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  1. I knew I remembered him fondly for some reason 😉
  2. Definitely an NRL thing. I noticed it particularly in the International series, the Kiwis were doing it constantly
  3. DoubleD

    Luther Burrell

    Except that he’s not a rugby league player
  4. DoubleD


    Do you think that might spur Toulon on? Bit of rivalry
  5. DoubleD

    Irish Rugby League

    Cricket is professional now
  6. DoubleD

    Luther Burrell

    The slight difference is that one is playing a different sport and the other is playing the same sport
  7. DoubleD

    Luther Burrell

    So did Dwayne Chambers.................the effect soon wears off
  8. DoubleD

    Luther Burrell

    He’s 33, and will be 34 in 6 months. Not sure he’d offer much in SL next year other than publicity
  9. DoubleD

    Luther Burrell

    Yaha is massive as well but he causes the canteen more headaches than any defences
  10. DoubleD

    Luther Burrell

    Folau’s just signed a new contract with ARU
  11. I’d say 10%, their control of the game and last plays are the difference
  12. Enjoyed that game. Was a bit concerned it was going to be a blowout after the first 10. It’s a shame Wigan weren’t switched on at the start as they could’ve won, they dominated the second half. I was a bit surprised the Leuluai/Farrell/Gildart side was so shaky - are they not used to playing that side together? That looked the best game I’ve seen Sarginson play since he came back from NRL, perhaps the full pre season has helped. O’Loughlin was immense. A great interview by Cronk after the game, such a wonderful ambassador. Let’s hope the WCC can be nailed down for future
  13. With the possible exception of Ader
  14. DoubleD

    Fouad Yaha back at Catalan

    Well there's a surprise..............