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  1. I can’t believe this isn’t in the running or been mentioned. It still makes me chuckle
  2. But the media do to a large extent, brainwashing viewers that Origin is the pinnacle and denigrating the international game. It has a huge impact
  3. It’s that way around cos you’re down under
  4. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/west-wales-coach-kim-williams-departs-for-huddersfield/ Interesting it seems to tie in with the appointment of Kim Williams to their Academy from West Wales
  5. Jeez, so glad I posted this story . All you get is people moaning about the origin of the story or about having to potentially play NZ again............I wonder why I bother
  6. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/manly-sea-eagles-manase-fainu-released-from-custody-after-alleged-stabbing/ been released on bail, pending a court appearance next month. Who goes to a church dance?
  7. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/sheffield-unveil-new-club-crest/ Seems all the rage at the moment. Think the crest looks better but I’d have rather seen the name Sheffield more prominent - it’s barely noticeable
  8. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/10325536/new-zealand-and-samoa-emerge-as-possible-2020-opponents-for-england/
  9. Anyone who saw Souths this season will realise he's hellbent on the turgid style. He's relied of individual excellence with big forwards and Cook out of dummy half with Reynolds kicking game and Walker's flashes of brilliance. His style has ultimately been found out this year though, without Inglis, and the Burgess brothers below their best, they haven't had as dominant pack and that has limited their ability. I think they will decline further next year too
  10. Isn't Niagara Falls hugely underwhelming? Victoria Falls is the one worth going to (albeit it's in a different continent). It's worth looking at Icelandair flights via Keflavik - usually good value and connection
  11. Which of the crop of Leeds youngsters are you expecting to make the biggest impression/breakthrough this year?
  12. You must've expected such, when you decided to do a Q&A with Ferres
  13. The man speaks a lot of sense. The difficulty will be getting others on board and the media are the worst culprits
  14. That said, whilst he might not face any criminal charges, I’m sure the NRL will come down on him though
  15. Bali is the Australian holiday go to place. They’ve clearly found one of Rugby Unions carpets and a broom to sweep it under. Easier without any video evidence, unlike the NAS incident
  16. However we’re not comparing apples with apples. Coming on fresh against tired defences - you’re of course going to be livelier. Its what frustrated me with Woods commentary, saying how they didn’t play expansively until the last 20. That is correct but you also need to do the hard yards first - you can’t just throw the ball around expansively from the off, particularly when the skill levels of some of our players isn’t good enough. England should’ve got the fruits of their labour later in the game from their earlier hard work but were unable to build pressure (or just released it through errors/penalties) or just outright didn’t execute. Hastings has looked out his comfort zone.
  17. A starting point would be one of the clubs who lie in saturated areas re-igniting the midlands junior league to feed into an academy. Of course it requires money, vision, volunteers and support from Clubs foundations but sadly people all too often don’t seem to want to do the hard yards and develop a long term vision and strategy (which is what was so refreshing about Newcastle’s approach)
  18. Nothing to do with summer switch, all major grassroots Sports are struggling with the changing society
  19. A good signing for Newcastle that’s for sure
  20. That doesn’t change the fact the squad was completely unbalanced. After Gildart got injured, he could’ve called on Lyne, Percival, Handley or Grace but he didn’t.
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