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  1. Ha! ...you certainly deserve credit for the optimism/vision that you showed back in May ....and Kelly deserves immense credit for not only turning the club around, but creating in a short space of time a new team that not only competes but also plays attractive winning rugby - I really didn't believe that would be possible. I enjoyed Sunday's game v Sheffield massively for just the feeling throughout that we had a chance to win. Rams are by no means the finished article, but Sundays are now so much more enjoyable. ....now, if Kelly could just get Sykes to keep his gob shut ....
  2. I've said on this forum before that the Trailfinders ground is neat and perfectly adequate for Championship level - and it is one of my favourite away trips - but I agree Broncos would need to locate elsewhere should they get back into SL simply due to capacity. I'm surprised though that you think it a nightmare to travel between central London and ground: A Sunday journey takes just over 1 hour from/to Kings Cross with lots of options. Between Ealing Broadway and the ground there's a number of different, frequent, quick bus routes, or an easy 30min walk (with decent pubs to visit). There's lots of different journey planning phone apps you can use to help. I just wouldn't want anyone being put off following Rams down there because they got the idea Broncos was a nightmare to get to. The only nightmare is the £12 day travel card - but the journey is easy.
  3. That was a poor performance. Rams were on the back foot from the start, admittedly against a strong London side. A Broncos supporter I spoke to said Rams were better and more committed than Halifax from the previous weekend - but there was little positive I could take from the game. It could be argued Rams kept going in attack to score but they were undermined by poor choices and poor control of the ball and I agree with CF that the defence really fell off with some woeful, half-hearted "tackles". I must say that I really enjoy a visit to Broncos - a neat ground with good facilities and very friendly staff and supporters.
  4. Slightly off topic - I went to the Finals (from West Yorkshire!) and thoroughly enjoyed Narbonne, the event and the 3 games I saw (Juniors Elite, Elite 2 & Elite 1). It was great that the event was presented as a festival with games inside & outside the stadium. The crowd could have been bigger during the day, but the stadium filled up for the final game. Special mention for Villefranche Aveyron for having the most numerous, colourful & fun supporters - Pleased they won their final. As to Elite 1, I thought Limoux deserved their win. To my eyes they are not as talented as Lezignan and had a simpler game plan - but sometimes its great to see a team that wants it, win it. Limoux tackled ferociously and drove the ball up bravely. They did tire and Lezignan could have won, especially in extra time - but that Marginet "kick" was dreadful.
  5. I've also been trying to work out the benefit of the Summer Bash. I agree that it currently has little justification in terms of the competition and actually perverts it. And Blackpool itself would normally be my idea of hell - but in the context of 1 or 2 days watching RL, I actually enjoyed it. The event offers something different, and there are lots of things right with the place: Bloomfield Road is one of the nicest, friendliest grounds, and the town is easy and cheap to get to. I even found a good pub (- but lots of terrible ones). With RL there's a tendancy to want to throw the baby out with the bathwater in looking for new marketing angles - but I'd only tweak the format, and keep the summer date and venue for a couple more years. If the venue has to move - and there are more small clubs involved in future - would Scarborough work?
  6. Should there be a next time in Blackpool ....try the 'Pump and Truncheon' on Bonny Street, just south of the centre. A proper boozer, good range of real ales and whisky, friendly staff ....surprisingly good - an oasis!
  7. Well, I really enjoyed that! I've not heard any of the TV commentary - and sometimes its best not too. I thought Ram's did fantastically well to claw themselves back into the game when Batley could've got away from then. I was particularly pleased with Toby Adamson's performance ...but that was a victory for team spirit. Batley on the other hand looked quite brittle. Great win.
  8. A fev supporting mate's assessment of Ram's team was "some average players trying hard and some decent players not trying" For me, Adamson falls into the second category - which is disappointing. Adamson is a good forward if fit and "on it" - sadly for him and Ram's this was increasingly rare. I agree with other posts that Crookes was erratic - no loss. ....but can we get new players in at this late stage with better skills and application?
  9. Truely terrible. I agree with other posts - Tat! I look forward to the day when our national team gets quality of kit and merchandise that reflects the teams status as the pinnacle of the game.
  10. I can't agree either. Good for you that you have time/flexibility to pick up your ticket early - but it really shouldn't make a difference if you pick the ticket up 5 weeks or 5 days in advance. The club apologised to me for not being clear about a deadline - which I'm happy to accept - but if the club had been clearer we might not have a situation where ST holders do not have the ticket they are entitled to, the club were not returning unallocated tickets to the RFL ...and there might have been a few more Rams supporters in Blackpool
  11. I phoned Rams reception today to arrange to pick up my Summer Bash ticket. It was explained that the deadline for Ram's ST holders to pick up their Summer Bash tickets was yesterday (Mon 22 May). The club had not used its allocation and the remaining tickets have been returned to the RFL. Reception was very helpful and called the RFL on my behalf, spoke to a number of RFL staff and promptly called me back - but the return call confirmed that I could not now be provided with a free ticket. Of course, the unhelpful bit is that the club doesn't appear to have informed us clearly of the deadline.
  12. Have you seen our previous 13 league games?!!! People have been sectioned for less strange voices in their head - but, OK, I'll join you in hoping for 5 wins from 10 (- Oldham, Rochdale, Swinton and Batley x2) ...plus a draw
  13. A work mate fev fan thinks we've got a good player in Moore. Time (and a couple of games) will tell, but I for one am happy that the club has brought in another new player - and a halfback! - with pedigree. Almost tempted to go to Fev on Saturday.
  14. Apologies for quoting my own prediction - but just to emphasise the predictability of yesterday's game. I disagree with an earlier post that that this is "a decent team without a decent 7" - the league table and points against column of -422 shows the problems are greater. Some players have potential but lack confidence - and a skilled, authorative no.7 would help them - but a few on current showing appear to have little potential at this level, with poor basic skills. There was some encouragement yesterday in a tough competitive 1st half and particularly the passing moves that led to 2 of Ram's trys ( - and Morton and some others deserve continued credit for the work they put in). I can only hope that the coach can get a couple more new players in and accelerate this improvement and we can start to be competitive for approaching 80minutes - but a decent no.7 is unlikely to be found at this stage of the season.
  15. Decent 1st half. Poor 2nd half. Defeat. Disappointment. (Fax by 18 points - tho' I'd love to be wrong, which is why I will be there with 815 others)