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  1. I've told you a million times to stop exaggerting! 😉😁 You can't have half a team of loan players
  2. Nowts changed then. When the whole fryston challenge cup game hoo-har was going on I automatically thought it must be the amateur club that started it all, having seen keighley today if I had to guess I would say it was the other way round now. Pity Town were too dumb to take advantage of it all, they tried to play champagne Rugby and chucked it about a bit, trouble is there's not enough talent in the team to actually do it anywhere near consistently lol. They should've ground them down and tired them out instead of giving them constant leg ups by making a rocks of nearly everything they did in the 2nd half
  3. Dogs**t, pathetic, brain dead, I can't be bothered to type much more, like the the players couldn't be bothered to see the game out. I'll find something better to do on a Sunday afternoon for a while, like scratch my eyes with pins or something. At least I'll save 15 nicker!
  4. Yep, Town managed to give in after going a man up. Pretty pathetic effort really
  5. Currently at the Workington - Keighley game witnessing some high level thuggery from Keighley. So far there's been one from each team since binned, and red cards for a keighley player AND one of their water carriers. Ref has pretty much no control of the game.
  6. Up the Town!
  7. No Prior again. Strange to go through such a rush to register him then not play him
  8. If you're referring to the knock on no try the call was correct. The ball hits the ground ahead of the spot where it hits the Hull player even though it does 'seem' to go backwards
  9. Coz Watts is sat on his jacksy on the bench so the mistakes are well down?
  10. Cummings you're a 🔔🔚
  11. Even Terry O'Connor just said "poor old Liam Watts" 😀
  12. Poor old Liam Watts, it's never his fault you know!
  13. Or save a bit of waiting and just flush some cash down the bog
  14. Are there any big lumps in the amateur game with potential at the minute? Could do with some, might be big Kris' last season