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  1. Wish I'd of left at 10 past 3 have a good season lads
  2. Packages for fans travelling both ways will be announced on the 19th of January and will include flights hotels and match tickets
  3. Toronto are playing games in blocks of home and away so the fixture list for both divisions would need to be redone. Where as Whitehaven could just swap their fixtures for Bradford.
  4. Always good to see the thunder army we'll have a few pints after the game Andy what ever the result
  5. We were told they would be deals for travelling fans.Hunslet have asked Toronto twice for information about them and as yet received no response
  6. We all hate York we all York we all hate York we all hate York saving some room for your caravans in the car park guys see you in June
  7. Hunslet are still here parky with new sponsors no debts and unlike your beloved Bradford we pay the tax man .looking forward to our trip to Toronto
  8. Unfortunately yes it does HM the hawkshire sign has already gone
  9. That's a lot of travelling from Dewsbury
  10. I thought we we played Workington and Whitehaven away if I'm wrong please don't send your heavies round
  11. Thank for that
  12. Do you want tickets painter man if not do one
  13. Saturday 26th big mouth live great band tickets still available £5
  14. Please no don't make us go to that dump again
  15. Beeston broncos still use the same pitch but no longer use the club on Dewsbury road