at the same time.” Thijs van der Zouwen, President Nederlandse Rugby League Bond, commented: “The Dutch Rugby League Board was honoured to be chosen to be the first country to host the International Development Programme. The initiative focused on promoting the game, finding new members/sponsors and to enhance our administrative skills.” The International Development Programme is being delivered in partnership with UK Sport and the Rugby League International Federation, a project designed to grow the game at all levels and support the long-term prosperity of the sport in developing Rugby League nations across the globe.
  5. DoubleD

    Canada Squad

    Is Ryley injured? He’s been good this year for the Storm
  6. DoubleD

    Georgia Roche

    Absolutely, I’m pleased to see the increasing profile of the women’s game and can only see it going from strength to strength
  7. DoubleD

    Hull FC announce the signing of....

    It’s Matty Dawson-Jones these days. He’s become a different player since he changed names 😉
  8. DoubleD

    Georgia Roche

    Do you think she would have been nominated for it, were it not for the introduction of the Woman of Steel award? I have absolutely zero interest in this charade of a show but pleased for her getting recognition all the same
  9. DoubleD

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    England had already pencilled in NZ before Tonga came to prominence. France are playing in World Cup Qualifiers, and did not even want to host NZ. I would have rather had a 4 nations but the RFL were left with very little option on this occasion
  10. DoubleD

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I agree but there's not much they can do if Australia don't want to travel, and Tonga came on the scene too late in time for this
  11. DoubleD

    Scotland, Ireland squads for Euros

    Anyone know why Matty Hadden and Mikey Russell haven't been selected? I'm guessing Casey Dunne has hung his boots up?........
  12. DoubleD

    Scotland, Ireland squads for Euros

    Looks pretty even split to me, 50-50. Some notable omissions from the WC, particularly in the forwards where they look a bit light, without Amor, McIllorum and McCarthy Scarsbrook. It looks a good mix in that squad though, with plenty of youth, they'll certainly hold their own and stand a reasonable chance of qualifying in the top 2
  13. DoubleD

    Scotland, Ireland squads for Euros

    Thanks. I take it Michael McIllorum is reverting back to his country of choice of Ivory Coast?
  14. DoubleD

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Comedy post of the year..................remember to spell WORKINGTON properly next time
  15. I don't know how you can cast that aspersion at Elstone. He could've stayed in football earning a lot more money but wanted to make a difference in the sport he loves