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  1. I really don't know how there hasn't been a post on here from a relative of parksider saying something to the effect of "its heart breaking, he got all worked up after reading a post on this forum and the next thing we knew......hari kari" Lighten up you miserable old scrote!
  2. Surely you must get bored of shooting fish in barrels OF? lol
  3. Great. Did we actually change coach this season? Not much seems to have changed lol
  4. Is Dan Rooney a definite no go? He wanted to play prop and we ain't got enough of them fit at the minute. If John Patrick is saying he's fit I'd love to know what he's done wrong to make the coach only use him for a few minutes in a game where we were lightweight in the middle
  5. Certain people are going to have some fun with the Toulouse result. And a certain person must be unintentionally itching to nibble on the hooks 😂😂😂😂😂
  6. Has Joel T done anything special, or even very good this season? Haven't seen all the wigan games but he just seems to be plodding along
  7. Yeah don't bother going under the sticks Liam lad. Good job the kick was good
  8. Nothing. The 2nd half hadn't kicked off. Bill Arthur made a rocks of explaining what happened
  9. Hemmings moving into making a balls of lip reading now, the knob.
  10. You wouldn't want fatty Ferres' weight on you, or on your wife!
  11. Where is this zebra claims stadium you speak of John? It's at Derwent Park 😉👍
  12. Have athletic been consulted on whether this game will be allowed to take place? Might be a bit squidgy underfoot by one of the corner flags or something and it's only just over two weeks until the next football game there
  13. Going in the right direction this week then. Half that number next time out will be a great improvement.
  14. Happy days. Hopefully the penalty count was kept low today