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  1. Not great options, wonder whether Hodkinson might get a call
  2. Surely that should be a cherry flare? 😉
  3. How is that even possible???!!! Must be a first!!!
  4. Thanks, hope to see him back soon
  5. Can any Hull fans advise what has happened to Jack Logan? He looked a really promising player, can understand if he can't get in the team but he is surely good enough to play for someone in SL even if on loan? I see Lancaster has been allowed to leave, I wonder if anyone will snap him up.
  6. You'll be a long time waiting
  7. Really???? It looks like they've spilt something down their tops!
  8. Good to see some substance behind it, and interesting to hear about the development of the Urals conference
  9. Michael Jennings and Andrew Fifita 🙄
  10. You also forgot Jesse Sene Lefao
  11. I did enjoy it (apart from the final result, being a Leeds fan), although I was frustrated with how they played. But you can still enjoy it and have an subjective opinion that it was a poor quality game. Its in all sporting teams nature to strive for near perfection
  12. Great to hear some solid development and youth systems being put in place
  13. I think it's natural to some extent because we know how good our game can be. Take internationals for example, the 2013 semi vs NZ was one of the best matches I've witnessed and people go back with the expectation of repeat matches like that, which is why so many were disappointed with England's performances under Bennett in the 4 nations. Its all relative, it was only a poor game in comparison with some of the excellent games I've seen this year and conditions played a significant part in that. Both Leeds and Huddersfield also admitted it was poor after the match, although Huddersfield defence was very good in fairness
  14. Only when they're watching union 😉
  15. If times are tough, setup a crowdfund and I'll help contribute towards the £3 😉