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  1. Was £12 last year
  2. Fantastic fans all really enjoy the occasion and are vary welcoming to visiting fans .
  3. Progman

    Garry Lo leaves Cas

    No ones more annoying than parksider
  4. Thought Hunslet were poor in the first 30 gifting York a 24 start
  5. Progman

    R8 Hunslet

    How's grimmer a main strike player (what ever that means ) he's played one game .spit the dummy out last time he was with us always injured another bad signing
  6. Progman


    Good to see you guys today. Nothing between the teems to be honest no future for either team it's how it is hope I'm wrong
  7. Win or loose we now do it with Hunslet players
  8. Leeds and it nearly killed us fans walked away never to come back .DR is bad news and should be stopped
  9. 2 PNG internationals on DR from Widnes for your game at Hunslet on Sunday
  10. With a little help from your parent club
  11. Progman

    Dual Registration in 2018.

    Crusaders have 2 PNG internationals on DR from Widnes this week
  12. Hunslet v Whitehaven is off
  13. Hunslet have played Catalans in the cup and I'm sure they will of played everyone else over the years
  14. Progman

    Baby Robins Friendly

    We don't play the warriors