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  1. Spoke to the lady that used to run the cheerleaders and said she had to move away .
  2. No I don't mate I was wondering that myself been meaning to ask will do that and will post the answer or you could always ask yourself
  3. Southoftheriver I agree with you entirely. Of course most of said fans can't put there views on here as admin band them from the forum
  4. I don't think Mistic meg is a current director he is however a successful businessman and I have found him to be a descent bloke who cares about our club
  5. I can't answer the Christmas dinner question josh but the lottery is still linked to them over the river
  6. He as signed for next season john
  7. Just got back we had a blast.fantastic city and the match day experience was something else
  8. My best guess is about 80 some are already there. Most of us go tomorrow some on Friday.
  9. Sorry that should of been two years with no dr . We do have some players on loan .one of which played in Toronto for Coventry
  10. Steady tigger we have no dr players haven't for at least four years .fans and players of this old but definitely not tired club are all looking forward to our trip
  11. Surely he will be firing the hot dog cannon while riding
  12. It's always like that there konkrete. But to be fair they are good at it and the pies aren't bad
  13. Don't forget black pudding with the mucky fat .
  14. I'm going and no nothing worth pinching
  15. Kayakman bringing down the rhinos is not that big a deal these days