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  1. Help Reading Raiders RL

    Donated. Good luck
  2. Bradford Rumors

    They’ve taken over DP 😉
  3. Bradford Rumors

    An American rumour
  4. I'll reserve my judgement until Evil Homer has given his thorough and in depth view on it
  5. Bradford Rumors

    Koukash really is a glutton for punishment isn't he?
  6. If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    Your point is more valid at someone like the Skolars rather than Coventry. On the field, the Skolars perhaps should have progressed better with the benefit of Broncos academy drop outs. It's not fair to compare them to the 'ghost clubs' of Swinton, Rochdale, Hunslet, Oldham and to a lesser extent Workington for 2 main reasons: These 'ghost clubs' (and i think it's a bit unfair to call them that) have benefitted greatly from DR from SL clubs - the Skolars and Coventry are not geographically in a position to do this Linked to this, there are an abundance of good quality amateur clubs for these 'ghost clubs' to pick players up from. Due to the lack of development, there are very few in the Midlands and similarly in the South East. So it's not a level playing field. Off the field, both Coventry and Skolars have made significant headway and should be lauded for it. Given the state of some semi-pro clubs in the league system, these are 2 of the more progressive and stable
  7. Toronto

    Quite, what they’ve achieved in their first year is a phenomenal achievement and nor should they be expected to be self sufficient at the moment. My point was merely to counter the argument that they’re solely reliant on Argyle. Yes he’s funding it but they actually have the early stages of some decent roots for sustainability, which other clubs with over 100 years experience struggle with, even with their big annual payouts.
  8. Toronto

    Without trawling through the thousands of other pages on Toronto on here, I don’t. Other Canadian posters might have it to hand and will be able to vouch. So the travel costs are covered. They have 8k spectators on a stadium with peppercorn rent. Huge food, beverage and merchandise sales. TV deal in Canada plus sale of Last Tackle programme. Additional sponsors including a load in UK. Their squad/backroom staff was also pretty lean I don’t see how it’s not realistic or make logical sense. I will take their word on it
  9. Toronto

    You want me to show you their accounts? Pretty sure I can’t do that. So you’ll have to take their word for it. We’ve had plenty of threads on this before, have a look. Not sure why you cannot understand this
  10. Toronto

    I said TWP are not far off breaking even in their first year, as was indicated by them after the season. Which part of that are you struggling to grasp?
  11. Toronto

    By earning enough revenue to cover its costs. Not rocket science
  12. Toronto

    Perhaps you’re not understanding that the Wolfpack are not far off breaking even in their first year
  13. If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    It’s Leeds Best U19s for many a year, they’ve got some really good prospects coming through
  14. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    I could only really see Eddie Hearn being beneficial in terms of marketing the game - he might be effective in breaking down age old prejudices and social barriers as he has effectively done in darts and boxing. The other real benefit Eddie Hearn would have is in his contacts book which I bet would be a hell of a lot more effective than Barwick's.