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  1. Is that because his culinary expertise extends further than putting a few shrimps on the barbie?
  2. Slight left field one this but Jonti Morshead-Feildel, son of celebrity French chef Manu Feildel, has been selected for the Roosters 2022 Harold Matthews Squad.
  3. Interesting signing. He was in the Knights setup not long ago and looked very promising but seems to have fallen away. I’m not sure what happened at the Giants as I’d have thought he would flourish there under Watson. Could be a fresh start is what he needs
  4. “it's also unclear whether Super League fixtures will take place on the designated international weekend drawn into the schedule. Guaranteed that will happen
  5. What’s happened to Matongo mate? He always looked a good prospect but nowhere to be seen last year. He injured?
  6. It’s not ball in hand that’s the issue with him, it’s his defence and work rate. Likely to be exposed less in championship as that’s more his level
  7. I’d be far less convinced about either of those signings, although they’re probably an improvement on what they have currently
  8. So Josh Eaves has signed. Good signing and Tommy Makinson was singing his praises which suggests he’s a good person to have on board
  9. Am hearing rumours of this, be just what we need after we never replaced Hall. Anyone else heard similar or can validate?
  10. Attempt to play the ball with your foot I believe. Perhaps it is ironic but the refs have been consistent with this all season and that’s the most important thing.
  11. I think the laws are clear and Yaha would have scored if Makinson hadn’t illegally tackled. There was no cover defence. I was surprised it wasn’t given
  12. Quite a fall from grace for the former Dream Team member. I never rated him, he's just a battering ram with little skill and ordinary defence. I was surprised he made it to the Dream Team back then, but it clearly showed the paucity of talent we had in the backs then. A typical Radford player, along with Faraimo. 'Classy' Cas could be in for a shock of the style of footy they will get
  13. I have no issue with Lenegan doing this, particularly after the support they've given him. If he was so concerned about travel etc. he could look at moving to somewhere between Manchester and Huddersfield for a year and be equidistant to the club and family. There's ways around it in the short term, if that is the geniune issue for him
  14. Hopefully Hull FC can pick up a few tips off Whitehaven to help them for next season
  15. If Toulouse go up, there will only be Newcastle and potentially Leigh who will be full time won't there?
  16. As an aside another strange difference in the rules that I’ve noticed, is that when a player has blood on his shirt in SL, the ref orders him to change it. That doesn’t happen in NRL. Anyone know why?
  17. Really dislike the NRL stance of putting so much on report rather than taking the necessary action on the field. Kikau should’ve and would’ve got a yellow in Super League for his high shot. Arrow is lost to the game and all the Souths get is a penalty. Very unfair.
  18. Completely off topic but my point does stand. Wimbledon is churned out by the BBC but most under 30s rarely watch bbc. The mainstream media is made up of middle/upper class and so that suits their agenda/focus. Whereas sport like basketball doesn’t get the same focus.
  19. I agree he’s better off the bench, which is why Bennett has reverted to that. Him and Tatola were superb starting last year. This year he hasn’t had the impact starting and has been targeted around the ruck, getting exposed. It helps him coming on later as the opposition is less fresh to take advantage of his lateral immobility. His missed tackles maybe down but the ones he has missed have generally been critical this year
  20. Really? I have to disagree, I think he was better in the previous couple of seasons. He’s had quite a few underwhelming games this year; he hadn’t made the impact as a starting prop in a number of games, hence being benched. But his defence has been more concerning, he’s looked less mobile and has been exposed numerous times around the ruck.
  21. What a terrible game. The worst I’ve seen Leeds play for over a year. Awful tackling technique, couldn’t even do the basics
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