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  1. Unlimited funds would equal a sustainable club no?
  2. Sarginson might look good playing 2nd tier Rugby in Australia next year
  3. Oh poop, they've taken Blair off. Improvement from NZ incoming?
  4. He'll probably prove me wrong now but I was delighted to see Adam Blair in the NZ team, thinks he's past it
  5. Do you walk into alot of things by any chance?
  6. Good idea larroyer...... leave your feet to try and stop someone who is 18st+
  7. Nah surely a score down the blind side after the idiot called it for the tenth time in the game?
  8. If players were signed on 8 week contracts just before the deadline this year they'd have missed the last 2 8's games and the MPG. Just for info and all that
  9. Because you might end up sitting next to someone like Parksider! That'd be enough to make me hitchhike!
  10. Got to start betting on the opposite of your win predictions, there's money to be made! lol
  11. Don't worry it'll all be planned......the week before it happens. This is Rugby League, no time for that forward planning lark.
  12. Should've stayed off the pitch Chase, would give your team a better chance
  13. Didn't beat them in converting tries
  14. Did a Hull official start it all off by entering the field to punch the referee?