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  1. Aviva funding

    Aviva do a grassroots funding thing every year for sports clubs. Clubs have to put themselves forward for it and explain why they deserve it. Then the public vote. Those with the most votes win money. Shevington Sharks were also on there this year. It’s a shame there wasn’t a thread on here encouraging people to vote (by the time I’d seen it, it was too late )
  2. WEST OF ENGLAND Rep side Report

    There’s a team trying to re-form - check out Tarka Storm. If you have free time, I’m sure they’d be delighted with any assistance
  3. Sport accord petition

    I'm sure they will. I don't expect us to get awarded it, but live in eternal hope
  4. Sport accord petition

    They recently changed the criteria to be more stringent (some cynical people might say to hinder RL even more), including a greater number of member countries to be part of the sport before they get accreditation. We're not far off
  5. Sport accord petition

    Quick update..........GAISF are next meeting on 24th January to assess. The All Parliamentary Party Rugby League Group has again written into Patrick Baumann to request they grant RLIF observer status.
  6. New Leeds Captain

    I can see this and them wanting to put him at the forefront more. One of the criticisms of his game previously was that he didn't get involved enough/looking for the ball. I remember Sinfield saying they needed to get the ball out to him more. I think he rectified that somewhat last season but I think giving him the captaincy will only enhance that by giving him greater responsibility. He wouldn't have been my first choice, but he could be an inspired one
  7. Good to see a bit of longer term planning...............although I had thought originally from the title of the thread that the RFL were going to spend the next 3 years shadowing the SRL and learning how they do things
  8. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    I keep thinking of Thundercats 😆
  9. Not if some clubs have their way 🙄
  10. Rookies to watch in 2018

    Ive heard good things about him, hadn’t realised he was pushing on Halifax first team already though, great news
  11. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    What could possibly go wrong?
  12. Reserve and Academy teams

    No ones inventing anything, reserves currently exist and have previously been the staple of the game but have been abandoned by some for selfish reasons. Or do you think all these ex players are wrong? We’re going around in circles here - if the coach thinks the player needs to play a higher level, he can go on loan. Nothing in the old system prevented that. Being around other senior players in a full time environment at a SL club, learning off them, the plays and culture of the team are far more valuable than being dumped in a Championship team for a game at the last minute without knowing your teammates, the plays or systems that that team runs with.
  13. Reserve and Academy teams

    Baldwinson was shipped out left, right and centre, dual reg with a part time team - how is that going to help a player's development? Rob Mulhern has joined another full time team with good coaches, in a settled environment week in, week out so he can get to know the plays, systems, culture, other players and setup at that club. Handley looked like he'd never played before when he came in last season in place of Briscoe. Confidence was shot. At the end of the day, it's pointless talking about individual players because we would never know if they'd have made it but it does players no good being farmed out on an ad-hoc basis, not knowing who they're playing with or for. It's no coincidence that recently retired players such as Radford, Peacock, Chester, Sinfield etc all talk about the importance of having a reserve grade
  14. Catalans announce squad

    Rumour is Monaghan is coming back after his other role fell through. You hearing that over there?
  15. Catalans announce squad

    I think so. He’ll get more space in SL and his running game and footwork is explosive. He should organise Catalans defence better at the back too