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  1. Where's the Kman?

    We are still singing and when you take down the rhinos we will singing with you
  2. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Grimmer has signed for Hunslet
  3. If they we're playing in my front garden I'd draw the curtains
  4. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    Il leave leave all the deep political stuff to you experts. As an Hunslet fan that's visited these clubs several times I just think it's sad they are going. We were always made welcome at Gloucester and oxford .
  5. The op says if players had to play for their nearest club no mention of full time
  6. Gale and mcshane would be at Hunslet
  7. Hunslet won't want to go to skolers next week and skolers won't want to come to us. For that reason I think they will both play their best team
  8. 52.6 down ironmen took a drop goal. I don't think you were the only one who had a bet wonderofwood
  9. For what it's worth and if anybody is actually interested Hunslet won 32 18
  10. Are York a sleeping giant?

    If York got promoted they could duel reg with a big club
  11. Fixtures

    Must admit I felt the same after the London game josh but I will be there cheering my team for the rest of the games .but I don't think they will be much celebrating if we win the poxy shield
  12. sssshhhhhh

    We have had cheerleaders/ majorettes once or twice John and of course most weeks there is a kids game before match and at half time
  13. sssshhhhhh

    Spoke to the lady that used to run the cheerleaders and said she had to move away .
  14. sssshhhhhh

    No I don't mate I was wondering that myself been meaning to ask will do that and will post the answer or you could always ask yourself