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  1. Around 30 of us on a coach others already there and staying over .one gent on the bus is 94 years young
  2. He's probably lost a bet I remember him and his mate cheering at Swindon a few years back when we lost
  3. Don't try and make sense of him
  4. Loews is there to take the blame for any failure . King kev there to take credit for any success
  5. The double over Oldham wasn't in the six games
  6. Fantastic fans all really enjoy the occasion and are vary welcoming to visiting fans .
  7. No ones more annoying than parksider
  8. Thought Hunslet were poor in the first 30 gifting York a 24 start
  9. How's grimmer a main strike player (what ever that means ) he's played one game .spit the dummy out last time he was with us always injured another bad signing
  10. Progman


    Good to see you guys today. Nothing between the teems to be honest no future for either team it's how it is hope I'm wrong
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