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  1. I think he potentially is but if he believes that he should stay and back himself to win that number 1 jersey. Hardaker did when Webb was there and similarly Golding when Hardaker was. If he goes to any other big club he'll face competition and no guarantee of being number 1
  2. Do you have proof of that?
  3. I'm not sure the RFL have any jurisdiction over off season friendly matches to be fair
  4. Are there any that Parky hasn't ruined yet?
  5. It's very rare for all players to be fit at the same time so I wouldn't be too concerned
  6. Personally I think skills of union has digressed over the last 20 years in favour of bulk but I don't wish this to turn into a cross code topic. For sure U16s can still be developed into RL players, any later and the chances diminish greatly
  7. The flight costs are covered by Air Transat sponsorship. It is very likely that Toronto are close to breaking even with the crowds, sponsorship, ancillary revenue from food/drink sales, merchandise which is very popular so it seems to make sound business sense
  8. He didn't see it as much of a gamble and they've clearly done their homework. I'd be surprised if they're not already breaking even, or at least very close to
  9. Don't get me wrong, I agree about groundwork and having solid foundations should be the basis for development. However my point being is that Toronto have proved it doesn't have to be the only way. You say Toronto is a huge financial gamble but on what basis? How do you know they're not covering their costs? They have sponsorship covering flights as well as other sponsors, they have multiple TV deals (which maybe FOC), they have 6-7k paying spectators at home games with large ancillary sales of food, drinks and merchandise.
  10. It would be pretty embarrassing if Hull KR didn't get promoted
  11. So you don't think Toronto is working?
  12. Ninco, if you're looking for another club to support, can I suggest Manchester Rangers? A bit of a step down in the league ladder but they are very progressive and welcoming club, I'm sure your support would be gladly accepted
  13. That's phenomenal progress Tex to be in a position to get a 6 team 13 a side comp setup already. I know they've been working hard for a few years, with the assistance of Latin Heat but didn't realise they'd come on that far. Looks really promising