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  1. Was right in front of us, IIRC Eyres had taken Phil Mckenzie out and said something to Jimmy on the way past, the big fella showed him the error of his ways....I swear there was an Eyres head shaped delve in the DP turf. Rumour had it that Eyres hadn't had enough and was wanting another pop in the car park
  2. If you could guarantee he would play 90% of the games (injuries and the odd ban aside) then it's a no brainer if the deal could be done financially.....unfortunately you can't.
  3. Just to clarify, I wasn't knocking the fund raising efforts and hopefully raise a bit of dosh but its quite ironic given the way a few Jambos reacted last season.
  4. Now this doesn't look good.
  5. Well done Scott for organising this, we had a great afternoon in the lounge yesterday and the free drinks helped number the pain. If you haven't signed up then do so, it's all money to the club.
  6. 6-6
  7. Common sense has prevailed
  8. JJP dropped by the deluded ones....wonder why!
  9. Priceless quote from tonight's News and Star Forster said: “I haven’t actually seen Dave playbut he has been well recommended to me and I’m looking forward to seeing him in the squad.”
  10. Good to see another local lad in the ranks. Welcome to Town Kieran
  11. Just how far out of date were things, were they out of date last season and they have put players safety at risk? Fortunately no harm has been done and we can have a laugh at their incompetence and not be mourning the death of another rugby league player.
  12. Cresta a far better summariser