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  1. Some people will never learn.........
  2. For anyone who haven't heard of Air Transat, they are a Canadian leisure airline, equivalent of Thomas Cook over here. Well respected, a very good sponsor. Our company supplies them!
  3. Keep beating that nostalgic drum, with any luck you'll bring the mines back too
  4. Phew, I thought for a minute this was a story about Phil Clarke signing an extension with Sky, which would make me furious. He should be sacked!
  5. Unfortunately there's rumours of Shaun Johnson going to English yawnion. Would be awful if he did, and I don't think he's cut out for that game anyway
  6. Yes he has to reward those that do make it and perform. The problem is they've seen all these big name Aussies come over, paid a fortune, with a poor attitude who've had dubious lifestyles yet still got in the team week in week out. It sets a poor example for the French youngsters. You reap what you sow.
  7. The RFL had that carrot with the new TV deal but it led to a structure with more games and no U23s
  8. I have always found Shenton to be one of the more intelligent and articulate players and find myself in thorough agreement with all he says here. Sometimes it's a shame that players don't have more of a voice; i know that's what League 13 had attempted to do, before it's demise
  9. Sorry that is a ridiculous statement. Forgetting the fact you said no one is blaming the RFL and then go onto partly blaming them for claiming it is partly the RFLs fault for Green turning out like he is, is absurd. That's like saying a head teacher is partly to blame for hiring a teacher who passes the DBS/CRB checks but subsequently turns out to be a child abuser
  10. Scott Moore? 😉
  11. There's still a few recognisable players left that haven't been announced as signing elsewhere - Moss, Caro, Haggerty, Keyes, Halafihi, Oscar Thomas, Kavanagh, Chisholm. Whether they remain so and the new owners want them remains to be seen
  12. Life hygiene works perfectly for me, more amusing and probably relevant than the correct translation of lifestyle
  13. Difficult to argue against that
  14. Out of interest John, will this upgrade prevent the website getting flagged up as unsafe by internet providers/search engines in future?
  15. I've no doubt they will Parksider, and they are free to in a democratic forum. I am somewhat concerned though that you have not grasped the actual meaning of what bottom up growth is! As for someone who believes that top down growth is the only way to succeed, it is clear that myth has been expelled by Koukash's era at Salford