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  1. A lot of Australian coaches including Justin Holbrook and Trent Robinson were assistants. I’m not convinced Lee Briers is head coach material but happy to be proved wrong. Anyway I thought Andrew Henderson was being primed to take over from Price
  2. Who’s under more pressure as coach this season - Steve Price or Lee Radford? I can see Price sloping off to the NRL after this season to be an assistant again
  3. Widdop doesn’t look like he can cut it at the elite level of Super League sadly. I think it’s perhaps too much of a step up, looks out of his depth
  4. Bill Arthur is a terrible commentator. Really need to replace him. He was tolerable when he only did 1 game a week but they really need fresh blood
  5. Sadly it is at a lot of grounds.........Huddersfield and Leeds similar
  6. That’s certainly where Turkey and Greece are concentrating.........although hopefully they will return with more participants next year. Albania is a bit of a worry because I don’t think they have a domestic comp to fall back on so has that 1 club now ceased to exist?
  7. I think the residency has been increased to 5 years now? Wasn’t it 3 previously?
  8. Great news, and an important development pathway which should really help the next batch of PNG youngsters develop
  9. It’s a shame that Edinburgh stepping up to the north east league, has actually weakened the Scottish league setup but they need to be playing more than 3 month seasons so can hardly blame them
  10. Anyone else reading this thread and wanting a beer?
  11. Nice idea but most players would just end up in the reserves or DR The problem is the talent pool isn’t large enough. I’m sure Catalans would like to play more French players but they’re just not good enough and the drop from SL to Elite 1 is too large so the fringe players aren’t developing sufficiently
  12. As well it makes our sport looks desperate and that we’re not attractive enough on our own to be able to keep players
  13. Not starting centre, but cover for it, hence letting Evans go. I was replying to Hunslets comment where he listed all the 2nd rowers we had
  14. No worries, memory gets to us all when we reach a certain stage of life
  15. It’s also coincided with Evans going back to Bradford for a month..........presumably Liam Sutcliffe will return to centre
  16. So even in the matches he played with Gold Coast last year, he showed real class in the centres and the commentators were eulogising about him with ball in hand. It was his defensive efforts which really saw him exposed (whether not being fit or lacking the mobility now post injury). By all accounts, he's had a strong pre-season and looks fitter/stronger so we will see when the season starts. I hope he's not done
  17. I think Ward is back this week. I think they’ve done this until they find a Prop they want
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