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  1. The 1st half was the best Rams have played in the league this season - continuing from the Newcastle cup win, there was a quick ptb, aggressive runnning and skill and imagination - Rams put Bradford under pressure. But it was only one half, again. The 2nd half was a capitulation. You could blame injury disruption. It could be argued our players put too much into the 1st half and just didnt have the energy against players with superior (& some cases, super league) skills, strength and pace ...but to concede over 40 points in the second 40 minutes was a poor effort. The 1st half suggested that relegation needn't be a forgone conclusion, but games are already starting to run out and winnable games are hard to pick.
  2. A bit of both I thought Thunder would pose more of a threat. They started brightly but offered little, apart from that strong run for a length of field try in 2nd half. But Rams deserve credit for trying to play a higher tempo, more expansive game. There were offloads and some neat passing moves using all the backs. The tempo dropped in the 2nd half when they were playing into the wind and rain and Thunder came back - But no "snooze fest" - Rams scored 6 tries! some well worked. I enjoyed the game. Last night didn't solve our problems - we have a limited team - but it was what was needed: A win, some tries, signs of improvement and some confidence back into the players.
  3. Tono took the words out my mouth. Rather than a fans forum, which can be intimidating for some and an opportunity to rant for others, we might be better off with the club organising one, or a series of smaller workshops to explore ideas and opportunities, perhaps professionally facilitated, for groups of 8-10 people, who have ideas or experience or the capacity/resources to implement actions. But, to be honest, I think discussion of fans forums and marketing misses the point - you need a decent product to promote to a market - and in RL that would be winning or attractive rugby, ideally both - and we are some way from that at the present.
  4. Like GF, not sure I agree. This criticism is not directed at you - but people's apathy and their lazily chasing soccer glory on TV are killing our game. We should be doing what we can to support our club - otherwise there may be no club to moan about in future. Yes, the rugby has been dire - it was mostly garbage last season and I too am disappointed with the thought of watching more garbage this season - but, with the exception of the Rochdale game, I am seeing our players trying hard - the team just hasn't got the necessary skills or right coaching to do anything more than that at present. If a coach load of Newcastle RL supporters can make the trip on a Friday night, I will be making the effort to support the Rams. I am going hoping to see a win - I may end up being disappointed but it will have only cost a couple of hours and a small amount of cash to be there to find out.
  5. I saw Thunder this time last year lose at Siddal in the CC. Thunder turned up complacent, tried to bully Siddal, forgot to play any rugby and instead got well beaten by a more aggressive, better skilled side. Thunder may be complacent again given our form, injuries and lack of cover...though tbf they are turning into a decent, more consistent side. I think Rams will win. I think the players will want this and will believe they can win. But I expect a tough, tight, low scoring game. Dews 18 Thunder 12 3 Ram's tries ...and less than 500 to see it.
  6. The loss and score was as expected - but i also thought it a decent Rams performance. Rams kept at it and heads didn't drop which suggests team spirit remains good. A big positive was the return of Guzdek - quality (- I can't see him being with Rams for long). A big negative was Sykes' kicking in play - woeful - he is a centre, we need a different option for kicks. It was also interesting to see the choice of passes the KR halfs and hooker have - we simply dont have or create those options. While the KR fan's barracking of every referring decision got a bit irritating towards the end, it was good to see a decent crowd that sings and plays its part in creating an atmosphere. Despite the score it was not a bad afternoon's entertainment.
  7. Common sense says Hull win I fear that KR could put 50 on us I hope we score more than 10. I do believe the weekend off will have done some good and with the influx of new and returning players Rams will put in a spirited perfomance - and that we can then start the season again, beginning with the cup game with Newcastle.
  8. From learning our game was off at 2pm, I managed to get back across the peninnes to get to see 60 minutes of 'fax v Toulouse - It was nice to see some RL, and also an even, contested game, where despite the rain there was at least some interesting half back play involving kicking and passing! - tho' 'fax supporters appear as disappointed with their team and lack of creativity as we are with ours. Toulouse were probably just about deserved winners, but weren't anywhere near as impressive as against the Rams and look a little under-sized and under-powered to be in contention for promotion this year. Anyway, aside from the disappointment of making a wasted trip to Stalybridge, I agree that the Rams players may benefit from training rather than playing this week.
  9. Thanks, tandle, for letting us know - and also the Oldham supporters coming back down the hill by the old hunters pub - I appreciate the weathers not been great on your side of the peninnes, but yes, it seems riduculous and a bit unprofessional that the game can be definately "on" 2 hours before KO then "off" 1 hour before. I guess the Oldham fans share the same frustration.
  10. Not sure about "rosey-eyed"! - Everyone on this forum is painfully aware of our team's limitations, but I think the team deserves some credit for an improvement and trying to impose their game on London, in difficult conditions. London were defensively sound - which as you say is to be expected of a FT side - but they aren't fully there yet and this is the same side that only just sneeked past our fellow part-timers of Oldham and Swinton, conceding tries. In attack London were also reliant on Sammut's solo skills for 2 of their 3 tries on Sunday. So, agreed London were that bit stronger across the park - but our effort got us in the game and a bit more quality may have got us closer with the score, although we wouldn't have won.
  11. Not a bad draw. Personally I was hoping for a quick return for us to Toulouse (- trust Batley to even spoil that), or away at Newcastle for the fun of the trip - but this is a good match-up - a decent side and no guarantee of a win, but the possibility of a much needed confidence boost.
  12. I thought there was improvement today, particularly the 1st half. (2nd half Rams appeared to struggle as conditions deteriorated). The improvement was in the greater intent in attack. I see plenty of endeavour - but we still lack the ideas, poise and skill to turn pressure into points. London were'nt great, but were good enough and in Sammut had the big difference (- which confirms a lot). We need a win soon. It could happen at Oldham - who got heavily beaten today and may also be low on confidence - and the teams just above us have difficult games next weekend. But if we lose and go 5 without a win it becomes very difficult for Chairman not to act.
  13. Difficult to pick a team given injuries, need for DR and lack of insight into who Wakefield's coach wants to have game time - but I'd also try to accommodate Sykes in the centres - I'm frustrated with his inconsistency but he remains a cultured centre. As to score - I hope we go better, but will settle for a 20 point gap in defeat, provided we conjure a try or two. But the Toulouse game shows what can happen when we meet a side with an aggresive pack and fast skillful backs, and we show no ambition. Still, it looks like the sun could be out and thats one aspect of last weekends game I would like to repeat (along with quality sausage baguettes and wine)
  14. Depends what you're looking for. Someone has mentioned the English/Irish style bars - but theres plenty other options e.g. theres a collection of cheap student bars around Place Saint Pierre (west of centre on riverside) and lots of good bars/cafes in the streets and squares south of Place Esquirol. Its also worth drinking before/after the game in Blagnac where the ground is. Blagnac's a nice suburb/village centre with 2 bars within 5mins walk of the ground - an upmarket bistro (La Ribouldingue) and a more basic but great, friendly bar/bookies (Bar le Monte Carlo). But you will have a good time wherever you end up.
  15. Toulouse was a very enjoyable trip but the loss, while expected, was dissappointing. This was a miss-match with such a difference between the 2 sides. Dews were brave and did well to keep the game tight for 20mins but there was no 2nd gear to go to, and thus no ambition. Toulouse had creativity, pace, fast accurate passing, and despite looking a smaller pack were more agressive. Rams appeared to lack basic skills like tackling and passing in comparison. We clearly have a limited side - and its not just about not having a No.7 - but I do believe the pride and commitment of the players will get us a win, maybe not against London, but perhaps against Oldham (- not in anyway meaning disrespect to Oldham which is a good club with great fans) - but this is going to be a long miserable season for us.