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  1. I disagree, joining the Bulldogs would be a backward step for Thompson. They’re a mess currently
  2. Nikora has been excellent this season when I’ve seen him, a real find.
  3. All the play was in the Wakey half so they dominated the territory and go forward
  4. Owen Trout had a good solid debut for Leeds (think he played the full 80 at right 2nd row) but was outshone by another debutant for Wakey, MOM Lee Kershaw. He was impressive, deceptive and difficult to handle. Leeds dominated the first half but gave away 2 interception tries, the first one which should've been stopped if Leeds defenders hadn't clocked off - it's the little 1 percent(ers) that make the difference. Leeds had a penalty in front at 12-12 in the first half and chose to run it. It came to nothing. I'm a fan of letting players take the onus and Leeds were on a roll but I would've taken 2, and it proved decisive at the final whistle. Half time came at the wrong time for Leeds and the right time for Wakey who re-grouped and a fragemented second half suited Wakey and Leeds couldn't get any rhythm to their attack. Lolohea had a poor game at full back and Newman, for all his attacking exploits, has not mastered defending in the centre as was exposed twice. A game that really got away from Leeds, but they're still not showing any fluency in attack
  5. Owen Trout makes his debut for Leeds. Him and Sam Walters excelled for England Academy vs the Aussies in December and will be the future for Leeds in the second row
  6. That’s the problem though, it’s Australians we are talking about
  7. Those who might have wanted to attend the opening game at the stadium might care
  8. So it wasn’t sold out then? Why announce it then in advance as surely that would’ve put off some people who may have wanted to go. Looks a really good mid level stadium, fills a nice niche
  9. That is true, the current academy is the best in 20 years but barring the odd gem it’s not been great and underperformed for a lot of that period
  10. Wow this is a surprise. Australia bothering to play international footy. What’s in it for them?
  11. They don’t reckon it’s anything serious. Amazingly they reckon Davies will only be out for 3 months. Broken and dislocated ankle
  12. Can’t see Danny Richardson keeping his place after that performance. Seemed like the pressure got to him. Lomax is looking very impressive this year, playing his best footy currently and more leadership which no doubt comes with age and experience in the England setup. Also helps with having Coote taking some of the pressure off, particularly on those last tackle plays/kicks
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