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  1. What a great advert for rugby league, siddal had a great first half, but 1 thing I noticed, the whistle blew for half time, the siddal players all shook hands , hugged each other, I said to my wife wtf is going on , they think they've won it, I thought I'd missed the second half, and it was the final whistle . And that's why they lost. But take nothing away from miners, what a second half, brilliantly led by mom Scott obrien, how refreshing was it to see rugby league , played not from the coaches manual, but with flair , creativity, and guts. Siddal made a fatal mistake, they tried to protect there lead, and stopped playing attacking rugby . Having seen ametuer rugby league, for 45 years, it was as good a game, you could wish to see. And the miners , we're back to what I expect of leigh miners, flowing attacking rugby. Well done to both clubs.
  2. I can think of a lot, of volunteers, who should have got gongs. The ones that keep clubs going, finance them, keep kids on the strait and narrow. But it seems the ones that get paid, to do. The job, are awarded. Seems wrong to me.
  3. This is what I've being saying for ages monty, the games gone sterile, nat conf, so boring, crowds quiet, same old , same old styles, open age rip, a topic I started a year ago, or so. It was correct then, and it's being proved more and more as time, goes by.
  4. Ok, grassroots, rugby league heartlands, this is the only place, the game can be saved. And eventually flourish,
  5. I am 100% winter! our club has 2 summer, 2 winter teams. It used to have 3 winter teams, before the so called 3 year, summer experimental disaster. The club was on a sound footing, in winter, and in summer ticked over nicely with summer events, and general summer relaxing days in the beer garden. So now it's 12 months slog for the officials, volunteers, it's too much, we want a life outside the game, to keep up our interest, please please, wake up RFL and put our fragmented game back together. And the only way is winter for all.
  6. Ace prop bobby colgrave, legend!