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  1. Thanks for selling it to me! I'm coming over to the Ireland v France game on a day trip from Yorkshire .....was looking forward to it (.....actually still am ... love international RL!) ... let me know if there's an even half decent pub in the vicinty of the stadium
  2. XIII Ram

    The Dewsbury Faithful

    Coolie - sorry to be late - but happy to donate the final £25. I won't be able to get to the ground for the last home game v Leigh (- holiday) but could drop off an envelope with contribution at the reception this Friday. Alternatively I'll be at the Rochdale away game. and a "well done" for a good initiative for the 2nd year running
  3. XIII Ram

    France v NZ in November

    The absence of info is frustrating. I've been trying to find out details of the France Euro Championship games for the last month, to book flights and accommodation. The RFL said they had no details and pointed me to the RLIF, who said they had no details and pointed me to the RLEF, who's Head of Media said he was "led to believe" that details would be confirmed by end of month (August) - so, not quite to timetable (- Quite why a head of media would have no idea is a different but equally frustrating question, but I gather RLEF was waiting on one nation). The good news is that the France XIII website now confirms dates of the Wales and Scotland games with the promise of venues to be confirmed in the "next days". The bad news is the France v NZ game on the 17th looks to be gone - which was the game i really wanted to see and the promised venue of Toulon was such a good idea.
  4. Wakey did play well - although Giants were decent and on top in the 1st half. For this neutral an enjoyable, entertaining game with contrasting styles between Giants more 'Australian' structured play hardly passing in their own half but creative in the final third and Wakey's expansive, skilful game from their own try-line. What impressed was Wakey sticking to their approach when behind, and reaping the benefits when Giants lost players and tired. Wakey's 6 & 9 particularly had good games. Not so impressed with Giants supporters leaving in numbers with 11 mins to go as Wakey scored. Giants have become a good side in recent weeks, but Wakey were a pleasure to watch last night.
  5. XIII Ram

    Swinton H

    I'll do upbeat - I enjoyed the game. As expected, and as is their right, Swinton were niggly and aggressive - but the 1st half was compelling viewing and Rams did well to live with Swinton's approach. In the 2nd half we benefitted from Barlow's sin-bining - but we won by (I agree) strong defence but also by playing some good, clever and entertaining rugby league. I think we are safe. I think the team can get better. I'm looking forward to the last 6 games and a decent finishing position - as much for what it looks like as the cash it brings.
  6. XIII Ram

    Jon Wilkin leaving Saints

    I guess Jon will take advice from those he trusts. As to age: any team (sports or workplace) can benefit from a mix of ages & skill-sets. Saints, as a top SL side, understandably believe they can get better value out of a younger man, but a lower level SL team or decent Championship side would benefit from his involvement. My own club, Dewsbury, has benefitted from Paul Sykes over the last couple of years - and I would love Danny Brough to join next year ...or the next one after ... I can imagine an intelligent bloke like Jon fancying the experience & challenge of TWP ...and throwing himself into the media/PR work in a new market (....and maybe opening a couple of coffee shops)
  7. XIII Ram

    Jon Wilkin leaving Saints

    I met Jon Wilkin after a France v England friendly in Toulouse (I think in 2008). He came over, with his Saints colleagues, to speak to our small group of England, & mostly Leeds, supporters in a bar after the game. This was at a time when there was a definate Leeds v Saints split in the England camp and with supporters - but we were all impressed with how personable, polite & intelligent Jon was - In short, a credit to the game & his England team. He'd also had a decent game. I've followed his career since. My view is he's been under-appreciated for his honesty, hard work, versatility and, often, skill. He has had a good career, but I wish him well in whatever he does next. Hope he plays a bit longer.
  8. XIII Ram

    Liam Finn

    Good luck to him ... and a bit dissapointing for us - but how would we fit Finn and Danny Brough into the same team?
  9. XIII Ram


    That's the best I've seen Rams play when following them to France - despite a 1st quarter when Rams struggled to organise their defence (- the first 2 tries conceeded) & a mistake gifting TO's 3rd - Thereafter Rams were really in the game and threatening TO up to the 60min mark, until TO's greater mobility and speed won out. It was a good game in a great stadium on a nice summer evening with a decent number of Rams supporters attending & making for a good atmosphere. Very enjoyable. I think the trip will also have been good for team morale and confidence. I agree these arn't meaningless games coming up - the coach and staff will be setting goals for the number of games to win and types of performances required. Pleased that TO got into the middle 8's - but I think their lack of size in the forwards means that even the poor SL sides will run over then.
  10. XIII Ram


    I wish Ned could share his obligue references and injury news at the start of the season when I'm about to press the button on flight and hotel purchases. Dissapointing that Morton will be missing as he has stood out in recent games. At least the conditions will be a bit more helpful today - yesterday was sunny, hot (in the 30's) and humid. Game day has started cooler and KO time is expecting heavy cloud with a breeze and temps around 25. I hope Rams are competitive - but am expecting a defeat - which could blow out to a 30 or 40 point gap. I'm also expecting a nice lunch and bottle of red...
  11. XIII Ram

    Derek Beaumont

    I'd guess most players ambition (in a short career in a tough game) is to maximise earning potential and maximise chances of sporting success - and leave it to the club to guarantee wages. If the player gets an ambitious and well managed club and a bit of luck they hopefully find themselves in a virtuous cycle of reward - With poor management, judgement or luck they find themselves in a situation like with Bradford and Leigh ...maybe Fev .....maybe Toronto in a couple of years. It has happened in the past but perhaps the difference with the current structure is that more clubs want to take greater risks to back their own ambition - and not all can succeed with consequences for the clubs and players. I'm personnaly not keen on Leigh as a club - but take little satisafaction in them stretching themselves and getting it wrong. On a slightly different note I am disappointed that Leigh's fire sale of players may now have a distorting impact on the middle 8's.
  12. XIII Ram

    French Elite 1/2

    Thanks Audois for the heads-up on 18/19 fixtures and AS for the links. I appreciate the updates on the French game (- and it helps me plan my holidays!) I see another Magic Weekend in the calendar for April 2018. I attended this year in Carcassonne, which was very enjoyable with good, competitive games, but poorly attended. The Federation clearly want to stick with the concept - which is good - but has there been any talk on possible venues and how to maximise the event and attendance? Also - any indication of venues for France's 2 home games in this autumn's European Championships ( v Wales and Scotland)? The RFL pointed me to the RLIF who pointed me to the RLEF who say finalisation is currently waiting on one of the nations. Finally, it was sad to see the fire destroy Lezignan's wonderful old stand - is this likely to affect Lezignan's hosting of games in 18/19
  13. XIII Ram


    ...perhaps difficult to wipe your #### with a laptop ...but I'm guessing there may be some in Batley that are confused and give it a try ....
  14. XIII Ram


    Unfortunately not. The days of The Guardian or any broadsheet having a regular RL correspondent and content, let alone Championship RL reports, are long gone. But a quick trawl of online Guardian shows some good stuff written on the wider game, particularly by Gavin Willacy (of 'No helmets required' blog/facebook site). The writter of the derby article in the link is the Guardian's chief football correspondent and an Irishman - so , not sure where the RL/Dewsbury interest comes from, but some good writing all the same.
  15. XIII Ram


    A derby write-up in The Guardian (online) - if you've not already seen it! (- I had to be directed to it, too - hope the link works) Very positive, and some good quotes... https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/jul/24/dewsbury-rams-batley-bulldogs-local-derby