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  1. Hunslet Hawks Predictions

    Are we on the radio or is it only updates?
  2. I'd be a bit concernd with the lack of detail given with regards to the reason for the meeting being called.
  3. Hunslet Parkside Predictions

    Town by 30+
  4. Travellers Rest TOWN Supporters Club AGM

    With the feel good factor around the club at the moment here's hoping there's a good turnout.
  5. haven lol

    Their GM has asked for a thread about the prodigal son's to be locked....give us your ££££ but you can't discuss them between yourselves.
  6. Town website

    Caramel wasn't it? Ice cream floats from Toggies were great.
  7. Town website

    Good luck to him bar in the games against us where I hope he has a mare and drops/knicks-on every ball he gets.
  8. Town website

    If JM goes then he should with best wishes. Never let is down through lack of effort over the years he has pulled on our jersey.
  9. TRSC Committee Fundraiser

    Will there be any merchandise for sale?
  10. Wouldn'###### be good if you could import the fixtures into your phone calender without having to type them individually. Looking forward to the new season now the fixtures are out.
  11. Ollie Wilkes

    Great news. Well done BOD
  12. 2018 Squad

    Anyone else getting a little bit optimistic about the new season? Well done BOD
  13. 2018 Squad

    Does DR = Dan Rooney? If so yes please. Wouldn't say no to Scott Aikhurst too! Unfortunately I think you're meaning dual reg. I'd prefer loans, at least we'd have them for the season (hopefully) which gives the club and the player some stability.