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  1. XIII Ram

    Swinton sell Hankinson to Wigan

    Oh well, we just missed out on Hankinson! - but maybe we could persuade Swinton to let us have George Tyson - he was excellent against the Rams a couple of weeks ago, imposing himself on the game and our defence - we need some of that aggression in our game.
  2. XIII Ram

    What will it take?

    Never wish for Owlerton! There may be a massive gap between the grandeur of the name of 'The Olympic Legacy Stadium' and the quality of facilities, but at least you can see the pitch for your £17. I agree that Ryder's was a fine try - a reward for strong, agressive running. Which brings me to my main point - I also agree that the middle 8's will be competitive with results likely to be as close as our last 3 games. I don't see much difference in the quality of the bottom 5 or 6 sides - and little can be done now to enhance skills - so results will come down to the way the Ram's play the game, particularly the aggression with which the team attacks and defends - I agree here with therein73 that we didn't see enough of that aggression especially in defence on Sunday, which is why we lost. Swinton showed the way in their home win over us.
  3. XIII Ram

    Lezignan stadium fire

    Really sad news. I've had some fantastic times at Stade Moulin - I loved the look of the ground and particularly that stand - which always, rightly or wrongly, put me in mind of Victorian sports grounds in Australia. I hope whatever is put in its place has the same character.
  4. Chris Thorman (Wallsend) for Sheffield Eagles in Super League IV, 1999 ..but I agree things are looking up. Thunder certainly haven't had an easy ride - but as someone from the NE who saw their 1st ever season in SL and has dropped in periodically on the up & down seasons of intervening years I can see cause for optimism now on the back of good ownership/management, a healthy amateur scene plus interest generated by Magic. There are dedicated RL people up there who deserve praise, not least for keeping the club and game alive. This is steady, not spectacular progress, but the audience for RL is being grown and could grow further. A game at Thunder is a good day out and I recommend people to make the short trip from the heartlands to check it out.
  5. England v Sweden @3pm on tv Wakey v Catalan @6.30pm live Not sure about Sky disrespect - I'm watching both - and its not like I have to get a bus back from Russia Interested to see how Catalan go - some real recent improvement in team and individuals, but i think still patchy and vulnerable. Wakey to win - but close
  6. XIII Ram


    I broadly agree with BSJ - tho' I think the yellow for Iggy looked deserved - it was also daft and it changed the game's momentum. Swinton are not a bad side but Rams had the upper hand and could have won without that interruption. I also wouldn't acuse the players of not trying. The temperature was hard work for those stood on the terrace with a beer - it must have been really challenging out on the pitch but it looked to me like the majority put a shift in (although a couple had poor games and some poor decisions were made). I like Swinton's new home. The facilities are good and the staff and fans welcoming. Heywood Road suits Swinton a lot better than the AJ Bell. A good day out but a very dissapointing result.
  7. Not particularly accurate. Narbonne is a historic and attractive town. Narbonne's stadium is decent and big enough (at around 12,000 capacity). I saw the XIII Elite 1 Championship final there last year and it was well presented and enjoyable. Toulon's stadium has the benefit of being a dedicated rugby (XV) stadium (as opposed to Narbonne's which is multi-use with its running track) and is slightly bigger at, I think, around 15,000 capacity. Toulon itself is a port city - interesting and fun - but not as pretty as Narbonne. Still, I think Toulon is a good call and I will be going to the game and am looking forward to it.
  8. XIII Ram

    England vs. France Oct. 17th @ LSV

    Ha! - I appreciate that England RL's core support (- namely the town of Leigh, pop. 43,000) are beneficiaries of this enlightened decision and locked (for good or bad) into attending - But this boy lives in West Yorkshire, works all weekdays 'til 7pm each evening, loves his international rugby league and dreams of any excuse to escape to the south of France to indulge his passion for the game (regardless of score), cheap (good) red wine, toulouse sausages and/or a decent steak and pretty girls with a french accent - hence my dismay. Should the game be guaranteed to be a dispiriting (for the purist) one sided, 50+ point drubbing - i say if it must be played in England, let the good (and hopefully impressionable) people of Newcastle, Coventry, Bristol or London lap it up ....on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
  9. XIII Ram

    England vs. France Oct. 17th @ LSV

    Leigh SV + Wednesday night = dismay I know others have posted the same above - but I had to add my disappointment ...just when you think the game might be starting to show some vision
  10. XIII Ram

    Toronto away

    I'm sure those that went had a great time - how can you not on holiday? I considered it but instead of near £1,000 for a long weekend I paid £10 to watch on internet. Given the score & game quality I"m not sure £10 was good value. The stadium looked good, even if the crowd was smalli(ish) compared to Toronto's recent numbers. Rams tried and gave a decent showing for the first 25mins of the 2nd half, but lacked the skill & muscle to make a real impression (- ironic as commentary stated "the Dewsbury side is known for its size!" - Commentary was so bad it made me appreciate Sky). Ultimately the game was a miss-match and Rams got swatted aside whenever Toronto wanted to go up a gear or 2. I have no problem with investment in the game and Toronto - but the sooner Toronto is in Super League the better.
  11. A nice surprise and a genuinely good idea from the RFL - I didn't know they had it in 'em. Good KO times too .....and as someone who lives on the east side of the pennines I'm even ok with the venue - with an hour and a bit on the train for £18 each way .....TransPennine Express to Manchester, then a short hop by ....erm ... Northern trains ......doh!! what was i thinking ...travel chaos looms! (.....we'll take the car)
  12. XIII Ram

    Batley, Summer Bash

    I think the game was enjoyable - but really it was just too tense to truely enjoy. Neither we nor the Dog's are that good, but I was so pleased with a decent game and a Rams win, especially building on the point at 'fax, and very pleased with Daniel I's performance - not just for his great try which came just at the right time, but also how he kept at his own game and dealt with Farrell's constant niggle (- Is there some history there that I'm not aware of - or was it just Farrell being Farrell?). Finally, for all the criticism of the Summer Bash on the main site, and our own coach's reservations about the event, I really enjoyed the trip again - and it was great to see plenty from Dewsbury and Batley there - I hope the Bash continues.
  13. XIII Ram

    Summer Bash attendance

    Blackpool wouldn't normally be my idea of a day-trip or holiday destination, but I've been 3 times for the Bash and always enjoyed it, regardless of whether my team has won or lost. The format is good, the stadium just about perfect for Championship RL and the staff at the ground (- ticket office, stewards, bar/food) deserve credit for being super-friendly - which makes for a fun day out. It was good too that this year the games were of a good standard and close. Whether, and for who, the Bash makes money is a different question. Going forward it does feel that the RFL could be clearer on its objectives for the Bash - and greater claity of purpose might help get the clubs and supporters - particularly arm-chair supporters - on-board and attending. I certainly hope the Summer Bash is kept going even if at a different location. Regarding the TO v London game - an earlier post remarked there appeared no atmosphere. I had feared the worst but there was actually a decent crowd in for today's opener, and a lively atmosphere with an appreciative crowd enjoying an entertaining game.
  14. XIII Ram

    halifax away

    Much better. Given recent performances that was a great result and an enjoyable game - as much as the 2nd half's 40mins of nail-biting tension can be described as enjoyable. Rams played well (and 'fax poorly) for us to go into HT 14-0 up, but I don't think anyone thought the lead was big enough. The interception try came at a good time and a big relief in breaking Fax's momentum - otherwise the result might have turned out different. I agree with earlier posts that Sykes & Wakeman made a difference - but there was plenty of good things from others particularly in the 1st half. May and June's fixtures looked difficult but that was a useful, encouraging start. If the team can pick up anything from the next 4 games, it will set us up for a run of "winable" games in July.
  15. XIII Ram

    French Magic Weekend

    Barnyia guessed correct with his local knowledge - the crowd today looked smaller than yesterday - maybe 400, mostly home Carcassonne support. I enjoyed the ASC v Albi game - it was fun to be amongst a vocal, partisan crowd as their team came from behind to win. Most ASC fans stayed on for the 2nd & final game of the weekend. I liked how the teams were matched up with their nearest rival in the league table which made for 4 of the 5 games being very balanced, competitive games. All were enjoyable. One: Lezignan v Limoux, was very good. But I particularly enjoyed TO's win - they are clearly a weak team but they showed guts and dermination to get back into their game and win. Hard to dislike the magic weekend - it had sunshine, beer, steak & fries sandwiches and Rugby League - but it lacked the feel of a special event. The cup and championship finals are better occasions - better presented and better supported. But, back to Yorkshire tomorrow - I'll miss this!