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  1. Eric Perez is in this for himself and co-investors, not for the love of your sport in itself, he's a businessman. Of course he wants the sport to grow, but I doubt his intentions are the same as your dreams. Do you think to Perez, the future of RL includes Wigan, St Helens, Leeds & Hull. SL is just being used a template and stepping stone for a North American dominated league. One thing's for sure, history shows that folk from North America couldn't give a hoot about Britain, British interests or British history. We're here to be used and abused. If Toronto, Montreal and all these other clubs do come off, it might grow RL, but you won't be invited to the party unless you're needed. It'll be a North American league, run on North American terms and you'll just have to suck it up. Good for Toronto, but this needs to be aimed at the progression of an additional, separate, NA League, not the potential takeover and domination of the SL.
  2. Other Canadian cities...

    Yes, it does boil down to that, and is that so bad? Turkeys voting for Christmas. Nobody is saying they don't want the game to reach more foreign lands, but it shouldn't be done at the potential expense of your own clubs. If Toronto and several other big cities do get into the game, do you think they'll give a hoot about Widnes, Warrington or Wakefield? They will indeed want it all, and they'll get it as money talks. By all means let them beat English sides, but on their own merit providing teams from their own league, in an additional tournament. Would you really want a Super League which is dominated by North American sides? If you want super high class RL, watch the NRL
  3. Other Canadian cities...

    What benefit would all this be to say a Widnes or Castleford fan? Would you be happy to see Toronto and other North American teams, maybe even French, sweeping up all the silverware? The press ignoring you is a problem, why do you crave attention and recognition? Large US cities would ###### all over Heartlands teams if the cash came in, then you've promoted something that you'll no longer have any potentional glory/joy from. Why, as I said, can't North America build their own league if there's some passion? Why do they have to join League 1, it's totally ridiculous.
  4. Other Canadian cities...

    So everybody seems really excited at the Super League now being a hub for World Non Australasian RL... Where does this end, what's your idea of the end game? Would people enjoy seeing: Challenge Cup Final - Toulouse v Monreal (in Paris) Super League Final - Toronto v Jacksonville (in Atlanta) If these other nations such as France, Canada and the USA get the necessary interest in RL, they'll want it all. You'll get your noses pushed out and the cash they'll throw at the game will be small fry to them, but overbearing for English sides. Imagine if the Super League contained only 2 or 3 English clubs struggling away at the bottom, would everyone be delighted due to more of the World loving the game? Canada should side up with the USA, they should work together. Really, the priority should have reigniting interest in those areas with latent support, making sure Cumbria have a strong presence. I see this experiment either flopping hard, or people getting their wish and having their noses pushed out.
  5. Several people have romanticised about the Canadian/French love-in, so why don't they join their brothers and Make Rugby League love together? If Toronto just want a starting base, they can join the French Elite One Championship, and enjoy their several weeks in the sun instead of damp, backwater Northern English towns, full of flat cap wearing dunces. Then, having built an attractive set-up, they can expect a friendly invite into the European(?) Super League, which they can dominate supported by their 'French' Canadian fans and Canadian cash. It's all about the money!! How Toronto Boom will grow RL in wider Canada is beyond me, but I'm sure you'll all be delighted if they win the Grand Final & Challenge Cup on English soil. After all, isn't this what it's all about?
  6. Err, what makes you think people in Canada have heard of Coventry, Newcastle or even Wales? What's your point, as there's no teams of significance from those places, or even London! You're almost suggesting we start a whole franchise up in Canada, where the people will have zero knowledge or interest, and that our provincial teams won't be glamorous enough for their big city franchise mentality anyway. Absolute madness! Also, you can't compare flying from Toronto to Vancouver as the same as travelling from Toronto to London. The taxes and other things make it a whole lot cheaper to travel within domestic Canada. Also, if it's to spread the word in Canada, what's the use of just one club based in the East? Will this be a Canadian club keeping their foot in the door of an English league, whilst starting their own up? If anything, why don't they arrange something with US teams/cities like in other NA sports, why one team in a league on another continent? Bad idea all round, completely ridiculous. It's like us starting a minor league baseball team in Manchester to get a slice of NA baseball cash, by using our selling point of having access to Old Trafford, along with the fact we're mad on spectator sports and that we love cricket. Completely stupid. We need to get this region in order first before we start becoming a World league.
  7. Completely ridiculous idea. How about the Canadians start their own league proper, and pay for a few glamour games in Canada involving the likes of Super League sides? Maybe hold a second Magic Weekend there to showcase the sport? The extra wage cap they intend to use and the ridiculous logistics expense could be pumped into promoting the sports in Toronto and the wider area along with grassroots investment, not just for getting their foot in the door of an established league which'll only benefit one area of one large soulless city. Infact, Toronto could well be a shitter proposal and a harder sell than London. Can't we just keep it real, surely England - rest of the UK - Europe is enough to contend with?