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  1. I think you’d find DP more often in the red light district in Amsterdam 😉
  2. You take the money and you no longer have a say, simple. If York were that bothered they could have put a clause in the transfer allowing York first call on him if he was to be loaned out
  3. Sheffield sign USA full back

    He could be a really good signing for them. They’ve just re-signed Simon Brown in the halves too. They needed some new recruits!
  4. Transfer Fees

    But doesn't the NFL have a draft system so won't allow transfer fees? Don't know about the other 2 recreational sports.......
  5. Why are transfer fees more commonplace in impoverished Super League but a rarity in cash rich NRL? Does promotion/relegation create more of a need for this over here, whereas in NRL they'd take a longer term view?
  6. Plenty of rumours doing the rounds on this...................
  7. Great, can’t wait for the Sneyd for England threads to restart 🙄
  8. Liam Watts

    Is that fee true? That's good business for Hull if so. Not sure it's worth the risk for Cas at that price
  9. Sky Sports

    Incorrect. Rugby Union is
  10. Sky Sports

    Sky Atlantic is the main reason I'm contemplating switching from Virgin to Sky. Really reluctant to, mainly due to the broadband as I get 200MB cable. However I'm stuck with the ridiculous Full house package which includes BT Sport. I only watch RL and cricket (plus darts if it doesn't clash with RL). It ends up being quite expensive. Anyway, I've just ordered a free V6 box as it didn't tie me in any longer, so glad to hear it's good.
  11. Abject failure in Super League to return to NRL

    The title of this thread doesn't really narrow it down to who it's about
  12. Liam Watts

    I thought you had that when you signed Bailey 😉
  13. Given you have not had dealings with Everton, you therefore are not aware of what decisions he has made, or those attributable to the owners or the managers. Where have I said he should be given the job? If you don’t think he is a worthy candidate, again I ask who you would want in the role?
  14. Haha I think they had a deal agreed to sell Wheldon Road for housing to finance this, and the plug got pulled during the credit crunch. Someone like Gates can probably confirm