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  1. I believe this is called organic growth, that some people think is a myth. Be good if they could develop a longer season
  2. Just like Benny Westwood then..........if he ends up in the backs because we're short, I will be disgusted. Either go all in for this international or don't bother.
  3. I will always support whoever pulls on an England jersey. Whilst I have not seen how Chris McQueen has gone this year, I'd rather have seen Liam Farrell in there who has always been an excellent servant, never let us down, runs good lines, rarely misses a tackle and has phenomenal work rate. But we are where we are so good luck to whoever gets picked
  4. I'm pretty sure all the clubs in the professional leagues got asked and it was unanimous support for their entry, which would include Super League
  5. Who said you could participate? 😉
  6. The Fultons haven't reduced Castleford's debts, they have turned them into shareholder loans and Jack's son is I believe the sole owner of the clubs shares now. My understanding is he wants a full return, which will be obtained when they sell off Wheldon Road (for housing most probably). That is the reality
  7. I can only say from what I hear so a Giants fan would be better placed to answer that. But I understand he lost the dressing room and a number of senior players were unimpressed by his training methods and playing tactics. Also some of these Championship signings he brought in for this season are not upto scratch
  8. Trying to get vaguely back to the squad, I find it odd we have no cover in the outside backs or hooker. What happens if someone gets injured in training?
  9. Being called a fat c*** is a term of endearment amongst my social circle
  10. Don't think many Huddersfield fans would want Anderson back
  11. It's all ifs buts and maybes but Bailey is known for winding up the opposition and therefore mitigating circumstances in any retaliation, although you can't condone anything racial
  12. I'm not convinced. A good win for Salford considering the circumstances of being behind and down to 12 men. They've certainly got some backbone this year
  13. It was a young Giants team but one which should have comfortably had enough to overcome Swinton. Stone must be under some pressure now
  14. I'm not sure of your point?