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  1. Thought Forsters response was good!
  2. His tweet yesterday. Hated every minute of last season...that club is a disgrace! @OfficialHavenRl @cforster26 #upthelions
  3. Welcome to Town Joe!
  4. Dignified response from the club.
  5. Far too young. RIP
  6. Welcome home Gus.
  7. Cracking night last night. Well done to all who organised it, hope they made lots of money!
  8. My thoughts exactly
  9. Looking forward to this
  10. Full back for me, would be devastating coming into the line.
  11. Reminds me of the dyslexic devil worshiper that sold his soul to santa
  12. Seems like he's off to me from the way that is written. It's been a pleasure to watch him at times but the badge on the front of the shirt is always bigger than the name on the back.
  13. Gets my vote for clubman of the year.
  14. What time did you get back and any news on the injured party?
  15. Border news highlights were a bit pathetic although they did show Allen has a glass jaw!