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  1. Effectively gonna cost £60 to watch us against an amateur side on Sunday, think I'll cut my losses and stay at home.
  2. When are we likely to hear about this?
  3. As we go into our first home game does anyone else have that optimistic feeling again? I may be an old romancer but for me there's similarities...young coach, old heads in key positions, best of the local talent etc and a near miss from the previous season. UTT
  4. It's still doable on the train Scott, just means driving to Carlisle. Theres one leaves Carlisle at 10 to 7, gets into London just after 10 past 10.....we get it when we go down for football
  5. I'll ask him if he fancies it when he's back off his holidays but I can't see Weebo rolling back the years to the standard he was in 90s ?
  6. So when do they start to cut wages? If you are in financial trouble then you cut your biggest outgoings to survive surely!
  7. Well done Tony Boyd for organising a great evening, was good to see so many ex players there.
  8. Pish poor crowd.... unfortunately. Oh and a massive win
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