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  1. Monkeydo

    Bulls struggling again?

    Got to pay for Jake Webster somehow!
  2. Monkeydo

    RFL makes loss

    Crikey! Woods jacksy must've took some wiping to have to spend that much on paper
  3. Nice bit of 'after you sir' from lomax there
  4. Monkeydo

    Paul Rowley - Kieron Purtill beef

    Surely you can dip into your multi millionaire pockets to stop that happening?
  5. You seem to be struggling to stay in your pram over this issue. Will you be in touch with Town tomorrow to put yourself forward as the clubs new marketing manager? You seem to know it all.....
  6. Monkeydo

    Good Friday Predictions

    Starting to think Comical Ali will be on the back of the star tomorrow in a haven shirt announcing he's the clubs new propaganda coach
  7. Monkeydo

    Keighley Predictions

    No wonder some on here think you're a bell end. Hope you're not not tired on your first day back after half term. 🚼
  8. Monkeydo

    Keighley Predictions

    lol. Obviously. Except you've no idea, but, you know, obviously and all that. The fella I spoke to was definitely right about the first thing he said to me 😁
  9. Monkeydo

    Keighley Predictions

    I'll say what I've been told by someone I trust. "Some gobsh*tes on the forum think that a fortune is being spent on some of the players, that's a load of b*locks, you'd be surprised, and there's money left for other signings if needs be."
  10. Monkeydo

    Keighley Predictions

    You keep bringing up big wages or words to that effect, are you party to how much the players are being paid?
  11. Monkeydo

    Keighley Predictions

    44-34 ft. Knackers!
  12. Monkeydo

    Keighley Predictions

  13. Monkeydo


    You all? Then won't mind finding the quotes from us all saying you're mad will you? I don't think you're mad, I think you're a cabbage
  14. Monkeydo

    Haven V Town predictions

    Guess the spanner that wrote that doesn't understand a double negative lol. If brains were Dynamite.......